All I want for Christmas is….

…. a whole lot of things!!

Alright, I know how materialistic I might sound right now.

But, c’mon! Don’t deny that every time when it is nearing this Christmas-y season, you’ll look at something you want & hope that someone would get it for you!

I do it all the time, really.
Just that when people ask me what I want… I forget. -.-

I’m my own worst Santa.

It has been like that for every Christmas since the dinosaurs came & left… So this time I’m determined to make things different!!


I’m going to make myself utterly happy during Christmas! To be honest, I haven’t been truly delighted during this season for the longest time!!

And I’m not even at the age whereby I work & sob at how a bulk of my year-end bonus goes to buying gifts for Christmas & giving out Ang Baos for Chinese New Year yet! This is AWFUL!!

AWFUL, I tell you!!! AWFUL!!!!!!


Okay, Drama Queen… Getting a tad annoying & juvenile.

I don’t know exactly what’s missing here…but I don’t really enjoy Christmas anymore. In fact, it is almost like any other festival to me – just that I get presents.

I think one of the reasons is getting forced to attend church service. -.- I don’t know how this thing goes with the whole freewill thing in Christianity…but yes, I’m actually bellowed very fiercely like it’ll spark off WW3-5.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see anything wrong in going to church. In fact, I think committing to a religion is quite commendable – because I am seriously scared & scarred out of my wits to ever do it again.

However being commanded to? I think all the more I’m reminded of why I left. Sheesh.

I don’t know if this is the sole pathetic reason… but as you can tell, Christmas isn’t as perky & happy as it should be for me.

So in much attempt to get back that spark Christmas had for me when I was a little girl, I’m going to try a very materialistic method.

I’m going to receive much criticism about how shallow I am & I’m totally destroying the sanctity of this day.


a. I’m trying to save the feeling I had once upon a time whenever it was Christmas – so I think that I’m already having some form of respect for this day, no?

b. I know what makes me happy. So, shoo!

As the boyfriend would know, I get very easily distracted when we’re in shopping malls.

He always has his arm around me or something, like I’m some armrest… But you’ll notice a surging increase in strength he puts into holding onto me whenever we pass by one of my favourite stores!

And sometimes he goes to the extreme of actually covering my eyes. -.- Like, really…. Tsk.

Usually girls are the ones worried about their boys having roaming eyes.
For me, it is totally vice versa.

Speaking of that, do you have any idea how many people took one look at Mark & I and went, “If one were to cheat on the other, I’d think it’ll be Geraldine.”

HELLO?! I for one, think that I am the totally loyal girlfriend sort. Granted, I’m a little dim… So I do some things unintentionally. But the point is, for as long as I am his – I will not roam (on purpose)!

Sheesh. I don’t know if it is a compliment or a warning to me.

Bah. I’ll just take it as a compliment! *grins*

Okay, I always digress. This isn’t even what this blog entry is supposed to be about!

Soooo… Let’s get started!!

I’m be like leaping with joy if anyone got me one of these, but even if they don’t… I’m heading down to the stores myself!

1. LoveMore Facial Masks

Like a MAD-CRAZY-LOVE, please!! No wonder it is called “LoveMore”, because every time you use it… You simply love it more & more!!

Girls who haven’t gotten their hands on these, YOU ARE TOTALLY MISSING OUT!!!

It is so mega-hot that when there was a Watson’s Members’ Sale (I honestly quite dislike them), and they had this crazy deal!

Usually 1 box goes for about $10-$12… but during the sale, 2 for $10!!!

Once I saw that, I quickly zipped to the facial masks section! Alas, SOLD OUT!!!! *bawls!!* I was actually thinking of buying like 6 boxes or something.

I guess every kia-su & vain Singaporean lady had that mindset as well. Oh well.

2. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation

Most Singaporeans don’t really know this brand, because it is not available like everywhere!

For sale only in Sephora! I haven’t really gone to test which shade suits me the best, actually…

But this foundation is supposed to be like, the best for the Singaporean climate. Y’see, I get oily really quickly & fast! And sometimes after I blot, a lot of my BB Cream/Foundation comes off. 😦

However (so the beauty bloggers claim) this product is amazing!!

I tried it on the back of my hand – and I simply adore it!!


3. Z.A. Mascara Base and Volume Mascara

Okay, the base isn’t here in the group shot of this range.

Anyhow, I’m simply in love with the new Z.A. range look. It is so chic & hot!!

Plus, they finally guessed a way into a girl’s heart! ❤

…or at least into her wallet.

Anyhow, I’m thoroughly happy with the 2 mascaras I have from this collection – Wide Eyes & Long!!

Now I simply want to complete it by getting the Mascara Base & Volume!!

4. Archie Comics

Anyone who is really close to me will know that one of my favourite things to do in life is… Read Archie Comics!

I managed to get myself 4 of them last week, because I simply couldn’t resist Archie Comics on sale! *drools*

But I’m going to get myself those newer ones at the shelves of Mama Stalls!

5. Mobile Casing for my HTC Desire S

Okay, this is going to be a tad difficult.

After I got my lovely little gadget, I bought one casing & that was that.

I find it ever-difficult to find a casing for this phone, simply because everywhere they sell the iPhone casings.

Even for this one casing that I have, I had problems getting it!!

I entered the 100th mobile shop…

Me: Uncle, do you have casing for HTC Desire S?

Uncle: Yea. This leather, ah-beng-looking one loh.

Me: Oh… Is there anything else?

Uncle: Girl ah, uncle got this ugly one for your unpopular phone hor… You can laugh already leh!!


I honestly don’t know what to say.

That stupid sucker.

Good thing I didn’t cave into him & go, “Oh yes! My phone is so unpopular! Forgive me, you iPhone-advocate!!”


I found this pink casing that I have just at the shop next door!!

Maybe he did it on purpose, because he didn’t have the goods! Ha!

These are not very difficult to get… but at the same times makes me really happy!! Muahaha!! How my boyfriend says I’m high-maintenance, I’ll never know. 😛

I think I’ll get all these things after I’m done with buying Christmas gifts for other people! As much as I might’ve already lost the spark for the season, I still believe that it is after all… The Season of Giving!!

So if you’re feeling cranky & upset, lonely & sad…. Go around & do some giving.

I don’t know if I’m right…. but I think Christmas starts somewhere within you. I’m going to give it a shot this Christmas!


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