Life (my nonsensical rantings)

Too many of us pray to a God we don’t believe in, 
too many of us feel like it is only normal that we sin. 

Too many of us want to impress people we hate, 
too many of us waste our mortal lives trying to alter fate. 

Too many of us spend money on things we don’t need, 
too many of us see charities as just mere empty mouths to feed. 

Too many of us can’t tell “love” from “lust”, 
too many of us expect for crushes & infatuations to last. 

Too many of us work in jobs we don’t like, 
too many of us think that obligations are what makes our world right. 

Too many of us watch the love of our lives walk away, 
too many of us feel that this is just another price to pay. 

Too many of us think that majority’s choice is good, 
too many of us don’t even give all routes a look. 

Too many of us just throw away chances, 
too many of us think that we can just start on a new canvas. 

Life is ironic, 
life is consistent. 
Life is pessimistic, 
life is optimistic. 
Life is a world of fairy tales, 
life is a world where the hero sometimes fails. 
Life gives breath to your fears, 
life gives you people to be near. 
Life gives you pure happiness, 
life gives you extreme sadness. 
Life is good, 
life is bad. 
Life is Ying, 
life is Yang. 
Life is everything, 
because this is all we know; 
so this is all our souls can show. 

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