So this is my new blog!

Hello, new blog. I am your current author, Geraldine. I look forward to blogging on you… in you…? With you..??

Bah. Forget it.

Anyhow, I’ve moved here from! Now, why did I choose to move?

Okay, honestly… I was thinking of moving a long time ago. However, I procrastinated for about 2 million eons before I finally got a butt down to it.

Why did I suddenly get my butt down to it?
Well, lets just say… Someone I care about saw some things that shouldn’t be seen on the previous blog, then I realised the urgency of moving.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that just by merely changing a blog, I’ll change history.
No, I understand that history is practically written in stone. But sometimes its just not nice to know that it is still lurking around somewhere. And for all that this person has done for me to make me happy, I won’t do anything to make this person unhappy.

Well… Not deliberately anyhow. 😉

So let me describe what I’m like a little…

#1 I’m a pig.

Quite literally. I’m lazy & one of my main hobbies is to rot around the house.
My own mother calls my room a pig sty.

#2 I procrastinate.

That I do! A lot… As you can see from how long I took to finally open this new blog.

I procrastinate so much, I’m almost tempted to finish this entry another time. 😛

#3 I am known to be a “Blonde”

Everyone has called me that before…

Well, almost everyone…

And they don’t mean it in the looks department. Bah.

They meant in the brain department.

Because sometimes I say/do the dumbest things. Really… I do.

No offense to natural blondes though….

#4 I’m also known as the “Non-Clubber”

Apparently, almost everyone thinks that I would go clubbing & drinking… Jazz like that.

Realistically, I don’t. I don’t really like all the nightlife… I don’t mind pubbing; like just sipping on some alcohol & chatting with a close friend. So zilch (unless there is a reason behind it) of my entries will be about clubbing or any wild partying.

I am very much of a home-bird. Actually I very much prefer to just….rot.

#5 I’m currently in love

Yes, with one of my best friends too. 🙂

He’s probably going to ask, “Why am I a pig too??” 😛

He knows me practically inside out & he still loves me. I wonder why…. And every time I ask him why despite knowing all my issues, my past & my annoying quirks; he still chose to be with me, he just said because he loves me.

We’ve been friends for a good two years. *gleam!*
Okay, I’m really proud of this. Well… We didn’t exactly fancy each other at the beginning. In fact, I was with someone else when we were still just friends. But when I was hurt, he was there for me to rant on… Despite me not really wanting to say much to him, he was always just there.

In other words; he’s always been the one that was there for me.

Tell you more about us another time.

As for now, that’s that!

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