Makeup Removers (Product Reviews!)

I honestly had no idea that my previous product review on Feet Exfoliation Masks would be so well-received! 🙂

Well, just to be clear… The post started out mainly because a lot of people are having this problem… And I just wanted to help people make a wise decision! 
No female should spend their precious moolah on products that do not help, right? 
Those people who only know how to push products for profit instead of the better good… Should just honestly be shot. 
A woman’s beauty is not to be trifled with. 
Don’t think that I’m trying to do this for free products, gain fame or whatever logic some illogical people come up with. Bah. I’m just doing this because I enjoy writing and I like to help people with the things they buy. 
No sense you buying things which I already know are useless! Like, hello? Does that even sound logical or even ethical? Unless I really hate you… then yes. I just might shove a really deadly product in your face & ask you to apply it day/night. 
*proudly beams*
So for this entry… I’m going to be touching on Makeup Removers!!
Now for those who don’t know – your beauty regime actually starts on your makeup remover already! *gasp!* Who would’ve known?? 
For those who don’t know… You should love me. 😛 
For those who already know… Just pretend you don’t know, let me bask in my illusive-intelligence and still love me. 
Heh. Kidding, kidding.
I used to be really sui bian (indifferent) about my makeup removers… 
Take a peek inside my bathroom and you’d see these two lovely bottles!
My Holy Grail Makeup Removers!
I change just about everything from time to time. 
All in pursuit for something better! 
But I have been using about three bottles of these makeup removers, and I’m going back for more! (Only when I’ve finished them, of course…) 
Most people don’t know this little baby here!
Bioderma Makeup Remover
The Bioderma Makeup Remover is absolutely amazing. They come in the red and green ones… I believe red is for sensitive skin, green is for oily/combination skin. By right, I should be using the green one… But I was really quite scared of using an unknown brand – so being kiasu and all, I picked the red one instead!  
And I must say, I am thoroughly impressed!! 
After a day out, all that oxidising… Sweating… It cleans the remaining makeup really, really well. I feel super-duper cleansed after using this! 
The best part is – it is not-in-the-least oily! There were soooo many makeup removers that I used before that left this layer of oil, which honestly made my skin feel quite constipated. -.- 
Some even stink to the high heavens. Some leave this stinging feeling. 
The worst are those which hardly clean my makeup off at all! Even using my basic facial cleanser, I could still see residues of my BB Cream/Foundation sliding down the basin. 
When that happens, you know the makeup remover is a no-no. 
So when I used the Bioderma Makeup Remover, I was soooo pleased at my clean face! 
Some of you might be wondering then; if it is sooooo oh-my-gosh-I-love-it-so-much-I’d-marry-it-if-I-could… How come I have two bottles in the picture above.
One down side to this little baby though… Y’see, it says there for “Face & Eyes”. 
Well, it doesn’t do a very good job cleaning my eye makeup. 
All my friends know – I’m a sucker for mascaras. Never do my makeup without them! So I definitely need something a little more powerful. 
I guess the Bioderma one is okay for just a simple eyeliner… but I have waterproof mascara and all that jazz. So I definitely needed a remover a little more specific….
Biore Makeup Remover (for Eye & Lip) to the rescue!! 
Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip
Most people would compliment this one with the blue Biore Makeup Remover…
Personal opinion – I don’t fancy it so much. It is okay… I’d buy it if one day I’m in a need of a makeup remover & couldn’t find my Bioderma one. It does the job! So it is my #2 favourite. 🙂
Anyways, the Biore (Eye & Lip) makeup remover has got to be one of the best makeup removers I have used. Trust me, I have used quite a few. 
Some hardly clean off my mascara. *growls* 
Some clean the mascara off my lashes, but land them at the bottom of my eye. Makes me look like I have a terminal condition of eye bags. And it is troublesome to clean off from there! 
Some leave a biting sensation on your eyelid. Like, ouch. Eyelids are delicate! 
Some smart the eyes!! That’s the worst. 
This one really cleans everything off quickly & nicely! And sometimes when I get a little in my eye, I hardly feel anything. Like, oo-lala~. 
So here’s a look at my Holy Grail makeup remover set again! *loves*
The Bioderma Makeup Remover is available only at selected Guardian stores. That’s the downside. 
So far I know it is sold in the ones at Nex and Holland Village! 
Definitely quite worth the travel! One bottle lasts me at least a good 2 months, if I moderate it well on my cotton pads.
The Biore Makeup Remover (Eye & Lip) is available practically everywhere – supermarkets, all Watson’s and Guardians… 
So that’s my take on my makeup remover set! 🙂 Hope it’s been helpful! 

X.O.X.O. Love. Love.

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