Behold the waters that flow, 
they whisper a story no one should know. 
Behold their angst & pain, 
falling wildly like droplets of rain. 

These waters come from far back, 
these waters are nothing but sorrow. 
They form on my face lines of crack, 
makes me wonder if I should live for a tomorrow. 

Why do I continue writing with blood as ink? 
Why do I continue wishing that everything was just a bad dream? 

I try telling myself that it’ll all be over soon, 
so every night I look up at the moon. 
Though the night is dark, 
a black blanket over the world. 
Bright stars we do hark, 
granting wishes of boys & girls. 
The moon following all of us, 
shining light where it may. 
We just have to close our eyes, 
fall asleep after we pray. 

Behold the waters that flow down my cheek, 
caused by sorrow of a life so bleak. 
Yet they helped me see clearer,
yet they showed me how I could be better. 

So though these waters are filled with pain, 
eventually I stand to gain. 

Written by: Geraldine Sim with a nonsensical mood for nonsense and walking back & forth my computer because of my crying baby cousin.

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