So now I’m an Intern

I’ve been an intern at ComfortDelGro, Corporate Communications department for over a month now.

And every time people ask me what’s it like, my standard answer is:

1. I wake up early enough to sing Majulah Singapura.
2. My boss & colleagues seem to be amused at almost everything I do/say.
3. I’m not paid; I’m given an allowance.

I honestly have cultivated a new form of respect to people who commit 8 hours of 260 days (246 days, if you make full use of leave) a year to working in the same area and doing almost the same things.

I’m only doing it for 3 months & I’m complaining. Sheesh. Pampered brat is me.

To be fair, I love my work. 🙂 I have this awesome feel-good sensation whenever I see something I helped edit being printed out in actual form. It’s like watching your little baby finally grow up… *tears!!*

Okay, I’m kidding.

It’s not all that dramatic! Haha! …I think.

I wasn’t really used to the office life at first.

I’m still not used to waking up at 6AM. I actually feel like rubber-ising time whenever I hear my alarm clock & just steal a few more winks. No matter how early I sleep, I just feel soooo bushed out at 6AM.
I think it’s because the Sun still isn’t up yet.

I am in my own cubicle & no one for me to disturb easily. 😦
I really miss my classmates, y’know. Even those whom I’m not that close to… It’s just the whole feeling that we’re a class – especially after that event. I especially miss my blondes! All the nonsense we say & do together… Sigh.
I miss bickering about nonsense with Wai Soe & telling her how much I hate her, but she knows I love her. 🙂 AS A SISTER!! 
I miss all the random spouts Fifi suddenly says out of nowhere & seeing her running around with her laptop always in hand, it’s almost like her fixed accessory!
I miss Atiqah’s calm & usually weird ways… Whenever we crack jokes, she laughs like 10 seconds later. Sheesh. Pentium 1.
I miss Ferlyn’s blur-ness. When things happen – good or bad, she is simply oblivious!! And we would all be in awe at how she can always be with us, but never as updated.
I miss Melinda’s innocent yet devilish nature! Oh yes, she looks so quiet & demure on the outside…but once we got closer, she revealed her true colours! She is just as corrupted as any of us!!

Don’t get me wrong, my colleagues are a lovely bunch of people too! 🙂 They’re so sweet to me… Ever-patient with the mistakes I do, ever-willing to help me whenever I’m in doubt… And my boss has an affectionate term for me now – “Baby G”.

So now I’m a watch.


My colleagues bring me around all over to try different types of food during lunch! And they even try their best to cater to whatever cravings I might have.

Even though it might not be – but sometimes I really feel like I’m already one of them. :’)

An incident happened in the office and I was scared to voice out, because I felt I am merely an intern. However my boss brought me into her office & assured me otherwise.

Why is she so nice??

Office life wasn’t perfect…but it was bearable! In fact, I thank God everyday now that I have such loving people around me. 🙂

And another thing – it is the one time whereby I can actually relax after working hours. Or after I leave the office.

Last time (especially during the event), I actually worked all day, everyday. Almost stabbed myself.


I might go in a crazy frenzy for a bit. So much so that sometimes I take hours to reply my Whatsapp or SMSes. And when the boyfriend calls, I just go, “Sorry, sweetie. Busy now! Call you later. I love you! Muah!”

Because of the nature of my work – mornings are a hell of a rush. I do news monitoring  before lunch on several different sources online.

Thank God I’m just doing online! If I had to handle the newspapers… Knowing messy lil’ me, I’ll probably be flinging them all over the place!

Anyhow, when I first came… I took like about 3-4 hours to do the news monitoring & e-mailing. I even made mistakes! *looks in the mirror, gives myself a despicable look!*

Heh heh.
Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m perfect… but so far no more complaints feedback! 😛

I hope this doesn’t jinx it!

Anyhow, now I can do it all in approximately 2 hours. Given that I’m not half-asleep & it’s not a Monday!

Mondays are the worst. To begin with, Monday Blues are a bitch. Now in the office, I don’t have my Monday Hues clique to help me brighten the day up! 😦
And… On Mondays, we have to cover 3 days worth of news! Thanks to the weekend.

So it’s like playing catch-up with work left unattended to over the weekend.

Thanks to my faster speed; I am now able to do more things with my time! :)) Got endless things on my “To-Do” list, yo.

Me not even attempting to look busy. 😀

I made my cubicle more… Well, me
I’m not going to splurge on decorations or whatever – since I’m going to be there for lesser than 2 more months! I just did little things to spruce up whatever I have! :)) 
For starters, I brought an air-purifier to rid of the musky smell that was lurking in my cubicle. No one seemed to notice it except me…. Bah. I swear my air is cleaner now! Hehe. 

And I always wanted to decorate my monitor! So that I did!

Copied these off the Internet!! One of the things I do when Panadols just don’t work on my headaches.

My ever-favourite MSN emoticons! 

Oh yes, I was given an IN box after about a week. 
And the IN box usually just means more work. Not that I’m complaining, but at least like that I don’t feel like that box is suc
h an eyesore! Like every time I look at it, I’m reminded of my unfinished work. 

I know this looks rather childish… but it’s my IN box. 
Not saying that I’m childish… 
…never mind. 
The only thing I really spent on? 
A set of D.I.Y boxes! 
At least my cubicle doesn’t look so gloomy now!!! 
Meet Tabby (I think he’s called), the company meow-meow. Really a very coy one…
Whenever I wait by the lobby for Mark, he’s usually around there too. And he’d come rubbing on my legs till I pat him. Then after that he just nuas there; expecting me to rub his tummy & all. 
Then when I get tired & stop… He gives the pissed off face. 
Bah. Cats. 
Tabby, the pampered meow-meow.
Lately whenever it rains, he becomes a little extra ‘whiny’ too! He reminds me an awful lot of a cat in a school which I used to buy Whiskers for! *nostalgia*
Anyhow, practically all my fears of internship has dwindled! 
Before I started, I heard so many internship horror stories! 
“Those senior colleagues will sabotage you left, right & center man! You just got to be the scapegoat!” 
“Your boss will make you do her random errands like getting her dry-cleaning sometimes.” 
“They will give you all the nonsensical work – which is honestly not even relevant!!” 
“You are at the bottom of the food chain! No one gives a hoot about an intern!”
“Don’t bother expressing any of your dissatisfaction! They’ll just think you’re a whiny brat!!” 
Well, I guess they weren’t as blessed as me to have such a good place to intern at…. 
But in any way, if you think about it… Internship is a dose of the real world. 
If you’re bullied – well, because you’re really just an intern. 
If you’re given shitty work to do – that’s because they might not even trust you with the proper stuff. 
I know some of my closer friends tell me they know why I don’t have much problems there… Oh well, I guess I’m just blessed. 🙂 
I foresee myself getting so caught in the middle when I leave… I’ll miss my colleagues… Some of them really take me like their little sister or something. At the same time, I really miss my friends in school too! 😦 
I’ll miss my work, but I’m also looking forward to not having to wake up at 6AM every morning too! Roar.
This is life though, right? 
We all have to move on. 
Here’s to wishing all my intern-peeps a great remaining 2months plus left in internship! :)) 
See you guys back in school for the study grind soon!

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