90th Day of saying "I Love You!"

My gosh, time really flies. 
Okay, technically 90 days (3 months) isn’t exactly a very long time. However, considering that we spend practically every single day together; and we’re still not sick of each other! Especially me, I get bored of things really easily & enjoy the luxury of always having new things. 😛 
Oh no, Mark is going to get worried when he reads this. 
Well, I’ve had two years as friends to get sick of him…but never did somehow. So you’re good, honey. You have no expiry date on you! 😀 In fact, the more I got you; the more I want you now. 😉
Mark told me to get ready by 8.30AM. Gosh… I better get used to such timings since school is starting soon!
I even had a dress code to abide by!
1. Prepare for outdoor activities. 
2. Wear covered shoes. 
3. No accessories!
So I pulled out my Nike sneakers, wore a tank top & shorts… And the most important? I applied SPF50 sunblock!! Muahahaha!! 
So, bright & early, both of us whisked off in his cute little red chariot. 
Look at what I prepared for Mark for our 3rd month!!
I printed out a letter, rolled it up & placed it into a test tube! I spent quite a bit of time on this letter! There were so many things I wanted to say, but didn’t know how to say it… And without sounding too long & everything. 
And… I prepared some almond bit chocolates for him!
Okay, it has melted a tad in the photo… It was supposed to be heart-shaped! 
I slogged in the kitchen for a good 2 hours to prepare this!
My present really pales in comparison to what Mark gave me. 
While we were driving to breakfast, he pulled out this from his bag & said that it was his surprise present for me. 
Tickets to Universal Studios Singapore!!!! *squeals in delight!* 
No wonder he said ‘covered shoes’. If not my flip-flops might end up flying in the air…. Going home will be an issue. And of course, bless the person who gets hit on the noggin by it. 
Some people know that I’ve been there twice already; which is more than most of my friends.
Today, I went again!! And I was really happy! 
When I opened the paper & saw it, I was crazy-dazy happy!!

Mark & I actually planned to go together even before we got together, but he wanted to wait till the Galactic ride was officially open.

That kind of freaked me out…. As much as I like the thrills of such rides, that ride was crazy!! You literally turn around & around & around~ In other words, not to be taken on a full stomach… Unless you wish to give the people around you a taste of your partially-digested food.

And not to be taken by the faint hearted, of course. Wouldn’t want anyone fainting or having a heart attack up there!

Before we headed to Sentosa, Mark brought me for breakfast!

At my favourite fast food; Subway! And for the first time ever, I ate Subway’s breakfast!!

I love Subway, I just never wake up in time for the breakfast.

It was really yummy! *slurp* 

Off we drove into Sentosa for a day of fun & entertainment in the USS!  

Mark pulled out a packet of juice from his bag. So cute! Like those little children going for some excursion trip and they carry juices in their little bags. 

Tip: Always make sure you have some cash in your wallet when you’re in USS! They have ATMs inside, but it is a whole lot more convenient when you have the cash just ready in your wallet. 
Honey drawing some moolah, me looking at the map of Sentosa. 

We parked at a different car park. So while walking there, we got to enjoy loads of sights!
Okay, this isn’t technically a sight of Sentosa…. 

The Merlion!
Walking into Resort World!

Fountains! Every time I see one, I keep on trying to deduce why is it located there & if it has anything to do with the Chinese Fengshui stuff. 

And we have arrived!! 
Sadly we couldn’t take picture of the classic Universal Studios globe. 😦 It was under construction. 
There was unexpectedly heaps of people there today. So much so, Mark & I had to queue up just to enter!

