#GeraTravels: Krabi Krabi

It was so nice, I had to say its name twice in the title. 😛

I won’t be shocked if most of you have never heard of it, because I haven’t before this trip. -.- And I have rather interesting friends…

Me: I’m going to Krabi!

Friend #1: Krabi? You going crabbing ah?

Friend #2: I think you got conned, no such place.

Friend #3: Oh gosh, sounds like those kind of place that you need to cycle to pump your electricity.


It has been literally eons since I last traveled and I’ve been down with a bad case of wanderlust. 😦 And really, I was actually not planning to go for this trip initially.

Mark asked me before, but I just declined. However at a dinner with his friends, the invitation was extended again… And might I add, my boyfriend kept on pushing it. 😛

So I eventually agreed! And I’m so glad I did. I had so much fun! I was actually able to take a breather again. My gosh.

It was my first time taking a budget airline.

Trust me, for this trip… I did a lot of homework! I actually went to research on Krabi – the place itself, the eateries, the reviews, the weather & climate, the people, the prices… Etc. Probably something which is highly advised to do in the first place, but I did it more because I was scared! O.O

Because believe it or not, its my first time (again) traveling without my family.
So I was afraid of countless things! Like insufficient funds, being bullied by locals, being cheated… All that nonsense.

But every time I hesitated & hyperventilated, Mark always knew what to do to appease me. So all was fine & good.

Besides, his friends all seemed nice. 🙂 Sabrina, Jia Hao, Jordan, Jun Yong & Wei Hao!

22nd March

I packed up last night & was all ready to head out!

Look at my enormous bag. Looks more like I’m running away from home or something… -.-

It is actually bigger than my dog.
Heck, its even bigger than me!

Of course my dog was the one that I was going to miss the most in the house… My cute little puff-ball!

Before I knew it, Mark called to say that he was coming over soon to pick me up to the airport!
Did I mention I was scared? In the car, I kept on going through in my head whether I brought everything that I needed or not…. Whether I know how to react under what circumstances… Blah blah blah. -.- Seriously, like some paranoid freak.
At the budget terminal!
Getting ready for boarding!


Well, despite all my hyperventilating on if-I-forgot-anything… I actually did forget something. 😦 And that was to take my air-sickness pills.
Y’see, my ears hurt horribly whenever I take the plane. It clogs up & sometimes lets off a screeching sound. Once when I flew to Australia, the pain was so bad that it shot down a nerve to my collarbone. My entire shoulder was in pain.
So I was pretty much screwed.
Plus, I couldn’t bring any water up the plane.
So once we boarded the plane, Mark bought me a bottle of friggin’ overpriced bottle of mineral water.
This little bottle here costs SGD3!! -.- I can get this for lesser than $0.50 at my supermarket please.
Practically everything was hideously overpriced on the plane! A cup of instant noodles was going for SGD5!! O.O
So I guess when the tickets are cheap, everything else becomes expensive. Like a seesaw; one goes down, the other goes up! Wayyyyy up!!
Left – Singapore
Middle – Midair
Right – Krabi
My boyfriend can sleep just about anywhere.
Mark & JunYong sleeping up a storm!!
It was really beautiful midair… 🙂
Though we were hit by a really bad turbulence! It went on for a good 10 minutes & I literally felt like I was taking a bumper-ride. Scary much.
Landed in Krabi, Thailand!
When we got to the airport, my ears were still horribly clogged. 😦 Chalk that up to my forgetfulness & lateness of taking the pill.
All that felt a whole lot better when we got onto a comfy big taxi that drove us to our gorgeous villa!
Apparently, we booked a smaller unit. However it was having some utility problem… So we were upgraded to a bigger one! :)))
I must admit, I was thoroughly impressed! I was expecting some chalet-looking place with not much decorations. But this place was nice!


After slouching around in the villa for a while, we headed out for a meal on a Tuk Tuk! I love our Tuk Tuk uncle! He is super nice, super friendly & super cheap! 😀 I guess the last feature is the most appealing.
He charged us only 200baht for every ride we took around town. Then again, the rides weren’t that far…
We went to this place called Nana’s.


