Pre-Birthday Celebration

Time sure flies.

A blink of an eye; and I’m another year old.

Sigh. *sulks*

Isn’t it odd how when we were below 12, we would try sounding as old as possible?

Once we hit our teens, we just name out our age freely.

Then comes adulthood, when we begin to shudder at every birthday. And if anyone asks our age, “20+?”

I’m not lying! I just wasn’t specific.

Hey, I didn’t read the T&Cs. So sucks to be you!

Sidetrack – look at my cute little Pooh Bear at the back of my mobile! Plus balloons flying!!

Given to me by one of my blondes in school, Fifi!

Anyhow, I’m already 22. Well, going to be in approximately 3 very short days, on the 17th!

Mark slept over after a really tiring day of BBQ-thingys shopping & digging for his huge ice box!

It was tucked deep inside some hidden corner of his home. And when we dug it out, you have no idea how many dead cockroaches we found inside!

Like, eww much!!

I must say, I’m such a brave girlfriend! I’m the brave birthday girl!!!


Anyhow~ Look at the ice box! It took up like 3/4 of the backseat!

 Early in the morning, we woke up (really exhausted) to drive his mom to church! 

I swear, I really needed to catch a few extra winks! But poor Mark’s momma didn’t have a car left in the household. It’ll be absolutely be diabolically selfish of me to simply let her take public transport so early in the morning.

So I told her that we’d pick her up in the morning to drive her to church! *beams proudly!*

Yes, what you’ve heard is true – I am a nice person. 😛

It has been eons since I last attended a church service willingly
*Being forced by my mommy doesn’t count. I usually just entertain; thus not even there with the right heart.

I must say, I was appalled at myself – because I actually miss going to church!

Sheesh. I even have problem not poking fun at Wai Soe during lectures in school, because I get restless/bored at whatever new information I’m supposed to be absorbing.

But in church – I felt I wanted to listen. 🙂 So proud of myself!

After church, Mark and I went back to his place to prepare a little genius-of-an-innovation he had in mind for my BBQ!

Anyone who has been around Mark for a long enough time, will know that he doesn’t love me only.

He loves his family (duh), computer (very much!) & mushrooms.

Straw mushrooms, button mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, golden mushrooms… You name it! As long as it is a little stemmed thing with a round roof, falls under the category of an ‘edible fungi’ – Mark’s sold!

Whenever we have BBQ, I swear I’m neglected because of that vegetable on the table.

My hunny-wunny chopping up the mushrooms!

My job? Well, fairly simple.

I just had to butter in cheese into the mushrooms!

Once that was done, Mark would wrap it up in a slice of bacon! 
Like, yummy please!!
If I didn’t need the BBQ pit to start cooking it, I swear I would’ve eaten most of them myself first.
And no one can say anything, because it’s my birthday (celebration)!! 
We loaded up all our wares into boxes & set back to my place! Look at the amount we prepared!
I was super confident that the stuff we prepared would get snatched up quickly!! …well, by me. 
Driving back to my place, I was almost reluctant to go for my own birthday BBQ. I’m actually the kind that loves to just rot at home all day, rent a couple of DVDs and order home some fattening food. 
Mommy went to the market in the morning to grab all the meat & stuff, so Mark and I piled them into the car! I swear, our arms ached like hell… And we had to take 2 trips back & fro to the car.
And of course, my Baby was coming along! As you can tell, Mark gets jealous very easily. 
When we got there, I leashed my dog to a chair. Like the magnet he is, he attracted heaps of attention. Seriously, everyone should just be small & puffy with big eyes. 
Did I ever mention that my dog is a bit of an anti-social? When he saw so many people hover around him, he got a little scared and starting looking frantically for me.
My heart melted! And even when I was supposed to go buy ice, I just had to hug him! 
He just looks like a fur accessory here. 

Once we arrived at the BBQ pit, it was fire-starting time!! Pile in the charcoal & burn the fire y’all!
Letting the men do the work. 😉

Special thanks to my lovely 3rd aunt! She helped me along with this BBQ!

 Despite this being my birthday BBQ, there was loads of curry.
…even though I am scared of spicy food.

Yes, I am Singaporean.

And look at my ice-box! Practically like boy’s heaven, please! Not even a girl’s birthday. 
Look at my boyfriend’s smug face!

I went around promoting the food that Mark & I made! :)) And yes, everyone enjoyed it & kept on asking for more!
I’m going to brainwash Mark into being a chef, so that I can have such good food everyday! 😀 Bwahahaha. He comes up with all these simply delightful treats all the time. 
No wonder I’ve gained so much weight since I became his girlfriend. *sulks* He just feeds me everyday like I’m a Tamagotchi! 

After a while, it began to rain a little bit. And even though I had just organised an event, I didn’t plan a wet-weather programme for this!

Thank God the rain stopped after about 2 minutes. :)) Hallelujah!

Me constantly lingering around Mark to grab food! 

Uncle Ben & Mark spending most of their time at the BBQ pit! Both of them having the same action! So cute!

We had loads of food! 
And I did’t miss out my furry Baby! 
Okay, those avid dog-lovers are going to think I’m trying to kill my dog or something by giving him this. Honestly, I know that this food isn’t the best of healthy nutrition for dogs. But I also know that my dog loves this a whole lot more than his usual dry food! 
Since everyone at my BBQ was going to be stuffing themselves with oily & not-so-healthy food, why can’t my dog enjoy the same? 

My dog puts himself on a pedestal, so he munched on his food a little bit… Then left the rest there for his future pleasure. 
But little did he know that this stray cat wondered in and gobbled everything up in seconds!  

That cat probably had the “I-struck-lottery!!!” feeling, because after it finished my dog’s food – my family went to feed it leftover fish meat, prawns and some chicken. 
Look at the dog my mom is carrying! Not my dog, but same breed! 
It is still a puppy & already pregnant! Aiyo~ They grow up so fast. 😀
And my adorable grandpapa doing this classic hand pose ever since he watched ET. 
Like I said, I never really fancied being around too many people for a long time. After a while, I just went to the playground to sit and munch on a corn. 
But guess who found me?

Well, duh. He always knows where to find me somehow. 
For all I know, he planted a tracking device on me! *horrified!!*

He came & stole my corn!! Roar. So I had to whine…. 

My cousin who took all these pictures looked quite constipated when I whined…
But who cares? Not only did I get my corn back, Mark held it for me too! 😀 

Uncle Ben is so old, he uses smoke signals. 

Time for the cake & pictures with everyone in the family! :)) 

I guess you can count the dogs are very distant relatives…? But they’re so cute! So they got a photo too!

The 3 young couples in the family! :)) 
And I know I look super fat. :((

Cut the cake!!

It was rather delish! I hate fruit cakes, so I always get something along the lines of chocolate or cookies & cream. Hehe. 
While the rest continued cooking/chatting/etc-ing… Kath and I went to the poolside for a little session of photo-shooting! 

Time to head back home with all my gifts & leftover BBQ stuff! Thank you everyone for coming to my little birthday BBQ!!

And lookie at the back! My poor mommy & Baby were sharing the space with the huge ice box! 

I’m totally bushed out!

On my actual birthday itself, I’ll be going out with my cousin! I simply love her! No matter what happens, she’ll always be there. :))

…maybe it’s because we are blood related. Hmm.

Anyhow, I’m going to enjoy my last 3 days as a 21-year-old first!

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