Virgin Event – Smash the Record!

I prayed & asked God for a few things… And he gave me this event. 
Funny thing about humans; generally speaking – we tend to strive for perfection, but our first tries are always full of errs. However our first tries are always the ones that we have the most sentimental attachment towards. 
It is sort of like a love-hate relationship; you want it, yet sometimes the very presence of it irks you. 
Well, that’s how I feel about my recent event – Smash the Record! 
Basically, it was aiming at promoting recycling to the youths using performing arts.
This was the poster our client finally agreed upon. 
This event was truly my virgin try. So far I have only ever worked in events, but never actually got down to creating one. 
When my teacher (I love this teacher even more, by the way!) described this module to us at the beginning, she summed it all in 6 words – “It’s not going to be easy.” 
Big warning. Huge sign. And a definite challenge. 
My ever-supportive & loving boyfriend (which I’ve come to fall for even more, by the way!), stayed over at my place to make sure that I had my breakfast before the event. 
Now this day didn’t come easy; I swear when I recall the entire process of the event – I actually feel warm tears welling up. *emo alert!!*
It started officially in mid-May – whereby we were briefed on what our client wanted & the class was split into 2 teams; each team presenting 1 proposal to the client. 
I was voted in President, while Germaine was Vice-President. So we both headed our own teams. 
Since then, there were already some issues – but it was well-kept controlled! ….or so it was for that period. 😦
At the end of May, Germaine & I had to go down to our client’s to give them a presentation on our individual proposals. 
On that day itself, our class already had it’s reservations regarding the client. Honestly, I did too… 😛 We had classes from 9AM-6PM practically non-stop. Then a rather big test after that, ending at about 7.30PM. After which, we had to travel from the East side of Singapore to the Central-West to meet them. 
Not forgetting, we even had another morning presentation at 9AM the following day. 
The first meeting lasted till about 11PM; when the janitor chased us out. Thank you, Mr Janitor! ;P 
We were all crazy tired and by the time we got home… It was practically 1AM. 
From what I know, we did try negotiating for another day for the presentation – just so that we won’t get a burnout so quickly. But the client insisted, because they wanted it done ASAP. Bah. 
Plus, I did some homework on checking my client’s reputation. 
Let’s just say, people warned me. So I pretty much saw all the bullets & missiles coming anyhow. 
In case you’re wondering whose proposal they chose… We actually had a combination of both. Which was actually pretty much predicted. 
So June came on; so did all the stress & torture. Being President, I was front-line for all the bombarding and everything like that. And honestly speaking, my class wasn’t all that bonded just yet – so communication was quite a problem. 😦 Soon enough, several other small problems kept on sprouting all over the place. 
I spent many nights staying up till 3AM (the earliest), looking at emails from the client, hounding for replies from my exco heads & trying to reply in the best way possible. 
Not forgetting, doing work for my other modules – which I regret to admit, I have neglected terribly. *guilty pangs* 
Through all those nights, Mark tried to stay over to drive me to school so that I could steal a little more snoozing! If he couldn’t he stayed with me on Skype till I went to sleep.
How can I possibly not fall for someone like that?? He loves me even when I’m down in the pits & utterly troublesome. 
*blushes* Hehe. 
I didn’t cry. I was still going on strong. My mind was still able to think of solutions 24/7 – literally. I would sometimes dream of the problems I had been thinking about when I’m awake, then create solutions in my sleep, wake up and solve it. 
My mind was willing – but my body was weak. 
Within a month; towards the end of June – I suffered a terrible back sprain. 
I was just doing my usual thing of sitting at my table, typing out new information for my client and completing other assignments – when suddenly (literally – it was extremely sudden), I couldn’t move at all without tearing in pain. 
So I decided to just go lie down for 30 minutes before continuing with my work. 
But when I woke up, I practically felt paralysed. 😦 
I swear I never felt anything like that before! It was super scary, okay? I couldn’t even reach for my phone to call Mark or my mom. 
And for once in the entire month – I actually stopped working on the computer for a few hours straight.

*This excludes sleeping hours!