Once I stepped into the place, I realised that Krabi was flooded with Caucasians!! Literally, flooded. I swear sometimes I feel like there are more Caucasians than there are locals.
Our food!
Which was really disappointing, by the way. No spices used at all! Or probably it is our Singaporean taste buds that demanded for more flavour! But seriously, I’m scared of spicy food… And I was able to drink the Tom Yam soup. -.- Which means it really is not hot at all!!
Even my pineapple rice was a disappointment. I could even tell you a place in Singapore which sells better Thai food than the ones they sold there.


Another annoying thing was, I got shot in the head.
No, literally.
And no, this is not my ghost typing this entry. I’m very much alive, thank you.
This bottle cap came shooting my way from the bar! Hit my forehead & landed on the table.
I think most people would agree – something about the way I glare at people when I’m pissed. I was pissed.
I was tired, ears were still a tad clogged, hungry, unhappy with my food… Now a bottle cap from that place came to shoot me in the head.
Like, @^&#!!!
The man (eff-ing culprit) who did it, didn’t even dare to look at me when I glared at him. When I told a friend when I came back, she said, “Please loh, you look damn scary & fierce when you are pissed at someone. I won’t dare to look at you also!”
Tsk. Do I really??
I was going to tell him that it was okay! Provided they gave a huge-ass discount on our bill, or I was going to complain to the Singapore Embassy.
Haha!! Kidding. Like I would bother so much. -.- I was more focused on trying to relax.
The group of us!


So their food was tasteless, their service was slow, they shot me in the head… Next was, they forgot Mark’s order!!
We decided to cancel his order & roam the streets.


Honestly, the food there was so bad…. Even this roadside uncle sells better treats!


After a while, we all separated ways. So Mark, who was left unfed… 😦 Was starving. We decided to go for something safe! Like Burger King!!


It wasn’t any cheaper than Singapore’s price, honestly. I think they are all pegged to the American rates. They did have some burgers which we don’t have in Singapore, though!
23rd March
We were all tired out.
Okay, at least I was tired out. 😛
The next morning we were on the Four Island Tour! Sounded so exciting!
Whats more, I did research & apparently the Four Island Tour is one of the most popular attractions in Krabi. So I couldn’t wait!
The van that came to bring us to the ferry dock, bright & early in the morning!
The beach was stunning! Much cleaner & nicer than the beaches in Singapore!


We all piled into the boat & were ready to set off on our tour!
First stop was really just a sand bar. -.- However, it was a spot for snorkeling!


I wasn’t able to participate in any water activities. 😦
Its a girl thing. 😉
Everyone getting ready to go down into the water.


My adorable boyfriend! 🙂


High & dry; and lovin’ the view! I even brought my story book. Haha!
Sabrina occasionally coming back to shore! 🙂


The deepest I could go. -.-
All of them getting ready for some water action!
When you’re sitting on a sand bar as nice as the one I was sitting on…. A book somehow doesn’t cut it. I love my book, but I preferred to do something on the sand.
So I wanted to write for Mark something….
Before I knew it, Mark came walking back up to shore to see me.
So I had to quickly erase it!! Then instead, my honey wrote this for me…. *blush*
After he went back into the water, I continued my usual plan!
I love you, honey!!
Back on the boat & take a look at Chicken Island!! Because it really looks like a chicken.
Over here, we were given pandan-flavoured bread to feed the fishes!
I love this picture! Because Jia Hao looks like he is wiping his armpit with the bread! 😀
Took this picture of Jordan; he looks like he wants the bread too!! 😛
Some of the boys doing jump shots!
Poor Jun Yong had to jump for me 3 times… because I kept on missing him. 😛
I was almost envious of everyone… I couldn’t go down into the water at all. 😦
But I guess the gorgeous views made up for it! 🙂


And Sabrina staying up occasionally with me. So it wasn’t so bad!
And my boyfriend coming back at the end of everything!
All of us having a mad awesome time!


Jordan cut his leg. All the tour guide could say was, “I told you to stay away from the rocks!”


Something about the waters, it just makes you hungry!! So I was really happy to get to our lunch stop!
It was basically like home-cooked food! Yummy, yummy.


Jordan looking super sexy. 😛


Munchin’ time!!


Wei Hao had an overload!!


Pac Man, fruits version!
Just look at their fruits! So lovely & vibrant in colours!


