"If it’s broken – fix it."

I’m a spoiled brat. 

I admit that. 

I was brought up in the environment whereby I had to be & have the best and only the best. 
Nothing less; everything more. 

Which wasn’t a very good thing. With just a simple twist of fate, everything disappeared and I was left with my stuck-up character – but without my world. 

It was awfully painful at first. 
And as much as I’d like to deny it – I still have that bit of “spoiled brat-ness” in me. 

My daddy who spoiled me rotten would always tell me, “If it’s broken, leave it. Daddy will get you a new one.” 

So I had more toys, clothes and shoes than a child ever really needs. And my own indoor playground. 

As soon as I detected an inkling of imperfection in what I had, I demanded for a new one. 

Everything was all dandy. 

Then God decided to step in to show me how flawed that mindset is. 

Y’see… I realised through my years that I cannot simple dump everything that was imperfect away. 

Because the thing that makes people (somewhat) perfect are their imperfections

Sounds ironic, I know. I didn’t see the logic in that either, till I experienced a heap of things. 

I lost relationships/friendships/opportunities etc all because I hated something imperfect. 

I threw away those; some of which are extremely precious to me – and I regret till now. 

Then Mark came along. 

Now many people have asked me why I’ve fallen in love with him. After all, we’ve been really platonic friends for a good 2 years – so why the change of heart? 

Many of my friends would say, “Of course Geraldine would fall in love with him! Look at how much he treasures her!!” 

True, true. Mark does cherish me to almost no end. 
…but so do my ex-boyfriends. 

The real reason why I’m still around is because he taught me, “If it’s broken – fix it.” 

We’ve been a couple for over a year now – and I don’t know why most people seem to think we such a smooth-sailing relationship. -.- Oh sheesh. 

Not that I’m not happy with Mark, but we do fight! And we get upset with each other. And sometimes I swear to myself that I’ve chosen to wrong one. 

And for countless times I wanted to just leave him behind and move on. 

Just like I did to my past relationships.
And just like the little girl years back – “If it’s broken, leave it. Daddy will get you a new one.” 

Except daddy can’t do that anymore. 
And I’m no longer that little girl.

For someone who stands by me through the my ugliest moments and still holds onto me – I will stick around to fix it. 

Daddy, I love you. But I’ve found someone who will make do for me even if everything is shattered into pieces – from here on, “If it’s broken, I’m going to fix it.” 

P.S. If any concerned friends are wondering why am I suddenly so solemn; it is because of recent happenings and this article I read. 

X.O.X.O. Love Love. 

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