How Females Hear It

Seems to me that a lot of times, men don’t really know what they’re saying to us women.

And I’m not saying that it is wrong, but just that it’s different.

When they say Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus – they weren’t kidding. Men & women are tailored drastically different biologically. So thus sometimes even our senses transmit different messages to our brains; even though we get the exact same information.

Please note: All these are based on my own personal experience, analysis & conversations with peers. Not scientifically proven or all that jazz.

Here are some of the most frequent things I find that men say to their women, and how we simply just take differently:

1.”Yea, you look fine/okay.”

Usually the answer whenever the lady asks how she looks.

Just as the answer might seem decent enough for men, it is actually insufficient for most of us women.

This is how we women usually hear it, “You don’t look good enough for me to get a reaction (or an erection…).” 

So if you think about it… It is actually more of an insult

In fact, sometimes it sounds like something the men say out of annoyance just to merely appease us women. 

2. “Why are you always late?”

People usually think that it is in the female gene to be late. I beg to differ… I have several punctual female friends! I for one, always thought that it might’ve been my own personal family gene

My entire family has a whole thing for being late. We make dinner reservations at 7.30, but no one really shows up till 8. 

This is how we women usually hear it, “After all the time & effort spent, I still don’t see how gorgeous you look.”


Well, majority of ladies are always late for their dates because they are busy getting ready. 

Typically, the lady would still apologise for a while. Once it gets over the line… She just gets pissed off that the man isn’t showing any form of appreciation. 

…then things just sort of go downhill from there. 

3. “I don’t think there’s a difference.”

Oh sheesh. 

This is how we women usually hear it, “I don’t care enough to notice.” 

Short & sweet. 

There’s a different somewhere, just spot it please. Even if you can’t, just say something like, “Well, I don’t think there’s much of a difference!” 

At least it gives us the illusion that you take the time & energy to look out for differences.

4. “Sure, she used to be a girl I like…but I love you now.” 

Wrong call, buddy. Women are generally rather jealous creatures; just that some of us are really good at keeping it under the hood.

Here’s how we women usually hear it, “Sure, she used to be a girl I like…if she didn’t not want me, I wouldn’t be with you right now.” 

Makes us really feel like we’re the alternative route here. 

Honestly, we know that you love us now. And as selfish as it might sound, it’s simply not enough. 

We don’t want a peep coming out of your mouth or any other part that has anything to do with someone you liked before.

5. “Please don’t talk badly about her. She’s just someone from my past.” 

Shoot yourself in the head. 

How we women usually hear it, “Please don’t talk badly about her, I still care about her.” 

Women generally somehow just love bitching about other women – especially when the other party has something to do with the man she’s with. 

Believe me, the bitching can go on to even what kind of shampoo she uses to get that slutty look. 
…I’ve been there. 😛 

We all know (and hope) that the man doesn’t care for the another woman, but it’s not good enough. The other woman just has to look like the most disgustingly pathetic little excuse of a female alive, before we are happy. 

And it takes a whole lot of insecure bitching. 


This post makes us females look like a bunch of deduction-malfunctioning, unreasonable & insecure human beings. 

That being said…

It makes males look like a bunch of insensitive, untactful & ignorant human beings. 

We’re all human. 

Just humans that characteristics somehow come from different planets. 

So since we’re living on the same planet now… And majority of us the same houses even… Let’s all try to understand each other now & not end up in nasty bickers. 

Neither of us are wrong, just both different

So once males understand that females are hyper-sensitive, be a little more tactful. 

And once females understand that males are fairly ignorant to the less obvious things, be a little more giving. 

…though it’s rather hard, I’ll admit. However instead of always thinking of it as how we hear it, how about thinking of it as how they said it… 

Yes, that’ll be my new thing. 😀 

Don’t expect too much though! 

I am from Venus after all. 😉

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