I couldn’t stand/sit/lie down without feeling like my back was going to break. I was so badly hunched, I swear I think I was like a perfect 90-degree angle yo! O.O *freaks out again* 
Mark, my ever-stubborn boyfriend – insisted on coming down even when I didn’t want him to. 
I didn’t want him to see me like that… For once ever, I wasn’t able to protect myself. 😦 I couldn’t do anything at all! Even going to the washroom was a major issue. I had to shower while leaning on the wall for a few seconds, standing up for the next few… Then leaning again. 
Trust me, it was torturous. 
But to Mark, it seemed like a godsend opportunity for me to finally take an official break from all my work. He had been trying to get me to stop thinking/doing work. I think I was a horrid girlfriend through the 3 months of this project. I wasn’t only thinking about the event itself – but also my client, my class, my committee heads, my other modules…
He stayed over just to make sure that he could be around to attend to my every need. 🙂 I’m the luckiest girl in the world. 
And I really couldn’t even use the computer, so he played Monopoly Deal with me all day! 
See? I had to lie down on my sides to find a certain ‘zen’ position; where my backbone doesn’t threaten to break on me. 
This whole backbreaking-drama lasted for about 3 days. 
But actually by the 2nd day, I was already back on the computer doing what I do. 
The beginning of July just proved to be filled with more challenges. I went to meet my client again, but this time – I called for my committee heads. My back sprain was like a last warning alert from my body – so I decided it was time that my exco members faced some music as well. 
And to perk myself up before the meeting, Wai Soe & I shared waffles with ice cream & chocolate fudge! Yum to the maximum!
It was gone in 2 minutes flat! :))
During the mid of July, finer details were settled. 
A lot more problems faced & solved. 
A load more nights with unsound sleep. 
But finally things were beginning to run a whole lot better! Plus, my teacher has been amazing. She always asked about how I was coping & probably something about her… But I couldn’t just simply tell her, “Its fine!” like how I tell everyone else. 
I guess its because I know that she’ll know – so no point lying. May as well just tell her, let out a bit of steam & see if she could give any advice. Through it all, she was very supportive & gave me heaps of advice. So motherly; I love her even more than I did last semester! 
Part of my programmes was a Flashmob, so some classmates were practicing after classes. 
Me, being the busy & stressed President – was left out of it. 😦 I actually really wanted to take part in it! I always wanted to be in a flashmob!! My secret ambition has surfaced!! Wahahaha! 
Anyhow, there I was questioning a fellow classmate about information. I don’t remember what – all I know is, I was pissed. 

By the end of July, approximately 2 weeks away from the event day itself – some of my members had to go down to a school (shall remain unnamed) for a dance demo. We wanted some to take part in our flashmob as well. 
After all, a flashmob is supposed to have a crowd on its own! 
As you can probably tell, I was crazy-super-mad-duper stressed already. By this time, it got to a point whereby I wasn’t able to sleep for more than 4 hours without thinking of a new problem unsolved. 

I know – I had gone officially insane
And according to my boyfriend, I was already on a burnout. Not enough rest, too much work, too much stress. For the first time in my life, I actually felt like my mind was on zombie-mode – I would just keep on going & going, but inside I had already died. 😦 
The experience at the school was nowhere near good. Well, for one – a character there created some problem.
Kind of hilarious, now that I think of it! 😀 
Anyhow, it created a little drama & loads of friction in the school. 
All I can say is, I thank God that Mark was there to stand by me. Without him, I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done. 
Like I said, I was on zombie-mode. I wasn’t myself anymore. I just did what I had to do, because I had to do it – but the fact was, I no longer could. But the harder fact was; I couldn’t just stop. 
I understood that my class relied on me & I saw for myself how the entire event-process had created bonds I never thought could be formed! 
Call me cheesy, call me corny – but it was looking at how happy my class was with each other, that I gritted my teeth & went on with the event anyhow. 
After the incident at the school, I went home & broke down. 
For the first time in a long time, I actually cried due to stress. And usually when I cry, I’d stop within 20 minutes tops! But this one actually went on till that night. 
All I received was one SMS regarding a problem which was rather easy, but I was just so fed up with everything that I just fell on my room floor & wept. I wanted to just call everything off & give it all up – but when my exco had an online meeting & we were chatting like good ol’ friends; I knew it was something that I couldn’t give up. 
Besides, my teacher was right; I had come way too far to give it up. Plus, all over a stupid little prick? Sheesh. 
Come to think of it, when was I the kind of give up? 
So I didn’t. 🙂

And I’m glad I didn’t.