Gosh, it was such a long time since I had set foot on such an environment.
Proof that I indeed did set foot! 😀 Okay, this is really for myself to see.


Yet another gorgeous beach. My gosh. I almost don’t want to ever go to East Coast Beach back in Singapore ever again.


It is really holiday paradise over there!



Show you something crazy cool. Jun Yong found his own little chicken island! So cute!


On to the next island!
Okay, I’m going to be honest… I don’t remember any of the names of the islands. Only the Chicken Island…. -.-
Quite some stuff there!! Look at the gorgeous scenery!
And some daredevils were rock-climbing.


Mark & me’s footprint!


I buried my boyfriend’s feet in the sand. And ran off!
But he caught up practically immediately.


And when you walk further down the beach stretch, you’ll find boats selling yummy treats!

And of course, more corn please!!



Something about the waters, but it just makes you extremely exhausted!
After heading back to the villa for a change of clothes, we headed out again! Ah, its good to be young & lively.
Something that you must do every time you get to Thailand is…?
Because there were too many of us, so we had to go upstairs & down these corridors.


Mark & I were brought into this little room. Kind of dodgy… but the massage was fairly good! 😀


The masseuse was really friendly, she kept on talking to me. My boyfriend fell asleep & snored. So ended up both masseuses started chatting with me.
After massaging, we went to the Walking Market!! Which is really much like a Pasa Malam back in Singapore.
They just sell a whole lot of interesting-looking stuff!




Look at the cute rabbits!!! *squeals*
Friends: Lets buy one!
Me: How to bring back to Singapore?
Friends: We can set it free! Like doing some charity.
Me: With all the cats outside our villa, it’ll be eaten!
Friends: Then its doing charity to the cat!!


Bah. Cute little things, good thing you weren’t bought.
After a few short hours, it started to pour! My gosh. It didn’t help that we all split up to browse by ourselves; so we were each pretty much hiding under different stalls’ umbrellas. Roar.


It was freezing! Before I left for Krabi, all my friends were warning me about the humid weather.
Some told me to even get the 130SPF sunblock. -.- Good thing I didn’t listen! I just stuck to my 50SPF!
Pretty soon, we all umbrella-hopped to get some snacks for dinner & we gathered under a huge umbrella! All the stalls were slowly packing up, which also meant that our ‘shelters’ were depleting!
So we decided to call our trusty Tuk Tuk Uncle!
Just a side note, they have those colour-me-ringtones in Thailand as well. And the Tuk Tuk Uncle’s song is…. Roar!! I complain every single time I call him.
Uncle: Hello?
Me: Hi Tuk Tuk Sun! (Sun is his name.) Can you come and pick us up?
Uncle: Okay! Where?
Me: We are at the Walking Market! Please come find us!! We are in the middle of nowhere under a big umbrella.
-.- Nice to know I amuse people everywhere I go.
You have no idea how relieved I was when Mark confirmed that it was his tuk tuk that pulled up nearby! The villa never felt more like home. In fact, I was getting really used to living there! 🙂
24 March
I was pretty much looking forward to today. There was still going to be a little bit of water activity….but I had about a 40% chance of being able to take part! 😀
However, looks like there was going to be more water activity than what was in our tour itinerary. Look at the dark skies so early in the morning!
Today was another day packed with fun! We were going to visit some hot springs, pools, temples & elephants!!
Loading up the van & ready to head off!
The first stop was a hot spring. Which I wasn’t able to go into… 😦 I had nasty cramps!
Walked past these little shops at the hot spring, thought they were really cute!
So everyone went off to dip in the hot spring, I was sitting in the shelter. After a bit, I got really restless.
No doubt I was in discomfort, but I didn’t drag my butt out of Singapore after so many years just to sit by a shelter and watch the rain fall.
I got up & went to take a look around the place!
Really glad I talked myself into taking a walk! It was such a lovely place.


I look like some sick thing…. Which I was for those few hours.
When we headed off to the next pool… Believe it or not, I was able to go into the water! Probably I was really upset that I wans’t able to take part in the fun…. 😦 So my body decided to take a break off the nature grid! Haha!
The 2nd pool, didn’t bring my camera…But it was fun! And it was super hard to climb up with all the algae stuck all over.
We had to walk a good 20 minutes down the muddy path into the pool! And it was so muddy, my slipper kept on flicking up mud on my shorts. 😦 I had a polka-dot ass.
I love country rides! Its really something you cannot do in Singapore….
Anyhow, what makes a ride even better?
If there is good food waiting at the end of it! 😀
Imagine munching on some local delights with such a view!
This place had quite a cool washroom. I felt like I had to take a journey just to get there!