But it was all worth it! 
USS it like a whole new world on its own. :)) 

And the first ride of the day?
My sadistic boyfriend dragged (literally) me to the Battlestar Galactic ride. 
FIRST ride! You’d think he’d let me warm-up with something not-so nerve wrecking. No~ He said we have to hit it hard & fast!!
The red tracks are called Human. The blue tracks are called Cylon. 
And the Cylon is supposed to be a whole lot scarier, because it does multiple corkscrews & stuff like that. 
God must’ve heard my prayers; Cylon had a freakishly long queue!! So Mark agreed to settle for the Human ride first. 
Which is not exactly ideal for me! But it was a good compromise between both parties. 
…And I almost died. 
I screamed till I swear my lungs feel exhausted. 
When I came off the seat, I felt so grateful to still be alive. 
Haha! Okay, not that bad. However I really was freaked out! My boyfriend, on the other hand, was yelling in joy!
As if I wasn’t shaken badly enough, he insisted the next ride we took was the Egyptian one; Revenge of the Mummy. 
I swear, this ride was the scariest when the Battlestar Galactic wasn’t open yet. The previous time, my cousin & I yelled like as if we were holding onto our dear lives. -.- 
So was I really annoyed with my boyfriend? Yes.
Was I really scared & worried for my poor heart? Yes. 
Did I still go in the end? Yes. 
So… Bah. -.-

I love the decor though! And this attraction is probably geographically located at the hottest part of the park, because it is always scorching there!

My boyfriend sitting on a Fallen Mummy.
After 2 sets of traumatic experiences in my life, I came out & thanked God I lived. 
No, literally. Once I alighted from the ride, my heart literally went, “Thank God!!” 
The scary thing about the Revenge of the Mummy ride was, it was pitch black dark; so you really don’t know what is going to happen next! 
I was glad that my adventurous boyfriend finally agreed to mellow down the whole agenda. So we went to take some fun shots at some cute stuff we spotted!
Us working with the movers!

My boyfriend; the peeper. Tsk tsk. 

The classic Marilyn Monroe pose! 

To put a slower pace to our day, we went to catch the Monster Musical!
It is one of my favourite attractions! All the classic monsters of Universal Studios would come to life on stage & perform little dance numbers! So cute!
All set for some fun entertainment!

Scheduling all the shows, we were in time for the next stage-performance!
Making our jolly-way there!


When honey & I were walking in, we realised we knew both the ushers there!! 
I knew the girl, he knew the guy. And we wanted to ask for some *ahem* favours… Like maybe giving us the express entry…? *shameless pangs* But their supervisor was there! Dang it! 
 I don’t know how many of you have actually watched the show, but it was rather good. Its a really old show…but good!

Warming up the crowd before the show!!

This show is definitely one of the must-go’s in USS!! The effects, props & performances are superb! Highly interactive & very fun to watch. 
The sights around USS builds such a fantasy-like ambiance; its no wonder I never get sick of going back. *swoons* It is an ideal quick escape from the hustle & bustle of reality…. Okay, I know I’m still on school vacation and I’m not working… But I still enjoy it! 
The Madagascar vessel that rammed into some random innocent island.  
The random innocent island then got dominated by a bunch of really annoyingly cute penguins, which somehow are absolutely fine with the humid tropical weather. 
And as if things weren’t colourful enough, the island also suffers from a really egoistical possum. 

The human skeleton hanging by the tree. This cartoon has somehow made something so gruesome actually look funny. And if you look closely enough, this skeleton is actually smiling

My boyfriend thoroughly enjoying himself at the gift shop. 

Shrek’s swamp home!

Shrek’s palace home at Far Far Away!!

Welcome to the Potion Shop! This place is filled with adorable Shrek stuff, plus a little bar counter that serves drinks with cute names. 

Princess Ogre?

The real Princess Ogre. 😛

I think this cup totally suits Mark. The cartoon & him almost look alike!
This is how I’ll perpetually look if I actually end up with ogre twin babies – “Oh sheesh!”


Shrek’s Far Far Away is probably my favourite part of the entire USS, because it is so medieval-like!!
Everything looks so rich & happy! :))

Shrek’s Walk of Fame!
My boyfriend – the dragon. 
AKA, Donkey’s wife. Oh gosh, I’m attached to a female reptile. Nice. 

