Adios, 2011! You’ve been quite a ride

**Warning: This is a reeeaaallllyyyy long blog entry.**

So according to our currently-supposedly-extinct Mayans… This would officially be the last year of the world.

Do I believe in it? Well, in my own personal opinion… No.

But it certainly has got me thinking on how I don’t cherish the years that pass. I’m already an adult & sometimes I honesty don’t know what the heck I’m doing with my life. -.-

Looking back at 2011, I must say… It is probably one of the best years I’ve had in my life so far!

Okay, fine. Maybe I’ve led a sucky life. I’ve spent so many years trying to pick up shattered pieces of my life that I only began to live it recently.

I spent my last countdown with some of my closest friends at Marina Bay Sands! ❤

Ready to head for the countdown in MBS!

Towards the middle to the end of last year, I was in such doldrums… 😦 But through that, I found friends who were always there to listen before they judged me!

Anyhow, towards the beginning of January I thought that there was still something left in something old… but immediately after that foolish amber was put off by someone who I currently quite loathe.

But thanks to that someone (I’m pretty sure he/she knows him/herself)! Without your (repeated) cruel but truthful words, I might have still been a fool.

In January I was also still playing Pop Piano!

Pop Piano classmates @ Ocean Butterfly!
And I quit shortly after. 
I still remember my last song was some Jay Chou song… 蒲公英的约定!The melody is nice, really. I kept on playing it over & over without wanting to learn anything new. -.- I guess because I felt like this song had so much meaning in it, I didn’t want to go on till I fully got hold of everything! Talk about shallow… Sheesh. 
My ex-piano teacher, Ivan!

Y’see, I was given heaps of heads-up that my current semester would be such a royal pain in the neck. So much so that I was quite grateful that I was single.

But I didn’t mind school one bit. Y’see… I’ve been blessed with some of the most wonderful people in the entire world!

4 of 6 Blondes

My group of 6 girls in school are my cup of sunshine every single day! ❤

Wai Soe is like the sister I never had & I sometimes don’t know how I’d manage school without her.
Fifi is always trying her utmost best to help anyone and everyone with an uber willing heart.
Ferlyn is so oblivious & adorable.
Atiqah says the wittiest & weirdest things ever that makes everyone go, -.-.
Melinda is so unconsciously bimbotic, it is downright hilarious.

So I guess you could say that I’m thoroughly blessed in the Friendship sector! 🙂

One of my closest friends around was Mark too! Ever since I knew him, he would call me on a very random basis from his NS camp because he was bored. And somehow I was his source of entertainment… -.- He says I amuse him with my nonsense.

Sheesh. Like some tele-clown or something.

And from there we became really close friends! Especially after I broke off with my ex, we were meeting more & more often.

He did so many things which everyone (and I mean everyone. I even asked the beautician when I was doing a facial…) told me that he liked me a lot.

And I would go, “No lah~ We’re just good friends!”

And look at where I am now. -.- For someone who analyses dreams & human behaviour on a frequent basis, I sure am dim in this sector.

He said, “I don’t know when, I don’t know how – but I’ve fallen in love with you.”

So towards late January (21st, to be exact), Mark brought me out to a romantic location & I still didn’t get it… Like an innocent lamb led to slaughter.

Then he confessed to me & I finally got it – that all this time, while I was busy being a fool for someone else… The one who really knew me, was right in front of me all along.

*slaps myself*

Then came February, when Mark & I were still meeting each other practically every single day!

And it was during this time that I realised that my new-boyfriend made a hobby out of taking very candid shots of me.

I like to take photos… but he took some really un-glamorous ones, kay!

One of the many not-so-unglam candid shots Mark took of me.

 It was also the first time I went up the Singapore Flyer!!

I was crazy excited, and I honestly don’t really know what for.

The Singapore Flyer! I took this picture! Nice, right?? *grins!*

Mark & I shared the capsule with a whole bunch of tourists… Whom really behaved like Singaporeans – kia su! They would literally push you aside, just to take photos.

I guess can’t really blame them… They don’t live in the country… So it is understandable they get all hyped up about getting good photos!

And during Chinese New Year, I helped Mark prepare a steamboat for his friends!! *grins proudly!!*

Only part of the wares!

