Got a feeling… 2013’s gonna be a good year! :)

I know it’s too early to say that 2013 will be a good year… 
but I honestly, truly have a good feeling about this year! :)) *fingers crossed* 
2012 was such a bad year. I shudder just thinking about it. 
As much as many good things happened – the damage of the bad things… Not too good. 😦 I’m just glad 2012 is over! 
So how did everyone’s New Year celebrations go? 
New Year’s Eve – I had a countdown at my family’s with Mark. Fattened ourselves up with food, food and beer! 😀 And we watched heaps of shows, while the oldies played some mahjong. And Kath & I made the little baby cry. Oh well. 
New Year’s Day – I went with a dear friend, Whitney to explore Chinatown & Arab Street! No, I wasn’t getting back in touch with my roots… but he needed to hunt for something there. I swear the sun was merciless. Whitney is American; so it is pretty understandable that he didn’t take to the heat too well. However me; the true-blue Singaporean… Was actually sweating & complaining more than him! *ashamed* I blame it on the fact that it is my PMS period.  
So came January 2 – Mark, my loverboy planned a day out at Universal Studios! He actually bought tickets on New Year’s Eve, but it was raining tigers & wolves (cats & dogs would just be an understatement). 
While the tigers & wolves were splatting themselves all over outside – those inconsiderate things… Tsk. I made like a pig and went to sleep, while Mark remained a human and played his computer games. 
Thus… We postponed our day-of-fun at Universal Studios to January 2! Well, it is still technically New-Year-period to me. 
So I took it as part of the New Year Celebrations!! 
Bought our tram tickets into Singapore’s little island-playground; Sentosa!! 
I don’t mean to sound like a cheapo…. but the tickets went up by $0.50 leh!! Tsk. 
I couldn’t get my camera to focus on the tickets instead of Mark’s face, I think he’s just too handsome.  
“Let’s go, my piggy-wiggy!”

…or probably because it was on “Portrait” mode and his face looks more like a face, in comparison to those tickets.

Singapore’s weather is like a menopausing-woman sometimes. It is either super hot or super rainy… So it was super hot.

I was prepared for Mother Nature’s wrath! I slapped on sunblock, had a cap in my bag & put on minimal makeup!! MUAHAHAHA!! *flexes non-existent muscles*

Practically a must-take photo every time at Universal Studios!

Well, it’s Mark’s first time with the globe – the other time he went, it was under construction.

Photo of locals taken by visiting foreigners! 😀

It was somehow still rather crowded.

Popular rides had queues so long… It was like you could make like Rip Van Winkle, then wake up… Retire, write a book… Build the Great Wall of China… And it still won’t be your turn yet.

It wasn’t even a Public Holiday or a weekend!! *sob*

I don’t mean to sound like an anal bitch or whatever… I just don’t like huge crowds very much.
Plus the Sun? Oh gawd.

Anyhow, it was quite shocking that the Battlestar Galactic Cylon had a waiting time of only 10 minutes! Which pushed Mark to ride it all the more!

I swear my heart couldn’t take it yet. He just somehow loves to push me down into the abyss of shock. It is so in his nature to bully me these days… and especially much these days… 😦 It gets a tad hurting…

See?? After the ride, he was all happy & exhilarated!

I just looked like a mess!

Forms of reactions after Battlestar Galactic Cylon

Regardless, my boyfriend is my boyfriend. 🙂

I got a tad woozy after the ride… And he noticed I wasn’t making a random spouts of nonsense or asking idiotic “What if…” questions…

Mark: Honey, what’s wrong? You don’t look like you’re having much fun…

Me: Of course not. Feed me again. *puppy-dog eyes*

I need my food. And not only so – I need to have good food.

Mark knows that if I’m unhappy with my food, I’ll end up in a grouchy mood.

What goes onto my taste buds and into my tummy – reflects on my face. Haha!

We had a pretty sucky lunch before entering Universal Studios… 😦 And Mark knew.
It was expensive and it was not delicious at all!

To appease Her-Gluttonous-Highness (me), Mark brought us out to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf cafe just outside the park! Where I was fed a delicious slice of Chocolate cake and Vanilla ice-blended.

Ironically… Not a hint of coffee or tea though.

Boyfriend enjoying his own drink and a girlfriend in a much chirpier mood! 😀

No shit about it – when it comes to appeasing me, Mark has earned a PhD or something.

Then after our break, Mark brought us to the Annual Pass Lobby! Where he upgraded both our Day-Passes into Annual Passes!!

Mark was always talking about getting them, simply because I keep on wanting to go back!

Me: It’s expensive, sweetie… Don’t upgrade.

Mark: My sweet honey… *rubs my cheeks* If I bought the regular tickets every time you wanted to come, that would be expensive.

HAHA!! Sounds legit.

Happy & Spoiled Girlfriend

And friends I go with get 10% off their Day-Pass prices too!

Sigh. I swear, Mark spoils me to no end.

And so many people say he treats me like a princess. That he does! 🙂
Albeit sometimes I think it is also because I behave like a princess… 😛

So my 2013 is off to such a good start!

Honestly at this point – I really don’t know yet how I want to continue my life… I’ll just continue breathing, eating, drinking, pee-ing, pooping, etc. And just see how it goes!

I’m just going to leave 2013 up to God!
I don’t know how it is going to go… For all I know, God has plans to put me through more shit. (I honestly hope not though…)

However at least God already put Mark in my life; he held my hand throughout ugly-2012 and is ready to take on [undefined]-2013 with me now. 🙂

Dear 2012, I bid you goodbye. 
No, I won’t really miss you; 
remember all the times you made me cry? 
I will still think of you; 
you brought many smiles too. 
But please don’t be played for a fool;
there’s no way in hell that I’d want to keep you. 
2013 is here now, 
I hope it’s nice. 
Instead of being so usually foul, 
I suggest you be nice. 
You’re a year of painful lessons begotten; 
I guess you can know you’ll never be forgotten. 
You gave me fears; I’ve wiped my tears. 
You gave me some hope; then stabbed me with a choke. 
I’m glad you’re gone, yet I’m glad you came. 
Because of you, 2012; 
I’ll never be the same. 
I don’t know how 2013 will be; we’ll see. 
You don’t have to wish me well; 
because I really don’t mind. 
You don’t have to want to let me go; 
blame it on ill fates entwined. 
But regardless of how you feel, 
I’m still turning my heel. 
A new chapter has started; 
a new page is turned. 
I’ll continue living; 
a better future is what I’ve earned. 
Goodbye, don’t be bitter. 
I only wish you gone;
and for 2013 to be sweeter. 
2012, I bid you goodbye;
please stop making me cry. 

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