Little Miss Bimbo is Me

As many people already know…

I sometimes do/say/think of the stupidest, most nonsensical & dumbest things that make me look like a real bimbo.

And I’d be the last to deny that.

Okay, I take that back.
I’d attempt to defend myself a little by giving a bit of a shocked face and go, “I most certainly do not!! Not every time!!”

My boyfriend, on the other hand. Yes, the one person who is supposedly my soul mate, life-long best friend, confidant and lover?
He’s agree with that at the drop of a hat!!

And of course my group of girls in school. Heck, they started calling me Blonde first! So that’s how the entire group started being blondes – since they’re my group of friends! 😀

*no offence to anyone who are natural blondes!

I love ’em girls so much. 😉

When I look at the people closest to me say that I’m such a bimbo sometimes – I cannot help but start to wonder if I really am a bimbo.

I guess it can be considered as half a compliment – being called a bimbo. Since by definition, a bimbo is someone who is supposedly physically attractive but with low intelligence.

Anyhow, there are some days… Like today. Whereby I completely agree with anyone else & think that those people who ever called be intelligent & brilliant are:

1. plain liars
2. over-compassionate people for idiots
3. as bimbo-tic as I am

Let me just share with you what I did this morning.

Y’see, exams have finished! And my internship is about to start pretty soon. So being so, we have this briefing in school on our conduct and things-to-do-in-anticipated-situations.

All that jazz.

That’s honestly all fine & good.
It’s always good to be prepared as much as possible for something to come.

Especially since we are Singaporeans – and it is in our blood to be kiasu.

Well, I got a little more than just kiasu it seems.

The night before, my boyfriend came to stay over and he drove me to school early in the morning.

In my head, I remember I was told to be in school by 9.15 AM.

So I figured since I live on the other side of the world – it is better to have about 45 minutes traveling time. So I told him we have to leave the house by 8.30 AM.

I got up earlier, simply because I take a much longer time to get ready. 😀

And true to his word, my darling boyfriend was ready to leave the house by 8.30 AM! …not in the most awake state, I must say.

Both of us stayed up till late to look at his thesis – but I’ve gotten more accustomed to minimal sleep hours than him these days.

You’d think I’d be afraid of him driving. Naah, I trust Mark 100%.

So I got to school by 8.57 AM!! Early!

I like being early because I could think of a million & one things I’d like to do – like going to the washroom first, grabbing a sandwich, picking up a new book in the library, inserting the coins into the vending machines at a leisurely pace… etc.

I went on to whatsapp my friends – and they were like, “O.O Why are you there an hour early?”

And yes, there & then I realised…

It was 9.50 AM… Not 9.15 AM.

I felt horrible for my boyfriend & I apologised to him for having to drive me so early in the morning when he could’ve caught more winks!

And all he did was his usual “my-girlfriend-oh-my-girlfriend” sigh.


So I was there notoriously early. I went to the washroom, took my own sweet time inside. Went to Cheers to grab my favourite Triple Deck sandwich and 2 bottles of Minute Maid orange juice bottles. And then I went to the library to return my book.

Just then I was alerted that I had some briefing guidelines to print and one of my blondes, Ferlyn also needed a copy! So I went into the library to print it from my school site.

Click. – Student Internship Guideline Kit

Click. – Print

Click. – 2 copies.

I went to the centralised printer & tapped my ez-link card. And it charged me for 2 copies, like it should.

So I stood in front of the machine – which took forever to print. It was a 20 page guideline kit!

Then when it came out… I looked at the first page & the last page.

“Okay… Page 1 to page 20… Only 1 copy??”

I honestly wouldn’t mind just clicking print again – but the set cost me money! And my friend told me that sometimes that machine tends to screw up when you want to print more than 1 copy.

So I went to the library counter and told them my problem.

The technician came & he accessed my computer and in a few minutes – gave me another copy! :))

So I was all happy & dandy. By that time, my blondes were coming to school already.

I walked ever-so leisurely back to the lecture hall and while I held onto both copies of the kits, I realised one was much thicker than the other.

“Hmm, must be the paper quality…..”

During the lecture-briefing, I gave Ferlyn one copy. Then when it was time for page 2, I flipped over and realised I had two copies of page 1!

“O.O! Huh?”

So I realised, the printer didn’t collate the copies! It just printed one page twice and put them together!!

So much for better paper quality

And I went on to have the cheek to go ask the technician to give me another free copy.

My gosh. :(( I’m horrible.

But it was a total gain for Atiqah who didn’t print the kit, because I gave her the accidental copy! 😀

So look at me.

I made my poor boyfriend wake up so early & what’s more, he’s leaving for Malaysia for a school trip today. Only to be in school an hour early because I heard the wrong time.

And I practically accidentally-cheated the library technician into giving me $1.10 worth of free notes.

For someone who cannot even do basic things like that properly – I’d say that I’m pretty good!

I have a boyfriend who is willing to do just about anything for me. When he knew of what I did, he just went, “Dearrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! *Sigh* Hahahaha!!! You’re so cute.”

And I just made a benefit out of an error for Atqiah!

But I don’t know… they didn’t even use the kit at all. -.-

Ah well.

Moral of the story is: Read my school e-mail more often!
If I did, I would know the right timing to get ready. And what things I’d have to print to bring.

Yes, yes.

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