Well, I never had to actually walk down the country to use the washroom before! So it was kind of new to me. And I was really amused.
I took so long at the washroom, my boyfriend had to come & look for me.
Check out this crazy adorable cat. Apparently, she dominates the dogs there! O.O
Lunch was simply delightful!
We were driven to see some temples! Check out this one, it is actually built in a cave.
Those are actually cactus!
We were sent on a journey into the wilderness! Without our tour guide!!
I guess it was really too tiring for her to do it all the time.
So basically, we had to climb up a long flight of stairs… Enjoy the view.


After climbing such a flight, I better enjoy the view. Heck, I’ll enjoy just getting on top even without a view.


I know it doesn’t look very long here… but once you climb it, your muscles somehow just gets spasms.
No wonder the character on the map went, “Wow!”
Because when you get up there, its really… “Wow!! I’M FINALLY UP!!!”
This is where the monks rest!


Some metal thingy.


There were loads of big trees in this forest.



Didn’t expect to see a lamp post there! O.O


See the tree in the middle of it all? That was another big tree! It was so tall, I couldn’t see the head.


Time to ride some elephants!!
Shockingly, it didn’t stink at all! I was expecting some horrendous stench or something.



My driver, such a young fella!


Walked through the rubber plantation.


Suddenly, my driver decided to just hop off her head! O.O So my elephant went on auto-pilot.


Quite honestly, I was scared. Elephant walking alone without any directions…. Scary!!
But I looked down, my little driver was walking by our side. I don’t know how he does it! He just walks through the tall grasses, muddy grounds… He doesn’t seem to mind! In fact, he seemed to be having fun taking care of Mark & I.
Apparently, he was rather amused at how Mark & me behaved. -.- Don’t ask.


Jun Yong looking like some king.


And because we didn’t want to put our dirty slippers on the elephant, Mark & I decided to go barefooted!


Just look at the gorgeous view!!


Then my little driver decided to get me to sit on the elephant herself; not on the seat! So exciting!


Then Mark came down too. So we pretty much spent our entire ride without the seat. -.-


It was crazy fun!! And kind of prickly, the hairs on the elephant was kind of coarse. I was really secure though, because my legs were behind her ears!
Speaking of ears, she kept on flapping her ears… They kept on hitting on Mark’s legs. 😀 But because of her flapping, I also didn’t get a single mosquito bite!
Elephant poo poo!


We went inside a lake & I already freaked.


The ride went by a little fast… I guess because I was really enjoying myself! But just like every good job done, a good reward should follow after.
What other better way to reward my elephant than with bananas?


Mark & I feeding that big beautiful girl!


I didn’t know, but my elephant was the matriarch. I love her!


I kept on telling Mark to get her for me so I can bring her back to Singapore.
And all Mark kept on replying was, “Anything for you, darling.”
Okay, but honestly… If I saw an elephant waiting for me at home, I’d freak out.
If an elephant could even get up to my apartment, I’d freak out.
Show you something really cute.
Left picture: Elephant under punishment because he misbehaved during a ride
Middle picture: Children feeding another elephant bananas.
Right picture: Punished elephant couldn’t stand the temptation, he just walked over to join the party!


His trainer kept on yelling at him, but he was too busy gulping up the bananas. Haha!
That night, we went to this place for dinner!


Okay, it really was just snacks first!


Because before dinner, we wanted to enjoy a little bit. The boys went for their massages, Sabrina & I went for a manicure & pedicure!


Mark took this picture of me & said I look totally like a tai tai. -.-


Honestly, I was very unhappy with my manicure & pedicure.
The paint quality wasn’t good, her strokes weren’t nice & my French lining was messy. 😦


Oh well, on the bright side… It was cheap!
On a brighter side, great good beckoned!!


Mark & I were so addicted to pancakes, we actually ran to buy one before our tuk tuk arrived. We love them so much we had such spastic faces while eating.