No one prepares a better Sukiyaki steamboat than my boyfriend, kay? It is… Ooh~lala! *drools*

February also begets Valentine’s Day!!

Which I honestly thought that I’d be spending alone in 2011, but looks like I was wrong!

After only having been Mark’s girl for lesser than a month, everyone (literally everyone) told me what a loving boyfriend he is. And I’d honestly be the last to deny it! He is an amazing boyfriend.

So when it came to Valentine’s, I wanted to make him some chocolates!

Chocolates Fifi taught me to make!

And just when I had removed all my hair extensions towards the end of last year, my bestie Lily went to put on hers.

But hers looks crazy natural! *jealous*

Lily’s extensions!

Mine looked rather fake & plus I got totally cheated by the shop-ladies. *sigh* I shall not repeat bad stories of the past! Just going to say… I’m glad they closed down! HA!! 

Such unethical businesses should not be around on the face of this Earth!!
Very idealistic, I know. 
Then came March, when I was a Kindergarten teacher.

They’d hire anyone nowadays, eh? *snickers!*


I personally feel that I’d make an awesome teacher, if only it doesn’t wear me out completely by the end of the day!

Those adorable yet monstrous little humans are not to be trifled with!

Marking homework! Muahaha!! 

Blog entry –> here!

I think March totally made me more of a…. Hmm, grown person?

Not only did I take care & teach a bunch of 5 year olds… I also cooked for Mark!

Ginseng Chicken Soup when he ORD-ed!

To be fair, this wasn’t the first time I cooked for him anyhow.

And did I ever mention that I simply love my cousin?? March was like my favourite month, okay!

We spent 3 days together!!

Day 1 – We went to our grandparent’s place & proved to be nuisance in the pool. All those hardcore swimmers were like looking at us & going, “Tsk. They’re not even here to exercise!”

HAHA! Okay, I totally assumed that.

I obviously haven’t mastered the art of opening my eyes underwater.

Day 2 – Science Centre!! Totally brought back memories of school field trips!

Getting ready to be Singaporean & make MAXIMUM use of our 1-day-passes!

Day 3 – We headed down to Marina Bay Sands to some other members of the family & downright enjoyed the orgasmic lunch buffet at Todai!!

I’m a glutton & I know it.

Till now I still occasionally go back & read the blog entry!! 😀 I had soooo much fun with her.

March was also my favourite because it was my first time out of the country without my family.

I know… I’m such a late-bloomer.

Got on a plane with Mark & his friends to Thailand! Sawadee kap~!!

On a plane to relaxation. 
After one of our many tours
What can I say? It was definitely quite an experience to travel without the protection of my family. 
Then again…. I sometimes think that Mark is even more protective. -.- So I believe I’m back to square one, or worse. 
Anyhow, I totally enjoyed my time there! You can read about it here
So came April and things in school was already beginning to bite. 
The boyfriend drove us out to Marina Barrage! My virgin trip there! ❤ 
Y’know why?? It is soooo out of the way, there’s no where in heaven that I’d ever go there just because I feel like it. 
Both of us prepared a little something & we had a very scrumptious picnic! And Mark bought a notoriously over-priced kite too! Up till now, it is still sitting in the car – hoping for the fateful day we decide to fly a kite again.  
I guess that idea could go “fly a kite”!! Hahaha!! Get it? Get it?
The pro flying the kite. The noob just takes the pictures.

And it was also his birthday month!! He invited some of his close friends for one of his favourite Japanese buffets! 

My, my. Generous birthday boy!

Happy birthday, Sugar-Wugar!

I did a whole heap of nonsense for his birthday present. Check it out here.

Anyhoo~ During this month, we went to Buckaroo a good few times!

And it is definitely now one of my favourite places to stuff my mouth at!!

 Now one of my favourite munchie-spots!

 The food is absolutely yummy-licious! And the price is fairly reasonable.

When I first saw the menu, I thought the prices were a little higher than average. But when my food came & I looked at the portions… All I could think was, “Wow. They must have A LOT of food in the kitchen! O.O”

It is at a fairly secluded place, but I’d say it adds to the whole ambiance!

