Classroom VS Office

First off – my sincere apologies for being such a negligent blogger.

I have been thrown into the world of full-time employment and long office hours in front of the computer (usually more than 9 hours), the last thing I’d really want to do when I get home is to be in front of the computer yet again.

After being an office lady for a good 3 months now, I cannot help but really look back to my schooling days – especially in Temasek Polytechnic and feel nostalgic.

Don’t get me wrong… It is not that I want to go back to those days – albeit I do miss them.

Just like everything else – there are pros & cons in being an office lady compared to being a student.

The first thing I popped champagne over was….



Honestly, projects can be a genuine pain in the butt.
Unlike exam-based subjects, projects has several other influencing factors to your grade.

And projects can sometimes (very literally) take over your entire life.

Especially those people who studied Marketing last time – good gosh, they were like drowning in the Sea of Projects.

2. Enjoy Public Holidays

You have no idea how elated I am over this.

I actually have a habit of Googling: next public holiday Singapore


Reason why I exceptionally love Public Holidays these days –

  • It is my paid-holiday!! ❤ ❤ I'm still under probation. So technically I'm not granted leave, it is known as unpaid leave. 😦
  • “School Holidays” are non-existent to me right now. Goodbye to the month-long June and December holidays… I’ll miss the one week in September too! 

I’m going to sound like a monster saying this – but I was just remembering the sudden “holiday” declaration over SARS years back when I was still in CHIJ.

I received phone calls from friends, “BITCH, WE HAVE NO SCHOOL!!”

Honestly, I don’t know why I got cursed at because there was no school. And there wasn’t even a “Hello, is this Geraldine?”. Not even worried that it could’ve been someone else who answered the phone. Evidently, elation took over.

Anyhow, I know it is terrible…. but sometimes I wonder if we will have this kind of holiday anytime soon! 😛 Don’t pretend that some of you aren’t even thinking about it!! C’mon!

You don’t have to take leave. And you don’t get suaned by the boss for taking MC. It is like government-given!

Albeit there are several other negative connotations to a nationwide disease spread…

3. (somewhat) Fixed Working Hours

One thing that I’m endlessly grateful for!

After I leave the office, I don’t have to think about work anymore!

When I was back in school, schoolwork was on my mind 24/7! It was nuts! And having only 3 hours of sleep during crunch time was a luxury.

Now that I’m working – my brain is given permission to only fulfill carnal needs after I sign-out!
Just think about eating & sleeping for the rest of the day.

About half a year back, it was…
“Okay, I have to contact Mr ABC to get this done…”
“Project deadline in exactly 1 week. I have to pace the group.”
“Report still has several parts not submitted… I’ll go back & compile the rest first…”
“Module XYZ has project submission in 1 week and exam the next… Got to push the team.”

The list is blardy endless!! *groans*

I know there are some office people who have to work through the night or practically live in the office…. but as of now, I’m not one of those.

4. No Fixed Timetable

No more pulling out my notebook while my friends & I walk in the school corridors – and finding out where to go next.

Or I always remember those early mornings… I’ll pull out my notebook while I’m on the bus, nearing school and check the classroom I have to be in.

And go like, “Dammit! If the classroom was nearer, I’d be on time!” Or, “Yeaaaaa!! First lecture hall! No need to speed!!”

The work you do in the office is pretty much self-directed.

Well, of course – you’re already a fully-grown adult… Kind of expected to be on top of things. There’s no need to give you a timetable to follow, to ensure you complete the requirements.

I like the whole freedom! Like, I can do Task A for about 2 hours, then hop over to Task B for a while, then decide that my brain likes Task A better – and just go back. Hehe!

Okay, doesn’t sound like a healthy working style at some point… but works for me!

Despite all my champagne popping – don’t get me wrong that office life is all find & dandy!

There are problems of…

1. Moolah Matters

For those who don’t understand. Moolah = Money.

Y’see… Everyone expects moolah problems to decline as soon as they’re earning a salary.

The thing is – it might have helped with your previous problem, but it brings forth whole new problems on it’s own!

  • No more student perks!
    Like my Singtel – unlimited SMS free? GONE!
    Or those cheap set meals? Nope, not applicable to me anymore.
    I can’t even watch cheap movies nowadays….
    And the biggest one yet – no more transport concession! Ouch. Trust me, transport really adds up.
  • People expect you to have money.
    This is what I find really annoying. People somehow just expect you to have money – simply because you’ve started earning money. And suddenly unexpected expenditure goes over the roof! I sometimes honestly don’t know where the hell my money flew to. 

Sometimes it is nice to just be a student – get an allowance, with all the perks & cheap school food. And nobody expects you to spend big!

2. Dressing

I used to love to just wear shorts.

I think it is the most comfortable! And easiest to match. Simple as that.

Now? Bah. My shorts have begun looking kind of lonesome in my wardrobe.

Only dresses, skirts & pants. Jeans on Fridays.

But honestly… Sometimes getting something comfortable yet decent enough for the office – can be really troublesome.

I guess this applies to those fresh graduates who haven’t gone all-out in office-wear shopping yet.

3. No more Short Days

I remember those days when I only had a 2-hour-day. -.- Which was really… Like, bah. I spend more time on transport than in lecture.

But I enjoyed them!

Practically no stress at all! It is almost like you never left home. Haha!

Or even those late classes? Like sometimes class starts only at 4PM.
No worries about not getting enough sleep, yo!

With those short days, I can also spend more time doing other things. Now? I find it difficult to run even basic errands, because there’s no time to!

Note: I have half-day Saturdays too! Running banking errands can be a real bitch.

So sometimes if you need to dedicate a day to do things, you really are forced to take leave.

Or in my case unpaid leave. Bah.

4, No more Teachers – just the Boss

In school, you make mistakes… It is pretty normal.

Of course you’d prefer not to… but if you do, no one should really fault you because you’re learning.

And honestly, in school – they (usually) don’t give you enough power to create killer mistakes.

In the office… Sometimes even the smallest boo boos will be sneered upon and forgiving is not part of the package.

You’re expected to know your work and do it perfectly – or at least well.

Teachers tend to be more forgiving about mistakes and patient in explanations.

Bosses usually just tell you, “I want this done by Friday.”

So that can be a real problem, trust me. There are several times that I often feel, “Oh shit. What do I do?”

Thank God for PBL (Problem-Based Learning)… You’re trained to have unknown shit thrown at you and you’re expected to clear the mess.


Well, all in all… Office life hasn’t exactly been entirely easy.

I have spent countless hours complaining to Mark & close friends. At the same time, I really like my colleagues around me! 🙂 Some of them are super nice.

Like I said, everything has it’s good & bad. Just focus on the good for energy to deal with the bad.

I have to admit that I miss being a student sometimes. And so many friends are asking when am I going to admit into a University.

Honestly… I don’t know, because I don’t know what I want. And I made countless mistakes & screw ups… I’d like to get this right.

So I’m going to take my time a little bit on this one, guys. 🙂

But I’ll get there eventually, I promise.

Thanks everyone for all your support & love! You know who you are! 😉 Muah muah muah!

X.O.X.O. Love Love.

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