I was a Corpse

Yes, the title was no typo.

I was a corpse. And this blog entry is now being typed by an extremely alive Geraldine. Don’t fret.

First off – a huge sorry to my to my blog for my negligence. 😦

I’m been so busy & tired out by work that I really don’t have much time for anything else.

And despite it being the season of Halloween…. No, this corpse-thingy was not for it.
I was never one for Halloween celebrations anyhow.

The thing is – I’m back to acting! 

I’m so happy! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

It has been eons since I lasted actually performed!

Okay, well… Unless you count singing in the shower. In that case, I do a nightly appearance!

It all started with me looking through some old pictures one day and I chanced upon a folder – “CHIJ STC – Sing to the Dawn Musical”

I clicked, I scrolled. And I teared.
Couldn’t determine if those tears were tears of joy or happiness…

Or maybe purely because it was my PMS period, so emotions were on a yo-yo.

Anyhow, I looked through the pictures and realised how much I’ve changed.
Honestly I don’t want the old “me” back… but I do miss her.

I looked at the pictures and saw my old friends. All of us so happy, because we were doing something we enjoyed.

We stayed in school till late at night – committing a minimum of 5 hours daily after school, full-days on weekends and holidays. And none of us complained.

I remember those years in secondary school. Albeit I try not to.
But I looked at those pictures. I want to remember that period.
I was really happy.

Sounds cheesy, yes?

There & then, I decided to try to make a comeback into the Arts.
I’ve been out for so long; I have more or less adapted to the Business world.

And my boyfriend loves to see me in office attire. Hahaha!
Okay, totally out of context. 😛

So I contacted an old friend whom I will cherish despite we hardly ever contact. And he slipped me a notice for an audition.

And I chickened out. The audition went on for a whole weekend and I almost just wanted to let it slide away.

Then on that Sunday after church, Mark just drove me down to the audition venue.
“I’d like you to give it a shot. Just give yourself one more chance at this. If this doesn’t work out, we’ll just walk away.”

So I did.

I walked into the audition venue with no monologue prepared, I should’ve just shot myself.

Other actors were rehearsing their stuff. Most of them even brought their acting CVs.

Me? It was just me. That’s it.

Mark waited with me for about 1-2 hours before it was my turn to audition.
And I did a split personality monologue. Something I cooked up on the spot.
About a young married woman who cheated on her loving husband. One side of her hates herself for cheating on someone who loves her so much, yet another side of her knows that she desires for the other man.

HAHA!! Okay, this is actually an almost true story. But not my story!! Just someone who’s really close to me. 😉 Not telling who!

And before I knew it, I received an email from one of the directors offering me a role in his short film!

When I first saw the script, I was like, “This is scary shit!”

I’m not going to tell the story! I don’t want to spoil it for my friends who I’m going to show the film to… Heh.

Underline is, I get murdered by this guy who has this weird fetish and I haunt him.

This role was nothing like the previous roles I took on.

I was a rich tai tai, I was an anal bitch, I was the belle of the class, I was a prostitute, I was a pretty boy (girls’ school days… got to play both genders!)… etc.

NEVER have I acted as a dead girl.

Check out my awesome makeup!

Took a full hour to do it! Especially the scar on the neck….

I even specially wore those creepy contacts to enhance the whole look. 😉

I still flinch as I look at the picture.

And I scared a lot of people that happened to pass by our filming set. -.-

I assure you… If I stood there without the camera equipment… I’d actually see people running for their lives.

It was really quite an experience!

I had to wake up at about 5.45AM in the morning to make it on time at set for my makeup.
As the dead person, I had to lie on the grass… which got muddy! Thanks to the rain.

By the end of the filming, everything was so ruined!

I lost a dress, which I didn’t really wear anymore anyway.
What I felt a little heartbroken about was my pair of heels. 😦 Because of the harsh weather conditions, my heels were literally ruined. Good thing I’ve worn them to almost full satisfaction to events & photoshoots!
Ah well, now I have a reason to buy new shoes! 😀

And I’m honestly not even that bothered.

Because I’m back into acting!

Okay, if it happens for every shoot – I’m going to be really pissed off. However this is my first performance in a long time… So it doesn’t matter to me. Hehe!

And I was really lucky to have had a wonderful crew to work with!
They were all so nice & sweet to me throughout the shoot. Took great care of me!
Couldn’t have asked for better people. :))

Honestly, after doing Business for a while – you’d know that the people are the most important.

Filming went on for 3 full days. 7AM-5PM. Phew!
This shoot was really tough. Even my fellow actor told me it was the hardest he did.

Can’t wait for the film to be out so I can watch! I have friends who are waiting to gather and watch! ❤ ❤ I love the support from my beloved friends!

Thank you, friends who messaged me to encourage me during my shoots! :))
Thank you, crew members who really worked hard on set!
And thank you, Mark. Without you, I wouldn’t have even gotten here. I love you so very much. ❤

We’ll see if there’s anymore Arts-action for me… but in the meantime, back to being a teacher to my adorable little monsters!

X.O.X.O. Love Love.

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