And Mark surprised me with Universal Studios Singapore tickets for our 3rd month!! ❤ ❤ ❤

We had total fun! Check it out on my blog entry about that day!

Shrek (Strike) 4D!!
May was the beginning of the worst time of my year. 
School work was piling on like we had the rest of our lives to complete it! 
Everyday was endlessly tiring already, but on the bright side – us blondes did something together!
Shakespeare in the Park – MacBeth!

Then the next day, my school had  this carnival-like event day!!

Basically every participating class is to set up a stall and sell things. Profits go to the needy students of our school!

My class did manicure services & sold recycled bags!

Wai Soe’s collection of nail polishes
Bags made out of old clothes!
It was definitely a very tiring day! Read about it here!

And as if the month wasn’t tiring enough already… We had to get ready to meet our client for one of our modules. Which was the module that took undeniably a mega-huge proportion of my time, energy & efforts – we basically organised an event and I was president.


Getting ready to meet our client for the 1st time!
Halfway through the year – June!! 
Which meant that my event was only a good month 2 months away. 
For another of our modules, we had to attend one of a selection of events. Wai Soe & I went to the Live! Conference. And I swear… I enjoyed the air-con? 
😀 BWAHAHA!! Omg. I’m so shallow. 
Look at us here!! Shameful people. Not even paying attention to whatever that was going on. 
Not even trying to look like good students.

And this month we had projects & exams…. Oh gawwwwd. And not like the event-managing took very little time. I was slaughtering myself endlessly.

We found a new love for console games!

 My boyfriend did his first-ever part-time job at the IT Fair!!

I was so ever-supportive, okay! *hears myself gloat*

Every single day I would go down to visit him & drop a nice drink for him! And I would even bring some work to do at a nearby place… And wait for him to finish work! Then meet him for supper.

The proud girlfriend, the tired boyfriend.

Oooh, I’m so proud of myself! …and him too, of course! It wasn’t easy on him!!

And in June I found my brand new love!!

My HTC Desire S!

I practically swear by HTC. And as everyone should know, I’m rather anti-iPhone. I just cannot have something which loves to revolve the world around itself & monopolizes everyone. Sheesh.

I simply adore the screen resolution of HTC phones! And that big-ass time on the home screen? I somehow just love it. Plus it is so sleek & user-friendly…. *swoons*

Okay, enough. I’m being annoying.

And I finally did something which I promised myself I would do for the entire year!

And I did it in June!! -.- I told you I’m a late-bloomer.

A FORM OF EXERCISE!!!! Yeeeeaaah!

I went cycling with a group of my good friends at East Coast! And yes, the boyfriend was there too!

Cycling @ East Coast!

To be honest, he initially wasn’t supposed to be there… It was really supposed to be just my friends & I.

The thing is, I met him the night before for dinner with my mom. Then he drove us home… but I accidentally left my house keys in his car! (Yes, I know. It sounds so idiotically dumb…)

And I didn’t even notice, because my mom pulled out her keys to open the door anyhow.

Until the next morning, when I wanted to leave the house… I couldn’t find my keys! Only the run through my memory & realise… I LEFT THEM IN MARK’S CAR!!!

So it was one of the weirdest conversations I had ever.

Me: Honey, I can’t leave the house.

Mark: Huh? Why?

Me: My keys are in your car.

Mark: Huh? Really??

Me: Yes… So I can’t get out. The house could be on fire & I’m going to die because my keys are in your car. And speaking as of now, I’m going to be terribly late because my keys are in your car.

Mark: HAHAHAHA!!! (I’m not exaggerating, he really did laugh quite loudly.)  You’re always late anyway. I’ll drive down now to bring the keys to you.

And till now… none of my friends believed that I left the keys there on accident. They all think that I crafted this plan out so that Mark could join us.

Like, hello?? Am I even that crafty??

People call me dim-witted & bimbo all the time. -.-


And my boyfriend seemed on this get-my-girlfriend-to-exercise streak. For our 5th month, he brought me to….

The closest to Winter you get in Singapore

I almost fell. I almost slipped. I almost did so many things.

If it wasn’t for my boyfriend… I’d be a goner.

And the end of June, signified an even more stressful period for my event.

