It was a Happy-Happy Birthday!

Here’s the actual day! And I’d like to say another huge thank you to all my boyfriend, friends & family who greeted me at 12AM sharp!

I didn’t even notice that it was already 12 midnight!! 🙂 You guys are the best!

I’m officially another year older! Sigh.

Anyhow, today I made plans with my beloved cousin – Kathlyn!! I don’t know, but something about me… I cannot think of a better way to spend my birthday than with the one family member who had always been by my side through it all. Even when she doesn’t always know exactly what’s going on all the time, she still stuck it out with me.

Plus, we’re blood related. So whatever happens, she’s still stuck to me anyhow. 😀

Everyone was all on about why didn’t I spend my day with Mark. Well, I’d like to really… but my cousin had always been there with me – I was actually quite caught in a dilemma. 😦

Then I realised that Mark officially started school this week! So he couldn’t celebrate with me anyhow since he has classes till late. 😛

When I brought my fluffy pooch down for his morning walk, I went to pick the mail… And look what I got! A lovely greeting & super adorable purse from this blog shop which I occasionally buy things from.

Now I got another reason to shop – to show my gratitude! 😀 Plus, I get a 10% discount!
Slipped on a comfy dress & headed out to meet my cousin! 
Sometimes I honestly don’t know if she’s my cousin – she’s perpetually punctual!! 
Granted, I know it’s not a good habit to always be late… but at least if she’s late too, I could attribute it to family genes! 
Bah. -.- 
She reached our meeting point when I just about almost reached my bus stop. Needless to say, I felt a tad guilty. So I hopped into a taxi! 
My house to town isn’t exactly far anyhow. 
Speaking of town, it has become increasingly bustling these days. All the changes since I was still waltzing around in my IJ uniform till now – simply amazing. 
Enough of the chatter – down to the matter. 

I was treated to a wonderful meal at Skinny Pizza @ Wheelock Place!!

Taking photo of presents from Aunt Daisy!

Kath taking photo of me taking photo. 

Anyhow, the presents Kath passed me from Aunt Daisy were simply adorable! A simple necklace & lip-glosses that look like chocolates! How awesome cute is that? :)) 

I don’t know if this was one of my birthday presents too… but I got this really funky water bottle too!

Look at the spread!! 

Soup was okay. Fries was definitely tops!

The pizza crust almost made me feel like I was eating naan. 
Maybe it’s because I’m so uncultured or something – but my pizza didn’t really look like a usual pizza. When I pulled it out from the pan, it looked like this. 
Really no where like a pizza, if you ask me. 

I even folded the vegetables up so they’ll be easier to munch on! 

Fun-with-the-thingy-with-the-lens time!! 
Its a disaster date! 
#1: OMG! That’s my date today??
#2: Oh pooh~ Let’s just go with this!!
#3: Wonder what my next blind date will be like…. 
The different types of reactions you have towards your food. 
#1: It’s so boring, it’s making me angry. 
#2: C’mon! More flavour on this thingy, man!
#3: Too much!! Too much!!

Probably the only time I’d lug so many books –
1. When it has pretty covers
2. When it really is very light!
3. When I’m posing for a picture ;P

Yes, I am known to be a bimbo sometimes.
Kath molesting me!!!

Notice that I didn’t even move one bit!! I was utterly overwhelmed with shock.

Motion-picture Molest!
Action Figures!
After we got tired of taking heaps of self-timer shots, we decided to go shopping! 
Okay, honestly it was a one-sided decision – completed with the other side accommodating. 😛 

Totally not where my wallet allows me to shop, but looks nice yea? 
Well, I received some shopping voucher when I went for this Maybelline Fashion Show… So figured I should just try to see if there’s anything that I’d want – buy myself a nice birthday present! 😉 

You see me, I see you.

I did find something though! I was really spending my own sweet time choosing what I really wanted. I have a tendency to get a little look generous with myself sometimes… Then I end up with truckloads of things which I find nothing but a waste of space.

Time to open a booth in a flea market!

Anyhow, shopping got really tiring after a while. 😦

Believe it or not, I haven’t fully rested from my event which had just ended. My stamina sucks big time.

So we sat down & updated stories which we didn’t tell the other yet! 😀
I simply love such chit-chat sessions!


I’ll let you all in on a lil’ something – another reason why I like to meet Kath is because we go for neoprints!!

One of the few neoprint shops left in Singapore 😦
I know this probably makes me look really immature & whatever… but I enjoy it okay! It’s just different from taking fun shots on the digi-cam! It’s somehow a whole lot more fun! 
And it really brings back memories… 🙂 We used to take a whole lot when we were still in IJ. *sighs* 
And wild horses couldn’t drag my darling boyfriend into one of those machines. Bah. 😦 
Japanese Yen for those really awesome machines!