P.S. I wasn’t digging my nose!! Just scratching it.
25 March
Last day in Krabi!
I was almost depressed. 😦 It was going back to the stressful & realistic life back in Singapore.
As my new friend Jordan said, “Its back to reality!!”
-.- Yea, like that helped.
Something about travelling, you always think that someone might be out there to want to kill/sell you. So when we saw this taxi who had a knife behind his sign, all of us freaked.
Like a bunch of losers we were.
No doubt, I was going to miss the place. Though I’m a home-bird & all, but sometimes a getaway is really desirable.


Our little brunch!
Yes, more pancakes!! Mark & I were gravely addicted.
Oh, did I mention? I simply love their fruit juices. You can actually taste the fruit! Not like in Singapore, taste more ice (or water) than the fruit. -.- Whats more, so much more expensive!


We trying to enjoy our last day!


Because each of us wanted to do different things, we each went our different ways. So it was really my last time to enjoy the surroundings! Ah~


And guess what I say?
My favourite…. Subway!! Good thing I didn’t see it earlier, if not I would’ve forsaken all local delights.


But nothing could really beat the corn there!! Mark & I bought yet another one!


McDonald’s doing Thailand pose!


Peeping into Mark’s eyes. 🙂


Mark & I enjoyed our little frolicking around town for the last hour. And pretty soon, the taxi came to the villa to pick us up!


Arrival at the airport. I could almost sense Singapore coming back to me.


Look at what I found inside the feedback box! 😀


This time, I remembered to take the air-sickness pills. So kind of explains why I look so friggin’ tired in this photo. The medicine makes you really drowsy…


Time to get onto the plane! I swear, this trip was the first time I actually had to walk to the plane on the ground; not through some constructed passage.


Singapore, here we come!!


I slept like a real pig throughout the entire flight. I actually fell asleep on Mark so many times, he had to cramp into weird positions to make sure I was comfortable. 😦 Feel so bad…
And he also had to pull out my gigantic bag from the top.


We’re back in Singapore!! Ah, it felt good to be home!


And the first place we headed; Subway!!!!
P.S. Its not that fantastic a Subway outlet, despite it being in the airport. It was really slow, I actually waited about 30 minutes to be served at this “fast-food” joint. And the bread was so tough, you would’ve thought they kept it for me before I flew to Krabi. -.-


Instead of taking a taxi home, Mark & I decided on the train! And we spent the entire really long journey chatting about the trip. To think we spent the entire trip together practically all the time & we still chat non-stop. 🙂 Ah well, he is after all my (male) best friend as well. Hehe.


And despite me not being able to bring the elephant I wanted back…. Mark got me this instead! 😀 Its proudly stuck on my fridge now!


Mark sent me home & had such a hard time getting home himself.
My dog was absolutely elated when he saw me come home! And truth be told, I missed him heaps too!
Came back, a little jet lagged… And seriously needed some rest.
26 March
So now that Mark & I are back in Singapore, we went to do something we love doing.
Japanese shabu shabu steamboat, to be exact. Over at Vivo City.


I know Mark & I have been together for 4 days straight already & some people are expecting us to get sick of each other.
But y’know what?
This trip has brought us even closer. 🙂
It almost seems impossible for that, but we manage! 😀
And for my first time leaving the country without my family, I think I did pretty good! Loads of credits to my boyfriend, please. He took splendid care of me! 🙂
Of course, his sweet friends. 🙂
Now I’m suffering from wanderlust. Someone help.
It is good to look at the world once in a while to remind yourself the reality of your reality.
Sometimes you live your life so much, you get too used to it. Since your life is within a box, you think the world is within that box. That is perfectly understandable; we’re all human… Its almost impossible for us to comprehend what the entire world is like.
However its good to know a little here & there. Every bit helps! 🙂
I must say, the one thing I really experienced was not the country itself.
Instead, it was the way I was actually so scared of leaving without my family but chose to trust Mark. It was being around people I didn’t really know, but I trusted Mark. 🙂
It was scary, but I’m glad I did.
So next time when I remember Krabi, its not going to be about the whole flood of Caucasians, the crazy fun tours we went to or the delightful treats we ate! …Maybe not even the elephant I simply adore.
Rather, it is going to be that I have finally learnt to trust the one that loves me from the bottom of his heart. 🙂

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