You have no idea how many times I just wanted to drop the whole damn thing! Sometimes I felt so alone in the entire process, because no one really knew whatever I was going through. Basically because no one gets haunted 24/7 about everything, all the time! Everyone comes to me!

So the end of June, my body went on strike. Literally couldn’t move without tears pouring out in pain for 3 days.

I couldn’t even use my computer because once I moved my arms, my back felt like it was going to break

One of the terrible effects of my event.
When July came about, I was nothing but busy-busy-busy
I was endlessly thanking God on healing my sprained back in time to watch Voyage de la Vie with Wai Soe & her family at Resorts World Sentosa! 
I swear it was like one of the most spectacular performances ever!
With Wai Soe & her mom!

And I had to help co-host a corporate event too! The day before I was given these to wrap to be presented to the VIPs.

Corporate Gifts in the making!

 I will always remember this – because I was soooo tired out already. And my dear boyfriend drove me home! Then I left those in his car! -.- I was ready to meet my funeral.

But he drove back to my house & stayed over to drive me to the corporate event early in the morn!

Can’t really complain though. I had a great team with me! 🙂

Part of the crew!

July, my boyfriend went for his orientation camp for his new school!

Means that I was getting myself mentally prepared that he won’t have so much time for me anymore…

And on the day when he was coming back, I bought a jar of candies to bring him! ❤

Sweets for my sweet.

 And in July I finally did something that I promised my dog for eons – to bring him to The Botanic Gardens.

Okay, not really sure if he even understands me or holds me to it. -.- But I really wanted to bring him! My dog is so inactive, he is exactly like me.

So one of my good friends for about 8 years, Ker and I brought him there! We shared a taxi, brought some junk food & she brought her DSLR camera!

And we took tonnes of photos!! So fun!

My pervert dog: HE HEH!! BOOBIES!!!

LOL!!! Ker is going to feel like slapping me if she sees the caption. 😀

And not forgetting my mother’s church anniversary service & dinner! I totally put in effort into attending this, okay! I was busy slaughtering myself over arrangements for my event which was coming up!

Confetti at the Party!
Remember this railway? 
Well, it’ll only be present in pictures, videos or in memories… because it is officially removed!
I have a crazy sentimental attachment to the railway, y’know. So I was rather delighted when my family wanted to go there to visit it one last time before it was to be removed!

Goodbye! *sniffles*

I got so emotional, I even had time to write a blog entry on this! I was soooo busy in July, I didn’t have time to write anything at all.

I brought my dog to the site visit & he barely walked 5 minutes….

This is what happens when you can’t speak & at the mercy of a human like me.

And look at what I did in July too!! I was convinced that I could not let my school work & that event take over my entire life. So I went ahead with my cousins & aunt to Sentosa to play the Segway!

The total noobs.

And I hurt myself.

This is a heck of a disgusting picture, I know. Good thing I didn’t do my pedicure just yet, or I’ll be crying over wasted money & time!


But that didn’t really stop me from doing everything else! *proudly beams!*

I went to cycle!!!

On Panasonic eco-friendly bicycles~!!

And immediately after it was back to reality of having to do my event.

Look at my face! S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D.!!

Members practicing dance moves. President stressing out.

But everyone was working together rather well!

I’m like, endlessly proud of my class!!

I swear I have a strong sentimental attachment to that event, no matter how much I actually hate it.
It taught me countless things & brought the class closer together. 🙂 Blog entry here!

Go, 3B07!!! ❤

Okay, honestly speaking… If you asked me to do it again, I will:

1. Stare at you with bulging eyes.
2. Give you a big, fat “Ha!”.
3. Slap you.
4. Kick your back.
5. Knock your head against the wall.
6. And leave.

It was a pure nightmare, I swear. After the event winded up, I never felt happier in my life!!

And through it all, I think I did a pretty good job! *pats myself* Hehe.

However I honestly couldn’t have done it with the support of my beloved boyfriend & my awesome classmates!

So when August came, I gave each of them one customised chocolate with a simple design I made myself!! :)) Plus, they each got a little personalised thank-you note from me.

Am I nice, or am I nice?? 😀

I’m also terribly modesty. 😛

Ordered from!

