Adios, Online Contact Lenses!

I had just fully recovered from a horrid eye infection.

And for you sadistic people out there who want to see a picture; I’m sorry, but when my eye was red & swollen… It didn’t occur to me that it was the time to camwhore!

I honestly don’t really like to talk about my pain… 😦 But I gotta do, what I gotta do!

As you could probably guess from the title of this post, I’m going to be talking about contact lenses today.

Look at this crazy scary transformation in the girls.

Transformer Girls

How can anyone ever deny that one’s eyes makes a few worlds of difference??

And if you’re one of those people who think that this is attributed to merely…

1. Eyeliner
2. Mascara
3. Eye shadow
4. Layers of fake lashes

You’re not all wrong
Just not all right either.

Y’see, there is a really big but subtle role played by coloured contacts. (Okay, some girls wear like super obvious coloured ones like light blue, purple & blah blah…So makes it not-so-subtle…)

And I simply ADORE my coloured contacts.

I actually swore I’d never do without them unless…

1. God & a troop of angels came down and bellow, “Give up thy coloured contact lenses!!”
And I will go, “Nooooo!!!!”
But I will at the end of the day. ‘Cause He’s God… And really, there’s no going against Him…

2.All manufacturers of coloured contact lens suffered a huge labour strike! Or their factories all burnt down!! Or they all went bankrupt & were forced to give their lenses to their creditors!!

Well, as of now onwards… I have added another thing to this list.

3. I suffer from an eye infection thank to the lenses.

I used to buy my coloured lenses from optical shops. Then I kept on tearing them! It was getting awfully painful for my wallet. 😦 So when I saw that some online shops sold those crazy gorgeous lenses for as little as $15/pair – I was suckered into it!

Yes, I know. MOH rolled out a rather big campaign warning us vain females against such things… but y’know… I had worn those online ones for almost a whole year now. Nothing happened!


Anyhow, those lenses usually come in these little glass bottles.

Which is honestly a pain in the ass to open!

I often break my nails thanks to these! Roar. 

My poor manicure! T.T

There’s actually this arrow at the metal area, to point you on exactly how to open this fortress. 

Still upset at my nails…

But once it becomes like that… You’re quite screwed. 


Many a times, I actually slit my finger tips & even had to dig out the white rubber cap with a scissors.


I used to be okay with all this, simply because the effect of these lenses were wonderful! However… When I woke up on morning with my right eye feeling kinda twitchy & it refused to open any larger than half of it’s size….

I freaked!!!

And I felt all the more worse when the doctor ordered me, “Geraldine, please stay 3 days at home!!”

“I have internship right now!! 1 day MC is good enough!”

“No! 3 days!!”

“C’mon… I’ve been away too often already. 2 days…?”

“Do you think I’m lay-long-ing MCs to you? You need your rest!! You have a bad eye infection thanks to those contacts!” *shoots me a you-deserve-it look*

Yes, I like this doctor. He’s funny & rather blatantly honest…

So anyhoo~, I stayed at home for 3 days.

And I literally couldn’t do anything visually-strenuous for 3 days!

I couldn’t read more than 1 chapter of my book.
I couldn’t watch TV longer than 30 minutes.
I couldn’t play games on my HTC phone for more than 30 minutes.
I couldn’t use my computer for longer than 20 minutes.

If I did any of those, my right eye would literally hurt.

So I went for a manicure & pedicure at my neighbourhood salon, took my dog for extra long walks around the park, disturbed my baby cousin a little more & after I got bored of all that… I went to the optical shop.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time!!” the optical shop lady went.

Felt kind of happy, because she remembers me!! So sweet.
Felt kind of sad, because she fiercely warned me against online contact lenses!! Totally felt like a slap in the face.

I asked for her collection of coloured contact lenses & I must say… Not a single one made me feel like I really wanted it on my eyeball! T.T
Okay, I know how dreadful it sounds.

But it’s true!!! There wasn’t one that could match the designs of the ones online.


So I very reluctantly bought a pair.

For girls who suffered the same plight or are too cautious to even try online contacts, here are some contacts which are readily available in optical shops & I feel are almost as nice as those online!

a. Maxi Eyes (available only at Spectacle Hut)
Apparently an advocate of City Harvest Church, the ambassador is He Yao San.

b. Freshkon Alluring Eyes
No one can deny that this range is gorgeous!! But the lenses always tear for me & sometimes when it is still in my eye! That kind of pain is not worth any amount of gorgeous-ness for me.

c. Freshkon Fusion
This range is a little more natural, I guess.

Okay, this is about all that I like.

Kudos to those who have worn online contacts for almost forever and never got an eye infection!!
*secretly feels hates you all*

Heh heh.

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