Good day class, I am Miss Sim

I’ve dreamt about being countless things when I was a little girl. 
An artist, an actress, a singer… Daddy wanted me to be a lawyer. 😉 Probably explains why some people say I have the Gift of Gab. 
I’ve thought of being so many things, but never once have I thought of being a kindergarten teacher
For one, I’m not really interested per say. I love children, don’t get me wrong! 
But trust me, when it gets down to teaching those little mons…*ahem* little children… It is entirely a different story, please. 
My mother is the principal of a kindergarten and her teachers had to go for a training session today. Do you believe they went for training to learn how to use an iPhone application?? Seriously, I don’t know what to say. This whole iPhone thing is really over the top. 
Something about the application linking to the school system or something….
Anyhow, Mommy couldn’t get a substitute teacher for her Kindergarten 1 class. So what happens then? She calls her daughter (me) who happens to be on school vacation! And currently jobless… 😦 
And don’t go thinking that this was a job, because it was on a voluntary basis. Roar. I did it for the sake of filial piety! *beams* …and of course to kill some time. Got mighty boring staying at home. 
I have taught kindergarten children before, just never that particular class. 
However they were really sweet & loving. 🙂 Just one child, who needed to be disciplined with the iron fist! I might sound sadistic saying this, but I enjoyed disciplining that child! 😀 
He was a real rascal. He bullies other children, throws toys around, tries to bully me even! O.O But he picked on the wrong teacher today yo. 
And when class was dismissed, Mommy came to help me up their different buses. She noticed that he was awful glum…. Hehe. Mainly because he didn’t manage to get his way around today. 
So after class, I went to Mommy’s office. Privilege of being the principal’s daughter… I sat down on her seat & started marking the assignments I gave out today. 
It is really interesting when you teach a kindergarten class, because you get to somewhat see what a child will be like when he/she grows up. 
Don’t say its too early to judge! By the time they are 3-4, you can already see the rough ‘template’ of what the child is like. 
As I was teaching… 
The boy who keeps on coming to lie down on my chest & whining; most probably is going to be a Casanova.
The girl who is extremely unfriendly but does her work faster & better than everyone; is probably going to be high in IQ, but lower on EQ. 
And the list goes on. 
Fun, but tiring. 
The kind of thing which I thoroughly enjoyed, but would never opt to do it frequently. 
Somehow developed a headache. 😦 
Good thing I met with Mark to unwind! 🙂 
And my fickle-minded boyfriend was supposed to crave for pasta! But once he saw some ala carte buffet, he was sold! -.-
So instead of something Italian, we ended up with something Japanese. 
We still managed to make it to the IT fair. We went to look-see, look-see!! 
The thing about IT fairs is, you have to know what you want. If you don’t know, chances are you’re not really going to find anything. 
After that, we went home!! 
Something rather…. Well, interesting happened tonight. 

I just want to thank my sister+BFF, Lily for listening to me cry & rant on the phone. And reminding me that I make very bad choices when I’m upset. Haha! Thanks for always being there for me, girl. Even though you were sleeping when I called…. Sorry!! *hugs!*

All’s good & fine now! Just a little scared from now on. 😦

Ah, but a little pinch of fear doesn’t make life sad! Keep smiling! 🙂

Just like all those little children I taught today. Sometimes you just need to pretend like you don’t really have a care in the world. All you really need to care about is, “Which toy am I going to play with next?”

Lets try looking at life with such simplicity & innocence, but applying the vast knowledge & experience we have accumulated through our years.
I trust we’ll be a lot happier!

After all, the important thing to living to be happy, right? 😉

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