And our beloved teacher ordered in pizza for us to share!! We basically just sat in class, ate pizza & watched “How I Met Your Mother”.

I loved school sooooo much that day.

What we all wish every class would be like.

And since August, I was a happy-happy girl!

Okay, granted my grades for other subjects slipped like they stepped on a banana peel on a soapy floor. :(( But I swear, I don’t regret it one bit.

There were countless things that I learned & built within myself that absolutely none of my other subjects could’ve taught me. 😉

And check this out – I went to support my friends in the other class at their own event at the Istana! We had crazy fun!!

Friends for life 🙂

August is my favourite month every year because….. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!

How not to love?

I celebrated my birthday this year with a simple BBQ at my grandparent’s place with the rest of my family! ❤ Everyone was super sweet & lovely.

MY cake!! MINE, MINE, MINE!! 

And after organising that event, organising a BBQ was like a walk in the park.

Of course…. My boyfriend did help a bit….. Or a lot…. 😛 Blog entry here!!

On my actual birthday, I hung out with my cousin!! :))

She’s like, a fixed asset in my life anyhow. Years from now, I’m still going to be seeing her! We have heaps of unmarried aunts to support together! So I decided that my birthday is best celebrated with her!

We blood-related, okay? 

At night, I went to meet the boyfriend who surprised me with….

A couple’s bracelet!!

He likes me, so he puts a bracelet on me.

I swear I was really shocked & didn’t know how to react.

What’s with him and always catching me off-guard??

I mean… It was really sweet & everyone says it is an indication of how serious a man is about the relationship… I was just… shocked!

That day was really blissful though! 🙂 Blog entry is here!!

Speaking of the boyfriend, look at what he did for me in September!!

Works of the boyfriend.

He actually sat there with the nail art brush in his hand, carefully dotting my nails away. 

And in September, was also the start of my internship at ComfortDelGro in the Corporate Communications department!

My cosy little cubby!

Came October, I made things a little more my-style in there!

My temporary stationery-holder!

Decorations I drew!

Me the intern blogged here!!

And I had a mini-family reunion of members who migrated to USA and UK!!

After-dinner drinks & chit-chat at a hawker!

In October, something crazy scary happened to my family & I burst out in tears at work. I was actually, very very scared.

Naturally, the first thing I did was call my boyfriend and after I told him what happened… He assured me that nothing was wrong. But me, being all female… Continued bawling my eyes out quietly in my cubicle.

Good thing was it was near the end of the day at work, so he quickly drove down to my office to calm down his irrational girlfriend.

When I got to “the scene of the crime”, I found out that it really indeed was ballooned-up information. -.-

I was so petrified, I actually didn’t even want to eat dinner till I went down to “the scene of the crime”!! So after I was affirmed, the boyfriend laughed & drove his way to a nearby cafe where we had dinner.

His “BAH-WOMEN” laugh.

Along came October, when I was getting really exhausted with all the early mornings of office-life. According to school arrangements, I had to leave ComfortDelGro for a week to volunteer at an event at Marina Bay Sands under STADA!

So much for complaining about early mornings… I had to wake up even earlier at this event! I had to be at MBS by 6.45AM!! Like, hello?? May as well book a room at the hotel there… I was sooo utterly exhausted, I suffered an eye infection at the end of the week.

With my favourite, most annoying friend.

And in October, Mark & I took our first neoprint together!!!! I consider it an achievement. Haha!! Few months back, he won’t even enter a make up store with me!

So for him to actually enter a neoprint shop, enter a super bright machine & talk photos with kawaii-templates…. I’M SO PROUD OF MY BOYFRIEND!!

Moment of History!

I’ve had a huge change from being a student to (somewhat) an office lady… I had a big change at home too!!

And this is the culprit!!

Little Jerry!

My family finally has a baby again!! And believe it or not, this little human is actually my cousin. Not even one generation down! We are technically in the same ranking.

But he’s practically my nephew, please.

And the thing about babies are – they announce their every unhappiness to everyone through their loud cries. It is really amusing how that tiny little thing could cause so much changes at home.

Yes, my aunt stayed with me during her confinement month. So I came home everyday to a bi-hourly-crying baby, a healing newly minted mother & their really nosy nanny.