And with the support of my classmates wanting to carry on with the event – we went on! *pom pom!* 
Look at the supplies we brought to our client’s to work on our goodie bags! I swear, I felt like a rag & bone lady! And people kept on staring, please. Shy, much!
Packing the goodie bags!!

Settling emails again!

When you do work with people you enjoy working with – it just gets into heaps of fun! 
Chloe went around tattooing everyone with the chop we used to serialise our coupons. 

Our lion for the Eco-Lion game!

Giving the lion fangs! Roar!

I got soooo bushed out by the time it got this close to the actual event day – I didn’t even bother wearing makeup to school anymore!

But my girlies still loved me much much! *blushes!*

The day before the event, Germaine and I went down to the event site itself to distribute flyers!
When we went to take a peek at our event area, we saw our stage already put up. I swear, I felt this crazy rush of pride within me! I quickly took picture of it & tweeted it to share with my classmates! …but don’t know why my tweet kept on failing to upload. 
Annoying. Roar. 
Lunch break! 

Oh, yes. The curled up hair!
Y’see, just at where we were distributing flyers – there was this girl who was manning a cart that was selling hair-styling equipment. She seemed rather drawn to my hair & wanted to style my hair for free!
So after a while, I decided to take a break & let her play with my hair! Felt like a Barbie doll. 😛 

Germaine had her hair slightly volumised

So 30th July came! The actual day of the event! 
Mark stayed over to drive me for breakfast! Then parked the car at his place and took MRT down to City Square Mall. My poor boyfriend, stayed around that area for the entire time! Just to give me support. ❤
When I entered the event area, I saw the entire setup of the event. And the rush of pride doubled & tripled like crazy! 
I felt so proud of my Logistics crew which stayed till midnight to ensure the setting up went fine. 

A little decoration on the carpet!

My lovely girls at the Registration Booth!

Time for the Flashmob! 

And then, it got to the highlight – smashing of aluminium drink cans, to enter the Singapore Book of Records with the most number of people present! We entered with a record number of 300 people!! *beams with pride*
Our Guest-of-Honour, Dr Lily Neo was present!

I was assigned to host her – but honestly I didn’t really have to! Everyone kept on wanting a piece of her, I didn’t have to entertain her at all! Besides, even while sitting with her – I was running through in my head the programmes & what possible problems could arise. 
We had heaps of awesome performances! 

And to end things off – we had a Fashion Show Competition! Whereby teams would create outfits using recyclable materials. 

I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with many of the outfits!

And the hot favourites were these fighters!!

But the top prize went to these lovely ladies in the crazy gorgeous wedding gown & the cute fairy-like outfit! 

That marked the end of our event!!
And just when I thought everything would take a slow pace downhill from there… More problems arose. 
However, by then I had grown accustomed to getting problems growing out of nowhere & having to get a solution going from somewhere. 
Maybe I was numb, maybe I was too tired or maybe I had become accustomed to it – but I wasn’t stressed during the event itself. In fact, my class ran like a rather well-oiled machine if you ask me! :)) 
I only ran around, ensuring that everything was fine. A few minor hiccups – but everything was fine. 🙂 
I love my class like crazy right now! 

