May Day with an Old Friend

When I say old… I don’t literally mean that she is old.

She is actually the same age as me! …which by certain standards, is already considered old. 😦

Sigh. Oh well, I can’t stop time. May as well embrace it yo!


Means we can vote, tick ‘Adult’ on any forms, get married without parental consent & of course watch porn legally.


I love it when I want to catch an R21 show & the teller lady gives me that skeptical glare.

Skeptical lady: Can I see your IC please, young lady?

Me: *beams!* Sure!!

I must admit, I always kind of hope they would ask.

1. Gives me this tinge of sadistic satisfaction when they got me wrong – that I’m not some horny underage girl. If I’m horny, its legal! Ha!

Okay… That doesn’t sound very right.

2. Means I look younger than I am!! Which is always a plus for a girl!

And of course, several other perks.

This old friend has been a good friend to me since 9 years back! Gosh. We are getting old.

My good ol’ girlfriend; Geradine Ker!

We have almost the same name; hers doesn’t have the ‘L’. Unique, eh? 
We first set eyes on each other when the teacher called out ‘Geraldine’ on the attendance list & we both raised our hands. Then we turned & looked at each other in shock. 
I thought it was kind of rare to have another girl named ‘Geraldine’! 
Only to realise, when we got to secondary 3, there were 3 Geraldine-s in class. -.- Some teachers had a slight thrill of calling ‘Geraldine’ and seeing all 3 of us respond at the same time. 
Those buggers. Tsk! 
Anyhow, because of our very similar first names… She & I have gone all Westernised and call each other by our last names! 
She’s Ker, I’m Sim. 😉
And since we became good friends, we would celebrate our birthdays together every year without fail. And even exchange Christmas presents! Sometimes we even celebrate Valentine’s Day together. 
As friends! I have no lesbian tendencies, like my boyfriend might claim. -.- So ironic, a boyfriend claiming that his girlfriend has lesbian tendencies. That makes his competition level twice as high. 😀
Ker’s birthday is actually in January. So technically, we are a few months late! 
The last time I met her was before her birthday, then after that we both got so busy with all our own things… We just kept on putting the meeting off! 
I bought her present already & it was sitting in my room rotting (literally) for 4 whole months. It got so dusty, that when I tried to clean the dust off the wrapping paper, it tore. Like, gosh. O.O 
Anyhow, I still managed to get the present nicely wrapped! 
I got her this super-cute coffee face scrub from Tony Moly! 
I know that she gets awfully tired from work lately. Her twits floods my timeline with complaints about work sometimes! So I got her a little beauty treat! 🙂 
This is an adorable item. I swear I almost just wanted to keep it for myself. 
It comes in this coffee cup-like container & the metal spoon sticking out can be used to apply the scrub onto your face! 
And she came back from Hong Kong with my all-time favourite cosmetic product – Mascara!! 
I can never get enough of mascaras, I swear. 
And the one she got me is simply amazing!! Its separates my lashes really well, which is what I always want of my mascaras!
Lunch at one of our all-time favourite haunts!!

Mos Burger!! And I think Mos Burger likes me too, because my hot dog (bottom-right picture) has a smiley face on it!! :))

Little bit more of us!

A little more walking, a lot more chatting… And we went off to meet our boyfriends! 
I must be a pig, because I had another meal with Mark before we had dinner with his family. 
We went to try to Spicy McNuggets! I have to say, it is not bad…but then again, I cannot take spicy stuff. So too bad for me, I guess. 
Mark had to force me to try one. -.-
Me: “Please don’t make me eat the SPICY nugget!!!”

School has officially started!!

Wish me luck, its going to be quite a heck of a semester! 🙂 However, I must say… I LOVE MY CLASS!! So everything is going to be cool. 
And to my darling boyfriend, I’ll always love you. *cuddles & kisses* 

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