Contradiction is part of Human Nature

I never understand whenever people say they don’t see consistency in another’s actions/words – when honestly, mankind is rather ironic.

1. We chop down trees & destroy forests, and create paper out of these.
Then we use to the paper to write – “SAVE THE EARTH!!”

2. We slog our guts out working & working to earn money, compromising our health & taking up all our time.
Then we use that money to see top doctors to heal ourselves & complain about how we haven’t lived to the fullest.

3. We discipline our children in a rather demeaning manner (especially the Asian culture), and make them belittle themselves.
Then when they grow up having low self-esteem & do things out of insecurity, we criticse them.

4. We spend money which is not yet ours by swiping our plastics with magnets, convincing ourselves we’re stimulating the economy.
Then we wind up in huge amounts of debt & plunge ourselves into a recession.

5. We constantly protect our personal space & privacy, reporting to the authorities about stalkers.
Then we create Twitter, Facebook & Four-Square, where we serve ‘stalker-information’ on the Internet freely.

6. We scrutinise people, insulting them like they’re not worth anything.
Then we spend hours of our lives gossiping about that person who is so seemingly worthless.

7. We create something like the Internet to be more connected to the world.
Then we let it intrude so much physical time we have with those immediately around us & lose connection with them.

8. We complain about how obese we’re getting & throw excess food away.
Then the other side of the world has countless lives dying of starvation.

9. We crave to give our children a good life, so we focus on earning money to do so.
Then we leave them all alone & start getting frustrated when they go astray.

10. We spend so much efforts trying to analyse what life is all about.
Then after time has passed, we realise we forgot to experience life.

So every time people tell me something which I find honestly rather stupid, I just go, “Bah.”

After all, that’s what you want to hear, right? You just tell me what you want to say, wanting me to become something you want me to be – like I’m some sheep.

So here’s my “Bah~~!!”. Happy now?

People always say I’m inconsistent, thus I’m fake.
Well then, I think it just makes me human.

I believe in natural beauty, so I get slammed for putting on make up.
I put on make up to enhance whatever natural beauty I got. In fact, I believe it is a form of social courtesy to try & look good.
Disclaimer to smart alecs out there: I’m not saying that I look good, because judgment of looks is highly subjective. Nor am I saying I don’t like plastic beauties – I just prefer natural. However if someone wants to go plastic; go ahead, it’s not my face, not my body, not my money – not my business.

I believe in saving money, so I get slammed whenever I buy “unnecessary” things. (i.e. shoes, clothes, bags, etc.)
Hello. People save money for countless reasons. One of my reasons to be able to spend! Then what in the world is the money for? To hope that I could bring to the gates of Heaven or (hopefully not) Hell & buy something there? Then the Monetary Authority has to be like, super versatile because there are sooooo many different currencies around. If I manage to spend the money on what some people might call, “unnecessary”… that would mean that I’m able to spend it. If I saved it, in a way, I earned it. If I worked for it, I earned it. So why can’t I spend it?

I believe that people ought to be happy, so I get slammed whenever I get nasty towards others.
As much as I’d love to make people happy, I also believe in self-defense. I usually don’t get nasty without reason! (P.S. One eligible reason is when it is the time of the month.) If not, generally people say I’m very nice! Heh. Anyhow, I don’t see any sense in trying to make nasty people happy, right? Happiness is too precious a gift to bestow upon people who aren’t fit for it!

So y’see, I don’t think that consistency is consistent in mankind.
Due to the complexity of situations, the ripple-effect of complications, consequences of decisions & actions & several other factors… Consistent isn’t exactly something possible even.

Different lives will have different situations.
Different situations would call for different decisions.
Different decisions require different actions.
Different actions are done by different people.
Different people thus lead different lives.

See where I’m going? 😉

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