No, I’m not okay; but I will be.

I’m really sorry for neglecting my blog like as if I’m having an affair with another blog.

I’m not.

I’m just having a really difficult time in my life right now.

Just never really had the mood nor energy to write anything lately.

I’m writing this just to thank everyone who stuck by me & supported me.
You guys know who you are! :))

Some of you would contact me on almost a daily basis to check up on me.

Some of you even called immediately when you saw any signs of me in pain again.

Some of you would come to my rescue by giving me a surprise visit.

I guess through all the pain, I have learned who my real friends are – and how truly blessed I am to have true people around me. 🙂

I’m sorry to those people who I decline to tell the story to. To be honest, I’d rather not tell… Until everything is more or less settled, at least.

I’m sorry to those people who always counted on me as support, but I’ve failed lately. I’m human too and I’ve just about reached my breaking point.

Dear God, I pray for my heart to mend. 
I pray for me – that I would let go of the pain & move on. 
I pray for a better tomorrow. 

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