A kindergarten girl awaits at home for her mommy to come home, 

the man who called himself her new daddy was destroying her real daddy’s throne. 
She cried & whimpered helplessly, 
but mommy came home and called her a little jealous cry baby. 
A primary school girl takes her school bus to her grandmama’s,
another day when she was bullied in class. 
She had no one to turn to, 
no one to cry to. 
She was used to being alone in a crowd, 
she understood that sometimes silence is loud. 
A teenage daughter cries from painful experiences,
but mommy only knows how to worsen advances. 
She strangles her daughter’s tired soul, 
this teenage daughter felt she was an orphan a long time ago. 
A young adult, a lady – who went through a part of hell. 
She smiles, she laughs – nobody knows her story to tell. 
Now mommy says she feels neglected because she is drifting, 
lady here only feels like laughing. 
Mommy’s friends told her a daughter will always be a daughter;
but mommy thought to herself otherwise. 
Probably the only right thing she had done all her life, 
since she desperately wanted to be someone’s wife. 
Young lady stands strong and nonchalant;
but heart is tainted and almost nothing is a challenge. 
Mommy dearest seemed to have not realised,
that her little girl was not drifting away. 
She was no longer there, for the longest time that she prayed.