I’m was very annoyed at how that nanny kept on coming into my room, opening my closet & flipping through my clothes… She even meddled with my make up! Sheesh.

But I didn’t really say anything out right. For one, I care for my aunt… So I didn’t want her to mistreat her in any way of spite. Undeniably, my aunt needed her around. For two, she comes from a Malaysian kampong… So I guess her mindset is different.

I didn’t see a point telling someone off when I’m only seeing her for 1 month anyhow.

Thanks to Jerry, my dog picked up a skill or two.

Every time Jerry opened his mouth to let some sound out, people run to him.
Benefits of being the only baby after about 20 years & the only boy of the generation.

So now my dog whines practically all the time. The boyfriend gets a tad annoyed whenever we’re on the phone and there’s this whining sound at the back.

My dog & my boyfriend hardly ever get along.

To date, my dog loves to pee on the spot where Mark sleeps whenever he stays over. And Mark has that resentful glare every time I cajole my dog.

In fact, the tension between them was sooooo great that when I asked Mark to bring him for grooming because I had to go for a hospital appointment that day – chaos happened.

The coolest thing was before I left the doctor, he said, “Geraldine, you need to rest. Put your mind at ease and stop stressing out.”

Next thing was, Mark called to say my dog is refusing to cooperate & he is practically crying inside his carrier.

I know it’s my fault. A lot of dog-lovers are probably going to think I’m the worst dog owner in the entire planet & beyond.

I shouldn’t have asked Mark to bring him, since I was clear of how much issues there are between the two of them!

It got so bad that when he got to the groomer’s, he pee-ed on the table and kept on crying. And the groomer refused to groom him.

Rejected from the groomer’s – nice.

So I just paid for a quick shower & blow-dry.

Look at the other dog which was there too!!

Such a cutie pie, really!

She looked thoroughly annoyed with my dog.

When December finally came around, it was the end of my internship!

I was looking forward to being able to sleep a little more in the mornings, but I swear I’m going to miss my workmates! They’re all so sweet & loving to me. ❤ ❤

On my last few days, they all brought me to eat at awesome places for lunch!! So much so, we were so late & got scolded from the boss. 😛

One of the places they brought me to was this place that has crazy delicious ice-cream & waffles! Like, uber delicious! That even after I left, I still make Mark bring me back there to eat!!

At Creamier!

And at the end of internship, I celebrated it with my Monday Hues friends! Of which, one couldn’t make it.

But anyhow, the 3 of us really had heaps of fun!!

Back to being students!

Can’t say I’m complaining much though – indeed this current semester is extremely scary with the really compressed workload. But….

Look at the picture below….

I am a boo-ti-foo butterfly!!

MUAHAHAHA!!! I love her, so amusing!

And Mark & I went overseas for the 2nd time! …across the causeway, into Malaysia!

He drove me there to do my Christmas shopping even though he wasn’t feeling well… Before any of you go thinking I abuse my boyfriend, I did want to cancel the trip! But he was ever-so-insistent & literally packed me up into the car.

After an exhausting shopping day!

So, thank you once again, sugar. 🙂

And of course, in a blink of an eye – it was Christmas! *fuzzy warm feelings*

Wish you a Merry Xmas!

Last Christmas I was really quite down… Everyone I was close to suddenly vanished!! 😦

But this year, almost everyone in the family was around! And even Mark was there!

I know it is such a cliche to say that the past year was better than the previous – but it’s true!!

In 2011, I found someone who supports me through it all & loves me with all his heart. I was pulled out of an abyss of my own ungrounded hopes. I found friends whom I know I could always rely on & absolutely never fail to cheer me up. I painstakingly organised an event for a client with a notorious reputation (and they quite lived up to it). I have an adorable new addition in the family.

It hasn’t been a perfect year – but it went perfectly well, I must say.

So people can go on saying how sucky their year went, but I think there’s always 2-sides to the coin.

Here’s wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I’m not going to lie to you that it’ll be a better year; I’m not God… I can’t make that call.
I’m not going to discourage you & say that it is going to be a bleak year; I’m not the devil… I don’t like ugly things.

But I am going to tell you that when there is pain, there’s happiness; when there is darkness, there’s light – because I’m human & life is worth the living. 😉

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