How many of you spent the past week with sweating so much, like your forehead started drooling or something?

For the past week, Singapore’s weather was… Well, to say the least, hot. From temperatures ranging from 35-36 degrees, I almost felt like I was walking in the Sahara.

…except this Sahara, has loads of trees & grass. No camels, just a lot of cars. (Which add to the heat, by the way!)


Singapore is known for its year-round Summer. Well, guess what? Come to Singapore now, because it is Summer in the Summer!! Double doses!

I don’t know whether this is considered a heatwave….but I think it is. Whatever it is, it is mighty hot.

These are the few things that has been happening through this walk in the desert.

1. I sit in the living room & start sweating!

Wow. Like as if it was some vigorous activity.

Me: I broke out in so much sweat in my living room today! Woo!

Friend: You’re finally making use of your Wii?

Me: No, but I’m definitely lacking in some Wii-nd. (wind)

2. I’ve gone to be lamer in jokes.

(Refer to above.)

Seriously, Wii-nd…? No doubt, my friend broke out in laughter. But after I said it… Gosh, I’m so full of nonsense!

Must be the heat getting into my head.

3. Pimples are sprouting!!

You can almost hear them say, “Hello! I’m here because its so eff-ing hot & you’re not drinking enough water!! HA-HA!!”

And its the kind of pimples concealer just won’t fix! They’re like a little volcano!

Totally symbolic of the heat, I guess.

4. My air-conditioning broke down.

Yes. Out of all times to take leave, my air-con took this appropriate time!!

Its like the workers at a toy factory refusing to work during Christmas season! Its almost like expressing utter animosity to the company!! …And to the children whom want toys from them!

Anyhow, thats totally besides the point.

My air-conditioning couldn’t work….My fan was practically blowing hot air around the room. -.- Not much help.

Imagine my poor pooch & his thick fur. Its like wearing a parka to the beach.

It screams either, “Yoo-hoo, I’m crazy!!” Or “Yoo-hoo, I’m very crazy!!” 

Except for my dog, he cannot simply take it off!

Okay, I shall consider sending him to cut his fur short again!

So every night, I actually sweat myself to sleep. -.- You’d think that the air would be cooler at night? Nope. Not any better. Not any better at all!

5. Perpetual headache, please!!

I think maybe its because of the lack of sleep at night – haven’t been able to sleep in the warm air. 😦 Or its the heat… But I definitely had a bad headache for a few days.

Thus, I’ve been exceptionally grouchy these few days.

Ask the boyfriend. I was throwing temper-tantrum every now & then.

So much so, he has developed a technique to counteract on it. Roar.

6. I’ve gotten tanner!!!

Now this I really don’t like! Even though Mark said he doesn’t see any difference, but I feel like I have!

And I want to be fairer, not tanner! Roar.

But how am I supposed to be fairer when I go out to bake everyday?!

7. Throws off my exercise regime!

Okay, not like I actually have one to begin with…. But I was just getting started on it!

I swear!


Don’t give me that skeptical look!!! I planned on jogging!!

But every time it gets so humid, I decide that I don’t want to risk fainting.

I rather be conscious & fat, than unconscious & un-noticeable skinnier. (Not much would shed after one pathetic jog!)


So basically I survived the week with not one good night of rest!

I was cranky, I was tired.

Good news is? My boyfriend cheered me up!

Okay, might not be helpful-good news to everyone. But at least I don’t go around chewing everyone’s heads off! 😛 He came to school almost every other day to pick me up & bring me for a good meal.

That’s the good thing of having a boyfriend who hasn’t started school yet & is too lazy to work. 😉

Alright, now for some good news for everyone!!!

The weather is supposed to be improving!!

Well, as according to the weather forecast. So if anything cocks up, not my fault!! *puts both hands up*

As according to Singapore Weather on Yahoo, next week will be back to normal! The usual high of 31 degrees, low of 26 degrees.

The kind of weather most (not all) Singaporeans have adapted to & accepted.

I guess I should be happy that all this happened after I got back to school. At least I spend most of my days in an air-conditioned environment! 😀

And good thing this happened after all the election.

Imagine you’re in all the heat & some lorry drives by yelling over the hailer, “VOTE FOR P.A.P!!”
Some people might not vote, just because they feel pissed off.

Hmm… That was already happening. Okay, but in the heat… It’ll be worse! 😛 Citizens might just throw a tomato at them.

Or at the elections centre, while queuing up.

So blazing hot & uncomfortable…. People will write nonsense & majority might become disqualified votes.


Okay. Boyfriend is calling. Bye-bye.

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