Would you ever hurt your mom?

So lately there’s been a real buzz going on about “pai kia” girls being terrible daughters.

It has come to the attention of the medias that our younger generation is being increasingly… Well, how to put it… Expressive. Yes.

I credit it to the rise in the Arts which is really full of expression. And there’s no doubt on the i generation.

Lately while interning at ComfortDelGro, I’ve been doing news monitoring for almost every morning and though I don’t usually give much credit to STOMP – I must say that it is where the reality is at.

Not just on the posts… because some of them are really nonsensical & looks like people wanting to earn an easy $50. The comments are a good read too. Be it good or bad ones, they reflect our society rather clearly.

Let me declare, I’m not saying that our other news sources like The Straits Times or Channel NewsAsia…. However you have to admit a lot of things are heavily censored before it is officially open for public reading.

These pieces of bad daughters news came shortly after one particular secondary school had a couple of bad light shone upon them. First was the choking game & followed by the girl who “smokes & acts tough”.

It sounded off the alarm among netizens on just what is our youth is like.

I’m not going to touch much on the previous 2 hoo-ha incidents…

What I’m feeling rather upset about is the sense of filial piety so many of our youth in today’s society.

To start off the month of November, there was this case on a girl who boasted about slapping her mom.

Read it on STOMP!
And almost like wildfire, another one comes out just the following day!
Read it on STOMP!

The next day…. Like as if she just wanted to get all the bad attention back to herself – the first girl who slapped her mom stole her mom’s gems to get $10K.

And I mean, if you stole it to be like a Robin Hood to help the needy & poor… It doesn’t seem so bad. However, she stole to buy an LV wallet!

Read it on STOMP!

Like, W.T.F!

She already fails in the filial piety sector… Now she also fails in ethics as well.

It is almost like a happening trend right now! Here’s another one.

This one even does littering whilst doing her rebellious performance.

Read it on STOMP!
And she has issues with both her parents. Sheesh.


Words cannot describe how absolutely disgusting such people are.

It’s not only about the Chinese teachings that emphasise the importance of filial piety, I see it as a form of humanity.

What’s this? You all think it is cool & hip to be so disgustingly rude to your parents?

So I guess you’re saying that your mom could’ve aborted you!
It is certainly not very cool to have a bulging belly & be all uncomfortable for 9 months.
And it is even more uncool that this ungrateful organism grows up to be slap you. It’s like creating your own Frankenstein!

And I guess you’re also saying that your parents may as well kick you out of the house & not give you a single cent!
Why would they want someone like you around? You’re ungrateful, not to mention physically violent. And from one of the replies, “BECAUSE OF HER I ALMOST CRAZY” … You seem mentally unsound to. Not to mention, a rather poor user of the English Language.

So tell me… Exactly what good are you to your own mother, then?

I can say with confidence that my relationship with my own mother is far from ideal – in fact, I sometimes feel like giving up the kinship altogether. However I don’t.

And as far as possible, I never will.

Don’t roll your eyes & say that my mom isn’t as bad as yours when you don’t know what I’ve been through with her. Only my very close friends would know & they can testify that there are some days when it gets so bad… Even something like slapping her becomes like the much lesser of evils.

However, I don’t.

Why? Because I’m not an uncivilised animal that doesn’t know right from wrong.
And neither should any of you be uncivilised animals as well.

We’re able to think, and these are the things I always remind myself whenever I get extremely hurt & upset with my mom.

1. She kept me in her womb for 9 months. 
If you want to think about it, she could’ve aborted me. Or even if she didn’t, it could’ve been another sperm that fertilised the ovary and today I won’t be here.
Regardless of all the pain, she was the one that brought me into this world. And if those girls can go on being proud of themselves, they can never deny that a bit of credit still goes to their mother.

2. She’s only human. 
Granted, my mom has hurt me countless times. And she definitely would not stop.
I’m sure I had hurt her countless times too & I will continue to do so.
Because we’re both human.
She had done things which I still hold grudges for, and I find it mission impossible to ever forgive her. However, as ironic as it might seem, I actually understand that she’s only human.

And the beauty of this is… It’s never going to change. It’s already written in stone.

Whenever something nasty happens, I blow up in anger & feel the overpowering urge to just put a stop to all the suffering.

As dramatic as it might sound – what I really just do is to pull out my mobile & call those close friends I have on speed dial. 🙂
I rant, I cry & I keep on swearing that I’d give it all up.
I keep on asking myself, “Why should I still hold onto a dead man’s wish?” (Most people won’t know this story….)
And occasionally I’d drop a few Tweets – but that being said, I don’t doing such unethical things like slapping or stealing! I merely state my unhappiness.

Probably it’s because these girls are young – but that’s honestly no excuse.

When you’re young, it just gives you a tad more leeway to make mistakes to figure your way through this maze we call ‘life’.

You can say that you’re ignorant, you’re compulsive, you’re shallow. And people still have this hope that you’d someday grow up.

Hopefully these girls would finally learn how to be more civilised & well-mannered.
All the “Likes” on Facebook, all the LV wallets, all the approval from others can never amount to family.

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