The character that tried to create trouble showed up at the event, even though he wasn’t supposed to! *frowns* He even tried coming really close to me at one point – but I simply disregarded his presence. He is really flattering himself too much if thinks that I would give a hoot about him when I had my event happening before me. Sheesh. 
Anyhow, if you ask me… The event was quite a success! 🙂 I admit, it wasn’t perfect. I spotted flaws which I have learnt from! But we…
a. Successfully conducted the client’s Biennial General Meeting as requested! 
b. Set a record in the Singapore Book of Records with the most number of people crushing aluminium cans! 
c. Got our event featured on ChannelNewsAsia! Some of my friends caught it on TV & I received SMS alerts! Some saw the article online & tweeted me the link!  
Thanks to my family & friends who popped by to show me support! It meant the world to me!! :)) And of course, supporting the sale of my goodie bags! Heh heh. Sorry I wasn’t able to entertain you all for very long! Especially to my family members who had chipped in to support my event, an extra big thanks! 
Thanks to my awesome class for getting in everything together & putting in all the hard work! For a bunch of hi-bye classmates like we were at first, we worked things out really well – if you ask me! 😉 I love you guys so much now, I almost wish that year 3 would last forever! (Excluding the disastrous workload, please!) 
Thanks to my amazing teacher, Ms YC, who was always there for me through it all whenever I needed advice or a listening ear! Not to mention, she had complete & utter faith in me no matter what. Even I don’t believe so much in myself! She gave me the confidence which I actually lost halfway down the road somewhere when I was continuously lashed at by the client. She helped me manage things when I found difficulty with the class. I seriously think I would’ve just crashed & burned without her. 🙂
And definitely, my biggest thanks to Mark. ❤ He stuck through everything with me, I swear. He was with me through everything, he actually knows the event rather well too! He listened to all my endless ranting, he tried to chip in his advice when I was problems, he held me when I broke down & ululated, he cheered me on when I kept on saying how worthless I was, he would gently kiss my cheek whenever I frowned upon opening an email…the list is seriously endless. But the underline is… he still loves me through it all.
To award us for a jog well done, Ms YC treated us to pizza at our next lesson!! Okay, I didn’t take picture of everything because I was simply too hungry! 😛 And we even watched How I Met Your Mother!

And to express my gratitude to the entire class & Ms YC, I gave each one a personalised chocolate from Chocoholic Prints! Plus, attached a little note of special thanks to each individual. ❤ 
I wrote till my hand ached, but I feel nothing is more important than making my members feel like whatever they did – is appreciated. 🙂 

Sigh. As of today, I officially feel like I could breathe again!
No doubt, I’m going to miss this event! It is practically like a baby the class created! From absolutely nothing but a bunch of ideas put on paper – to a period of reality happening before us. 
…and now it has officially become a REALLY long blog entry. 
Anyone sleeping yet? 😛 
I prayed & asked God for a few things… 

“Dear God, I pray that my class would be more bonded.” 

“Dear God, it has been eons since I last broke down & I feel like I’m choking on years of pain – but I just cannot seem to cry.” 

“Dear God, I have a problem… I like taking revenge. That’s not good.” 

“Dear God, thanks for sending Mark into my life. But after all that I’ve been through, I have huge trust issues. What if he’s just another guy that’ll leave me & I end up heartbroken again?” 

And God gave me this event.

My classmates are all much closer to each other now! 😀 We all full of nonsense & we love each other! School has become so much more fun to attend!

I finally broke down & let a dam of years of tears loose. I laid vulnerable & weak for a while; but now I’m back stronger than I ever was. Upgraded version yo! 

Nasty things happened during the event & it was certainly tempting to retaliate. However, God bestowed me the chance to prove that I could be the better person. So, ha! I’m the better one now! Naninani-poopoo! 😛 And may God bless you. 

Through the entire 3 months – Mark wiped my tears away, shared my laughter & smiles and pulled me up whenever I slumped to my knees in agony. I was ugly & angry through this time, but he still held me close & told me I’m beautiful. I guess this merits him a chance for me to trust someone all over again, doesn’t it? 🙂 

The entire process wasn’t easy – Ms YC summed it up really well! 
Gone are the days whereby I just had to solve the problem in front of me – I have to also look into the problems the solutions might bring as well. 
But all in all – if someone asked me, “Was it all worth it?” 
I’d look at my happy class & loving boyfriend – my answer, “Definitely.” 

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