Feet Exfoliation Masks (Product Review)

You know what is one of the most common problems several women face?

Cracked heels.

Initially I thought I was the only one!

Well, one of the few unfortunate ones. 😦 I get cracked heels all the time. It is practically part of my body tradition. Roar.

Bad genes.

I was told that I have to be very diligent and use the scraper to scrape out the dead skin cells every other day. As much as I’d love to have baby soft feet, I don’t really find that kind of diligence within me to do that.

*looks at my feet with guilt*

So for people such as myself, I search for products that’ll be able to let me…

a. Not hate my bad genes so much.
b. Rid of my ugly cracked heels
c. Doesn’t require me to scrub every single day (or every other day…)

As far as I can remember, I have used 3 different feet exfoliation masks.

1. Tony Moly Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid

What I loved:
a. The sweet packaging! 
I’m quite visually stimulated when it comes to products… So once I saw this clean-ish kind of packaging, I was hooked on the bait! *sucker alert* 
b. Relatively cheap! 
I think I got it for around $20? Which is actually cheaper than I anticipated, really. Usually Tony Moly products are a little high on the prices. Sheesh, they had a Face Primer going for about $80! O.O 
c. The practically non-existent smell! 
I was told that a lot of these feet exfoliation masks have this particular smell… but this one didn’t have an inkling of it! Or probably I didn’t even notice… 
What I disliked:
a. The non-existent effect!
I guess the smell & the effect has a correlation… but I didn’t have my cracked heel peeling off like it should have! It was more like just another foot mask to soften the skin, but almost none of my dead skin came off! Needless to say, I was definitely disappointed! 
So my rating is: 
It was money spent on something which I didn’t even really want… I mean, it helped my cracked heels a little by softening the skin. However I bought the product for it to exfoliate… not just soften! 
2. Baby Foot Deep Skin Foot Exfoliation

What I loved: 
a. The crazy awesome effect!
This, out of all three was definitely the most effective! My feet was literally peeling like a shedding snake. It was a little scary to some extend…but most definitely did it’s job! 
b. The very secure mask. 
Most foot masks… Especially exfoliation ones, have a tendency to slip off! And that can be very messy… And you’ll loose all the exfoliating liquid inside! *shrieks!* The design of Baby Foot is rather secure! Or maybe it is just the really good sticker. -.- 
What I disliked: 
a. It’s constant unavailability! *growls*
I simply loathe it when I set out to buy something, but it’s constantly out-of-stock! And it’s not only once or twice. I actually went to a total of four different Sasa stores to get this! I guess it’s because of it’s popularity. 
b. The stinging feeling…
I had this little stinging sensation when I had the feet mask on for a while. However I guess these kind of reactions vary from individuals… My friend said she didn’t feel a single thing. Then again, she was asleep when she had the mask on. -.-
c. The long exfoliation session! 
Almost twice as long as the others – this mask requires about 2 hours! So imagine walking around the house with your feet in a mask? Granted, I could just sit in front of the telly or laptop with a nice movie to watch. However people who know my very proactive bladder, would know why it’s practically torturous for me! 😦
d. A little more expensive…
Compared to the rest, this was more expensive. This went for about $30! But I guess it does the job. 
e. Strong smell!
Like I mentioned, I feel that the smell & effect has a correlation! The strong was really strong for this one! Even when I showered again the following day, my feet still emitted the mask smell! 
So my rating is: 
Granted, this product has more things I dislike than love… but I feel that it gets the job done the best! 
My cracked heels were really gone! And my feet were truly baby soft!! *beams* …at least for the next 5 months, then I noticed the cracks coming back again. 
Blame it on the heels I wear on weekends! 
3. Watson’s Bamboo Vinegar & Milk Exfoliating Foot Mask

What I loved:
a. The easy availability!
I guess because it is a house brand of Watson’s & I’m like an avid fan of Watson’s stores! My boyfriend gets annoyed. It is in practically every Watson’s store & hardly ever out-of-stock.

b. The short exfoliation session!
When I saw that I only had to put it on for an hour, I was pleasantly surprised! Which meant I didn’t have to walk around sounding like a monster with plastic bags as feet for so long!

c. Cheap!
This one was lesser than $20!

What I hated:
a. The terrible effect.
After about 2 weeks, the peeling still didn’t take place! To be fair, it only softened my skin a little. Very little.

b. The smell.
Despite me saying that there is a correlation between smell & effect, this product is an exception. There was still little inklings of the exfoliation smell, but it went off very quickly though.

So my rating is:

None of my dead skin is coming off & some parts of my feet even look drier! Roar. 😦 
Remember to take care of your feet, ladies! 
Even without a regular pedicure, I still believe that exfoliation is extremely vital! 
Not only for gorgeous-looking skin, but for health as well. 
Don’t get me started on the problems so much dead skin on your feet can cause! It is way too irksome & plus… I don’t really know that much about it. 😛 
Overall, I think I shall stick to Baby Foot. It definitely gets the job done well! Remember to always do your exfoliation before you want to have a pedicure! The exfoliation liquid would just ruin whatever polish you have. 
Also, it is better to remove all nail polish because you wouldn’t want the polish seeping into your skin! 
On a sad note, I just finished with the Watson’s one. 😦 
So I still have dry feet & cracked heels. Roar.
I shall pop by a Sasa or something to get the Baby Foot! Pronto! 

2 responses to “Feet Exfoliation Masks (Product Review)”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS, baby foot deep exfoliation for feet peel works really well. At first, I didn’t see anything happening after almost 5 days but lord let me tell you, it was scary to see all that skin coming off. I’d say it peeled for almost 2 weeks and now it’s exactly as it states… I now have baby feel.. Sooo soft, no hard skin nothing, this is GREAT!!


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