Shrek’s frog dad-in-law! 
I love Mark’s sunglasses when they give off reflection. Its like an instant mirror everywhere we go! 

Finally, we decided to head for some lunch!
Instead of heading down to the pizza place like I did the other 2 times, Mark brought me to this groooo~vy looking place! It was crazy crowded though. 
Outside are some really awesome classic cars!
Who could forget the jukebox? 
Even the flooring is so 70’s!! It was back to the good ol’ swinger days or jukeboxes, bell-bottom jeans & loads of hairspray! 
We were really lucky to be able to get seats! Not inside the restaurant though…but under a nice shady place outside. 🙂
I sat there, reserving the seat & blotting my face off its heaps of oil. 
I fully enjoyed myself, but under all that heat… My face was generating more sweat & oil than usual! Phew. 
Mark finally brought the food over!
Look at my burger!! Kind of messy, but definitely yummy. 
This place is not only known for its classic 70’s American style decor & food, but also some entertainment outside. Okay, Mark was watching the performance. I was engrossed in taking a picture of our reflection. 😛
They have different ‘Live’ performances every now & then!
At first it was a group of sexy waitresses!!
This time, it was a group of swinger-boys doing a little song & dance number!
This little boy was crazy cute; dancing along with the performers on stage!

Hey Mr Postman! 
After lunch, guess where we headed to? 
Back to Far Far Away! Look at Puss in Boots!!

Not because I really love the place; but because we wanted to catch the Shrek 4D show!

A little warm-up session before the actual show. 

It was really fun! I enjoyed it so much!!
Okay, Mark & I had a deal. 
He really wanted me to sit on another round of the Battlestar Galactic. This time, Cylon. Which is the one that could potential stop my heart from beating forever. 
And I really wanted to sit the Shrek dragon ride & the Madagascar merry-go-round. 
So we had a deal….. 
He sat with me the dragon ride, we’ll sit Cylon. Then we’ll go for the merry-go-round. 
So all set for the dragon ride!

This ride is actually nowhere near scary…but its good for a nice swing-around in the air. 

Another one of the good attractions is definitely Steven Spielberg’s “Lights Camera Action”!  
It is basically a mock studio, or you could called it Sound Room; where all the movie effects come to life right before your eyes! 
Starting with a little introduction by the man Steven Spielberg himself (not in real life, of course), then into a bigger room where you witness a Catergory 5 hurricane happening before you! Expect minor startles & scares, but overall it is more insightful than anything else. 

And I used this attraction to help calm my nerves a little bit before I was brought to Cylon! 
This attraction is located in the streets of New York! It is beautifully designed, if you ask me.  

My boyfriend swingin’ it in New York! 

I was already exhausted, really. Look at this picture. Totally candid, but totally truthful as well!

Amidst all my tiredness, my boyfriend gingerly led me to the Futuristic section of USS. Which is sponsored by Panasonic, by the way. My classmates will understand… We all have a thing with Panasonic now. So every time I see it, it feels like I’m back to the project days. 
Not a good feeling when I’m on holiday!! 
The Futuristic section (sponsored by Panasonic!), has whacky mascots like these! 

However what really drew my daredevil boyfriend back there was…. 
The Cylon ride!!!

We initially went up the red tracks, now it was time for the blue one. 

