And its yet another Cousin-bonding!

Most of you know I have a cousin; younger cousin. 

…Who is taller & sometimes people tend to think older than me…but oh well.
Anyhow, other than kinship; both of us also have an awesome friendship. We talk & hang out… And we have stay overs every now & then! 
Since now I’m having my school vacation, it was time for another one!! 🙂 …Plus she wanted to catch me before I fly off to Krabi! (In case no one knows, I’m flying off to Krabi from the 22nd-25th March!) 
It was a 2 night 3 days programme! I was prepared for a crazy fun time!!
March 16
We met at Jurong Point for a quick lunch & walked to Grandma’s house! Sheesh, I make us sound like we’re Red Riding Hoods.
When we got there, we were given some super juicy mangoes!! 
Okay, our agenda for today was to swim!! 
So that we did!

Kath looking like one of those fish spa fishes at my foot.

I don’t know what is it about swimming…but every time you do so, you just get really hungry. Or at least I do. -.-
Grandma cooking up a storm for us!!
Our crazy delicious dinner! 
Nothing I love more than home-cooked food! 🙂
Mommy popped over, bringing Baby!! That little bundle of fur was so pampered by my grandparents. 
He practically has the license to kill with that level of cuteness.
March 17

Agenda of the day: Head to Science Centre!
Sideline, my cute dog. 😛
We went downstairs to the market to grab some breakfast!!
But before we could leave the house, I had to bathe Baby. My pooch was getting awfully dirty & smelly!
So that I did.
And so we made our way to the Singapore Science Centre! Approximately 2 hours off schedule. -.- Typical. 
It has been eons since I last went there!! I felt like I was going on a school excursion or something! *excited* I was twitting about it on the train!
And we have arrived!!
Bought tickets for both admission & an Omnimax movie at night! 
This was in the Mathematics area.
Talking about shapes!
Simple Math fractions & all.

Pumped up on protein yo! Probably Mark’s worst nightmare. 😛

I like yummy pie!

Too many numbers!!

This was crazy cool! It was a hologram! So basically, it was like an object which gave the illusion that it is a solid matter. However it is really just gas.

I was getting really excited over this moving thing. Don’t know why.

After about an hour, I got hungry. And really cranky. 
I even sat there grumpily, because I couldn’t find anything decent in the cafe.

So we made our way to McDonald’s!!
After lunch, I was all pumped up and ready to go!!
But first, I made a phone call to Mark. My darling boyfriend was ill… 😦 

Ready to head back in!

First time ever I wish I was shorter than I already am.
Bouncing on an island!

Kath was so excited about this tree house. It was practically the reason why she pulled me out to the Eco-Garden area. 

More agriculture!

Kath who was most excited about the nature section, suffered the most at the end. Her shoe was flooded with ants!!

Check out this really cool fish! At first, I just walked past the tank…because I thought it was just a whole lot of stones. 
Look carefully! Its a fish that is able to blend in so well with its surroundings!! …Or at least if its surroundings are a whole lot of small pebbles.
I like eel! Well, when its Unagi… Not when it looks like that. Kind of gives me the quivers!

So cute!!

Mr. Star-Shell turtle!

Newly hatched chick!

I stood around hoping to see another one hatch! But after about 30 seconds…. I moved on. 


Sometimes things that come in a jar are not very yummy…

Soon, the Science Centre exhibition area was closing! So we went for dinner before our Omnimax movie. 
Really no where to eat…. So it was back to good ol’ McDonald’s!
Reaching for the nob!! 
Getting ready for our movie!! It was Sea-rex. Basically about the prehistoric dinosaurs and the kings of the sea in the past. 

The movie was nice! 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed it. Though I must admit, I don’t remember any of the names they mentioned. Half the time I was too engrossed in looking at the animal itself. 
Workin’ out! 
Played around a bit more….

And we got home!

I missed my boyfriend a heck lot. 😦

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed my day out with my beloved cousin! But nevertheless, I miss Mark soooo much.

After our long & tiring day…. My Mommy prepared for both of us nice big cups of honey water! 🙂

March 18

Kath’s last day at my place!

Kind of sad… I like the idea of waking up with someone in the house who can keep me company! Alas, all good things must come to an end some time.

Today’s plan was simple: Lunch with the family!

We had a little Yakult in the morning.

Off to Marina Bay Sands for some nice Japanese buffet! 
One of the major tourist attractions in Singapore right now!

 They serve awesome tea here!

Really expensive form of transportation. 

I have an aunt working in one of the shops at Marina Bay Sands. So since we were early, we decided to pop by for a little visit! 
Taking a rest in the VIP room! 😀

Love the decorations around the boutique! So simple & elegant. 

Showcase of some of their clocks! Ignore my idiotic pose, please.

My grandpapa & I!

My grandma, me & aunt!

A little release in the washroom before we piled it in for the buffet!

Todai! Apparently a new place in Singapore, but highly popular in America! 

This wasn’t all of the spread. I was simply too hungry & enjoying myself too much I didn’t bother taking anymore pictures. 

A map, which is also your place mat on where has what food! Super helpful. As I was eating, I was already plotting out my next course of buffet attack! 😀

The whole place had TVs all over playing a playlist of popular KPop MTVs. 
At first I was enjoying the songs! Then it got really repetitive. -.- 
No, the playlist wasn’t short. 
Yes, it was we who really ate for a long time. 
Me being my usual nonsensical-self again. Its a wonder why Mark still loves me after knowing all my quirks.
Look at all the stuff I ate!!! 

Ate them all by myself! *proud but guilty beam* 
I showed those pictures to Mark when I met him afterwards & he was….shocked. At the same time, he knows his glutton-of-a-girlfriend. 

I enjoyed having that awesome sleepover with my darling cousin, Kathlyn!!

She & I share the same blood… So basically we are more or less already tied to each other.

But! We have an awesome friendship too!! 🙂 That makes it even better.

And I know I sound mighty old saying this…but at least next time when we grow up & earn the money… We can work better together at taking care of our old folks! 😀

Family has always been one of the most important things in my life; and I don’t intend on changing that anytime soon. 😉

Alright. That’s all for now! 

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