I know you can’t see the coins – but those are Yens!

I really hope that neoprint shops will stop diminishing!! …though I agree that it is really expensive to open one. With all the new machines, heavy maintenance, pricey ink cartridges & photo paper…

Another thing is – everyone has been complaining about the bad service they get sometimes. The girls they hire are usually rude & impatient. Totally unsuitable for the whole neoprint-kawaii thing.

But on an impartial note, I have met a few which were nice & very patient! When she heard that we weren’t sure of which machine, she went through a few of the new ones & talked about their unique features. Props to such service staff! 🙂

Birthday Neoprint 2011!!

Most of my friends know that little angry bird I place in Mark’s car. We named him ‘Ba Boing’!

I figured that Ba Boing looks really lonely sitting there by himself – so when I stumbled upon more Angry Bird plushies… I couldn’t resist!!

I decided to name this one PuPu because in the game, this bird can ‘poo’ eggs on the pigs!

But naming it Poo Poo will just be like calling it Shit Shit. 
I don’t want to name my white bird plushie shit! Plus, it is white!! 
So just to go along with the entire logic that it poos & I don’t want to call it Shit Shit… I decided PuPu will be more appropriate! *grins* Yes, yes? 

Meet PuPu!

After a really tiring day, I met someone else for my birthday dinner!

I was brought to this Japanese Steamboat place!

Yes, Sukiyaki steamboat buffet!! I assume you’d be able to guess who was the one I met. 

My boyfriend!!! 

The steamboat-lover.

With him around, I was sure to be pampered by an endless stream of good food! Yum, yum~

After the dinner, he presented his present at his house! 
Okay, another part of the present were some shopping vouchers. Which I must say, I am thoroughly delighted by! :)) 
But the one that I actually favour more is the couple bracelets! 

My present came in a very interesting form of wrapping, really. 
He gave me this rather big box. I tried shaking it to probably get a hint of what I got… but nothing. 
After I opened everything up, I found out why. -.- 
Look at this! Honestly, waste of good tissue paper!


Anyhow, my present was in the 3rd box!! Towards the 2nd box, I was already thinking that it was a joke.

Mark took a video of me opening the boxes, which I must say – is kept for private pleasure!

1st box: I was still shaking the box, but no real sound was coming out of it.
When I opened & saw a 2nd box… “What the… -.-“

2nd box: Took it up! Tried shaking again, but no sound. I have decided I need to invent new ways to know the present under the wrapper!
Opening it, saw yet another box… My face was, “-.-” throughout.

3rd box: Almost expected a 4th box or something side.
When I opened it & saw a couple’s bracelet inside, my first reaction was, “O.O Honey….”

Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect anything like that when we’ve been together for only 7 months. But within these 7 months, Mark has been through with me no matter what.

Now my cousin only knows some things which I censor for her… but Mark literally knows every single thing. There are so many things about me that only he knows and no one else does!

And he still finds it within him to love me somehow.

Seriously, I’ve been through some really screwed up things that even I took forever to find the strength to look at myself again. But Mark who loves me with all he’s got, never for one second looked away. 🙂

Life was really rocky back then, but things are beginning to clear up! I can finally lead my life a little easier now without wobbling.

To Kath: Doesn’t mean that I love you any less!!! Muah! Muah!

Mark was driving me home in another car, not the usual one where Ba Boing is in. So I asked to drive by that car, so I could put PuPu in! :))

Ba Boin & PuPu

They look so cute together!!!

Boyfriend showing off his bracelet!

Not that I don’t want to show mine, but I’m a lefty – left hand has bracelet on it, plus holding onto camera!

I am exhausted, really. 
But I had such a great day!! :))
I received so many calls, SMSes, Twitter mentions & Facebook birthday greetings! Thank you all very very much!! Each greeting means so much to me! :)) 
I spent my day with the best cousin anyone could ask for! 
And my night with the most amazing guy I’ve met. :)) 
Can’t wait to meet my other groups of friends too!! 
Y’know, despite receiving all the beautiful greetings from people whom I’m close to… Some not-so-close to… I realised that I didn’t receive one from my closet friend in school – Wai Soe. 
I seriously thought that maybe she forgot… Or it was just something unimportant to her. 
Then at approximately 11:56PM, she sent me a super sweet & long SMS – wishing me happy birthday & how much she values our friendship. And she wants to be the last to greet me so that she’d be special. My gosh, so sweet I thought I was going to get diabetes! 😀 
…Okay, not very funny right? 😦 
I need my rest & on to preparing for my exams!! Wish me luck! 
For those who wanted to know what I wished for on my birthday – Well, it is simple really… I wished for something for everyone.
I can’t tell, or I’ll jinx it. 😉 
But thank you, everyone! 
I must say, I aged another year really happily. 🙂

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