I think Women don’t really want Gender Equality

Gender: Usually chosen so biologically – either a female or male.

However this can be rather ambiguous these days… Especially when the Australian passport now allows you to put “X” as a gender. 
I don’t mean to offend anyone. Especially since I used to spend my primary & secondary school days in CHIJ (which is infamously known for lesbians), I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals. 
Equality: The dictionary usually defines it as – “condition/state of being equal”. Sheesh. Like that helps. 
I just see it as; everyone being the same in whatever stated manner/circumstance. 
For decades now, we have been constantly harping on equality. Which is honestly all fine & good! I mean, of course we all want to know that we are not being biased against. (I hardly ever hear someone complain when they are in favour… Unless it’s one of those I-want-to-be-Gandhi kind of people.) 
And gender is really the basis of life which all human beings have.
Now if you were to say that racial equality is fought just about as hard as gender equality – I’d disagree with you. 
No doubt, racial equality puts up a real hard fight! But let’s look at this Mathematically, shall we? 
There are thousands of races all over the world – and if you think that only the Africans are suffering… Boy, you should totally subscribe to some documentary newsletter or TV channel. 
So these thousands of people would be fighting for their race. 
However, when it comes to gender – there is only really, female & male. Two types. Thus we can conclude that the population power entitled to each group is definitely much higher than that of races. 
Get the picture? 
Anyhow, for the longest time feminists have fought vigorously for gender equality. Which I think it extremely admirable. 
I’ve watched old movies about how women used to be so badly mistreated – they could be sexually harassed at their work place and when they complain, they are being called the slut. 
Like, wtf? 
Women were paid lesser when they worked. Women were supposed to be programmed biologically to stay home, cook, clean, give birth to & raise children. Oh, don’t forget giving their husbands decent sex.

Mind you, just decent. If she’s not good enough, the man would say he has all right to cheat on her because he simply cannot fulfill him! If she’s too good, he’ll think that she’s a whore because of her experience.

My whole point is – as much as women have fought hard for this whole gender equality jazz; I believe I speak for most women that we only want to be regarded, respected & appreciated by society.

I think back in the olden days, it went like this when a woman is giving birth. During the time when the baby’s gender was not discover-able yet; unless you count those Chinese superstition like the nose enlarging or whatever means it’s a boy.

Husband (outside the delivery room): It’s going to be a boy, I tell you!

Friend: Ah, yes! He’ll bring much honour to your family!! 

Husband: Having a son is great!! We can do all sort of manly things together!

Friend: And a boy is much more valuable!! 

Nurse (coming out of the delivery room): It’s a girl. 

Husband: *stunned* 

Friend: Sigh. Good luck, my friend. *pats his back*

And the whole family which went on anticipating a boy & pampering the pregnant wife, suddenly becomes stone cold and think of her as worthless.

I don’t understand.

Without women, there would be no man.

Similarly, without no man – there would be no woman.

So can’t we all just get along? You need me, I need you anyhow!

There is a form of moderation required in this gender equality.

Some men just take it to the extreme! I see it as a form of rebellion; because they don’t like it, they simply go all the way till it becomes bad for the women & somehow a benefit to men again.

The best part is, they do all these ungentlemanly things and say that it’s all part of gender equality!!

Let me give the men a huge hint, even though it seems pretty much evident – we don’t want to be treated equally. Don’t treat your lady like a dude, please. Unless you want to be on the highway to reversing a romantic relationship to a platonic friendship.

Or just want her to feel like you are not in love with her anymore.

There are still several ways which we want you to remind us that you still treat us a females.

Here are a few huge mistakes I’ve seen men make when dealing with their women, because they feel women should be on par with men nowadays anyway!

1. Calling her ‘dude’!!

Okay, I personally never had that problem – but it’s just wrong! That’s just like calling your girlfriend your buddy or best friend. There’s a whole different level of social status here!

You DO NOT call your girlfriend ANYTHING that has ANY form of male connotation.

The girl might even think that this is a build-up to a break-up!!

But of course, there are some girls that don’t mind…

2. Letting her pay for dates. 

It’s all fine & good if say she’s treating the man because of some special occasion – like his birthday or he got this promotion or something. But it is just wrong for a man to expect the lady to pay for dates often.

My opinion is, I feel like it is okay if the couple goes dutch – especially if they’re both students on mere allowances.

I have some girlfriends who tell me that they would sometimes pull out their wallets when the cheque comes and the boy just acts like she’s supposed to pay for it anyhow. And they’re often too embarrassed to ask for payment from the boy.

In fact, I feel that the boy should be treating the girl more!

Even small things like paying for her ice-cream or the DVD rentals – it’ll make her feel like you are giving something.

