Saying Goodbye

Have you ever had someone who meant so much to you; but things just ended.

Like as if it was on Heaven’s cue – you didn’t really see it coming… Just, BAM!! One day, the person is slowly fading away from your life.

And that’s all fine & dandy. People come & go like seasons.

However when someone means so much to you… You definitely need a good closure.

You need a goodbye that both people are able to understand, accept and live with. Otherwise, one party is going to be dying inside for the rest of his/her life.

I spent so long pining over someone who was gone for quite a while now.

Such a fool.

I don’t know why; I cannot explain it. Maybe I’m just scared; but I think it is because he is one-of-a-kind in my life.

Mark tells me to let go; he’ll take good care of me. He’ll never leave me alone and I won’t ever cry in the shadows again.

Idealistic; but I like it.

Every single time I walked up to speak to him; I enjoyed every word. It feels so comfortable, so natural and so right. And I cannot stop smiling.

Then I wake up to reality; snap myself back… “Stop trying to relive or revive the past.”

I have someone who will stand by me now – I’ve hung around long enough, it’s almost sad.

Why does the heart always pine for you; I really don’t like this sentimental attachment I have towards you… but I guess it comes with being so special to me.

You didn’t even really say goodbye…
You just left words like as if everything was going to be okay; so I assumed that you’d stay.

Guess not.

It pinches; but I got to stop playing make-believe & what-if.

And besides… Reality isn’t half bad.

I survived the tough parts; now the climax building up. You ready?

Because soon enough, you probably won’t even hear me talking to you anymore.
Albeit remember, you’re always in my heart.

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