I don’t know whether it was because I was just really tired already, or I was getting accustomed to the rides… I was actually looking forward to this ride! O.O 
Start of the day: I was hyperventilating at the sight of the tracks, refused to sit the blue one! 
Middle of the day: Still hyperventilating, my boyfriend literally had to drag & carry me there. -.- 
Getting to the ride: “Woo-hoo!!! Lets do this thing!!”
Now you know why I’m amazed when Mark seems to understand everything I do; because I myself don’t understand myself sometimes.  So props to the boyfriend! 
The ride was really fun!! We stood in line for about 45 minutes, not because of the queue… But because of a technical error. Which was really scary! Apparently, one seat was quite loose. *shivers* 
And I ran into one classmate, Henry in the queue! Apparently he had sat the ride many times & when I asked him if it was scary or not, he went to freak me out again by saying its super scary!! 
Mark had to attend to my attempt to escape. 
No thanks to Henry! 
Speaking of classmates, I bumped into quite more friends as we walked around! Singapore is a small island; so I guess when people from Singapore get onto a smaller island like Sentosa… We’re bound to bump into each other! 😀 
Anyhow, the ride was good! The twists & turns was crazy awesome! And I like it a lot more than Human, because the seats feel a lot more secure than Human. 
If you ask me, I actually felt less scared on Cylon than on Human. -.-  Totally the opposite reaction from most people. 
And my boyfriend was utterly proud of me! *beams!* 
So to reward me… Plus, he promised me already anyhow! We went to sit the Party-Go-Round!!
Look at this cute little thing on my ride!!
Getting ready to part-aye!!! 

My boyfriend shockingly enjoying himself. I thought this ride was more of like, merely entertaining his childish girlfriend. 

One thing I love about this ride?
You get to camwhore…. 
And camwhore….

And… Oh yes, CAMWHORE!!!

In a nutshell, I loved it!!
We are penguins!! 

Look at the vast difference. 
On the left, the ancient times.
On the right, the futuristic times. 

Pretty soon, it was time to go! Both of us were already bushed out. 
So one last stop at the souvenir shop!  

I ❤ USS!!

Speaking of which, I really want the shirt that says I ❤ USS. 😦 I shall return! Just to buy the shirt. 
Adorable couple-penguins!! 
Leaving the USS. 😦 
Suffered from mixed emotions, really. I wanted to go because I was tired, but I really wanted to stay because I was thoroughly enjoying myself! 
Mr Thinker; Miss Headache.

Okay, I don’t know if he is tired… Or he’s drooling over that huge bottle of delight. 


The actual Merlion looking like a statue. 

We walked back to the car, piled it…. Ah~ Rest. 
Well, at least for me. 😛 Darling Mark still had to drive. 
And it was back to mainland Singapore!!

Honey kept in store for me a 2nd surprise for the day! 
I tell you, I’m such a lucky girl to have someone so amazing so in love with me. I don’t even know what he loves about me… -.- Whats more, he was with me through all my ugly, horrendous & absolutely unglam parts – and he still fell in love with me. 
So its either I’m super blessed, or he is super unblessed. 
Okay… Just to give myself some credit here! I know I make him very happy. 🙂 
The surprise was… He was buying me dinner at the place where we had our first dinner as a couple! 
I still remember exactly 3 months ago when he picked me up from school, he first drove to this place – Buckaroo. However it was a tad too early for dinner, so he said he wants to drive around first. 
Me, who always trusted Mark even from way back, didn’t even question. I just smiled & looked out the window. Like an innocent lamb into the slaughter…. Heh. 
I love this place!! The food is superb, the service is friendly & of course the sentimental value adds to it! 

My adorable boyfriend. 

The thing about this place is – everything is in huge portions! So you could really just share
The must-have mushroom soup!! If you eat the bread, this soup could actually account for an entire meal. 

And this Buck Combo!! With chicken & steak, plus a little Cesar salad! Like, yummy please!

The sauce is positively orgasmic! It was actually for the steak, but because I loved it so much… I even dipped the chicken chop in it!
Of course not the salad, that’ll be just…. Against the world of salad…? *shrugs*
After dinner, Mark drove me home & sadly we had to say goodbye. 😦 
On that note, I think I’ll be seeing him again tomorrow. 😉 
I love you, honey. 
This is my new Facebook profile picture!! 
And it really is to compliment one of Mark’s favourite shirts.
It has this printed on it….
When he just asked me to be his girlfriend, he said that the heart came to me. 
Come to think of it…. Humph! Means that he has two other hearts to give away?! Roar. I’m so pissed right now. 

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