Oh, the best are flea markets. Women just somehow find things at flea markets to buy – even though usually it is really all junk. But the whole idea is – the stuff are (usually) dirt cheap!!

So it’ll be a great deal for the boy & the girl still feels happy!

Trick is to wait till she finished bargaining with the shop owner. 😀 Then when she’s about to pull out her wallet, tell her you’ll buy it for her.

When the girl pays for too many things for the boy – it just somehow makes him look like a gigolo. Or some of us like to call – 小白脸.

3. Lack of compliments. 

Sometimes it is no longer just lack of compliments; it has become completely non-existent. 

As much as the whole world knows of the male ego & it’s high maintenance – but women have egos too! And believe it or not, some of us actually have egos even bigger than men.

*ahem* Personal trait of mine.

Credit it to me being a Leo; my ego is enormous.

But sometimes it is not about mere egos anymore, it is about if the man notices us. We all know that during the chasing skirt period, you notice practically everything about her – simply because the interest is still fresh and she’s not entirely yours.

The real compliments matter after you two have been together for a while, know each other practically inside out & you can still stare deeply in her eyes and say, “You’re beautiful.”

Just about any other compliment is good too.

Like, “New dress? You look nice.”
Oh, don’t say this unless you are totally sure that it is definitely a dress you’ve never seen her in. If not, she’ll just end up wondering if you’re up to something.

I still think that the safest is the “You’re beautiful” thingy. Or maybe even hold her & tell her how much she turns you on.

Don’t think that just because we don’t need to feed our egos so often, means we don’t have egos!

4. Getting angry when she’s late. 

Oh sheesh. Every girl will get even angrier when the boy gets angry at something like that.

Boys generally just take a shorter period of time to get ready & leave the house.

Want to know why girls are usually late?

It’s usually because she is trying to look good for you – and suddenly the usual clothes just don’t cut it anymore. She wants something a little different, for the boyfriend/husband!

So if the girl is late, the boy should honestly be flattered that she even bothers to put in effort.

Some girls would get angry the very instant the boy starts frowning, because she probably had a really hard time trying to look good for the boy – but all he does is show that he doesn’t like it at all.

Some girls would try to cajole him a little & apologise, but still hoping that he’d understand. If after a while he still throws tantrum, well… Sucks to be you, dude!

Some girls would feel apologetic throughout the entire date and in the end, she’s not going to want to date him again. Or even if she does, she probably won’t even bother putting in effort to look good anymore.

And honestly, some girls just end up looking exactly the same as their usual self – despite putting in more time & energy to look special.

Regardless, the boy should always just appreciate it.

5. Fight, apologise – and expect everything to be okay. 

Hate to bust your bubble, buddy… but it’s not so easy.

I guess you could say that females are generally not-so-forgiving. I totally agree!

I’m not going to try & defend my own kind… Trying to convince you that we are saintly beings and we all qualify to be Angels in Heaven.

No. We don’t.

We are pretty diabolical sometimes, if you ask me. After all, we all know the classic line – “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Mark my words when I say that it is entirely true!

Y’see, women have this engine fueled by emotion. Not saying that men don’t have this – just that women use it a lot more.

Let’s put it this way – men use their heads (be it up there or down there) to think.

Women use their heart & past experiences.

So if a man were to fight with her, don’t expect it to go down easily at all.

An apology is merely the beginning to building the whole forgiveness picture.

She might say, “Okay, everything’s okay now.” And honestly, a lot of women actually mistake themselves for it – they even believe it that it is really okay.

…but is it?

How often is it that when something happens; something extremely trivial & minute, but it triggers off a past experience. Something the man did that hurt her, something he said that made her cry – or something he never said/did.

Happens all the time. Props to the men who can seriously let things go so easily. Women usually can’t.

It is like we have this [infinite]TB storage drive in our heads that is built specially to remember things that the men do that hurt us, so we could bring it up as evidence the next time we fight, “Remember [fill in number] years ago?? You said [fill in blank]!! You hurt me so badly!!!”


So y’see, basically women are very different from men. Which is why we cannot be classified under the same gender.

How can you look at one human being with breasts and a vagina, then another with a flat chest and penis – and say they’re equal?! Even biologically, they are made to do different things in the world!

We ought to be taking care of each other, respecting, appreciating, accommodating & regarding one another.

Women in the past fought for a rightful place in society. Now? Women are trying to highlight that we are still women.

It’s complicated.

But what else in the world isn’t, right?

We are both different. We might want to have an equal social status. But we definitely don’t want to be treated equally.

All in my views! You can go on to say I’m all shallow & my train of thought doesn’t have an inkling logic.

Well, boo to you.

My thoughts, my blog. You clicked, you read. 😉

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