So now I’m working at Groupon

Most of you might already know – I’m working again!

The job offer actually came as quite a surprise to me. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly fervently looking for a job. I was actually living quite an ideal life for a bit. *grin*

I was giving tuition – earning enough to rely on myself comfortably and I was working really minimal hours.

Especially after my last job at my previous company… *shudders* I pretty much didn’t want to step foot into another place for a bit. I felt I deserved a good break after all that madness.

However I spent too many mornings looking at myself in the mirror when I have cleanser-foam all of over, “G, what the f**k are you doing with your life??”

Honestly, it was quite scary. Plus the soapy-face?
Totally freaked me out of my wits.

It scared me that I didn’t have an answer for myself.

I honestly did.not.know what in the world I was doing.

Those close to me know that the past few months were a bitch. Like, a classic bitch.
These past few months had brought me to a breaking point in my life – but I’m not going to bore you all with my melancholic details.

So I debated with myself over several options….

Me #1: How about going back to school? That sounds like an idea! 

Me #2: Oh, come on! That is in an ideal world! We all know that the idea is unfeasible on soooo many levels. Don’t be such a bimbo. 

Me #1: If I’m a bimbo, pretty much makes YOU one too! 

Me #2: How about just marrying a rich man and be some rich wife that goes to spas and shops all day? 

Me #1: Uh huh. Is someone forgetting you have a man who is madly, deeply, truly in love with you? That you’d never want to hurt, especially after all that he’s done for you?? 

Me #2: True… And being some rich tai tai was never part of your life’s goal anyhow…

Me #1:  How about finding more students to tutor?

Me #2: Okay… So you plan on being a teacher now? You realise that all of this somehow goes into your resume? 

Me #1: Naah. I enjoy teaching, but don’t want to make a career out of it…. 

Me #2: Okay then. So I guess it’s back to full-time employment?

Me #1: Are you nuts?? You have barely recovered from all that shit that came from the place! Plus with all your personal problems right now… 

Me #2: If the idea is so hell-horrible, why are you even reading this job offer? 

Terrible example of debating.
I have lost all my debating skills.

Anyhow, true story.

While I was arguing with myself on this – I was actually looking at the job offer made by Groupon.

So I decided, why not just give it a shot?

…after 3 rounds of stressful tests & interviews…
…and fighting with (what I heard) 10-15 other candidates… (I also heard they had higher qualifications & more experience than me…)
I got the job!

Surprise, surprise. Especially after the title of this entry just gives away everything. -.-

I honestly don’t know why I got offered the job…

Was it my charm???
Was it my looks??
Was it my undeniable charisma??

Oh sheesh.


I honestly don’t know – and somehow I don’t really care.

I’m just grateful that I took the plunge and decided to stop mopping around over the past. 🙂

Thanks to all my darling friends and my ever-wonderful boyfriend who egged me on!! You are all such special people to me. 🙂

Thank you to those busybodies who I simply love… 😛 Always Whatsapp-ing me stuff like…
“So how did it go??”
“Babe, I need an update NOW!!”
“Stop panicking… I know you are! You’re gorgeous & you’re legendary!”
“Hey, if in the end you don’t get the offer… They’re just idiots! I’ll never buy from Groupon again!”

Hahaha! I have such adorable people around me that love me so much.

Anyways – to the one that said you’ll never buy from Groupon again… You must be super relieved now! Heh!

I’m truly blessed. 🙂

Whatever happened in my previous company – well, good riddance that it is my previous company! LOL.
There’s no way I’d desire for it to be my present or future.

I’m blessed to have seen that I have people around me who love me. And now I’m blessed to have a wonderful place to work in. 🙂

It’s been 2 weeks so far – I’ve pretty much settled down.

Heh. For those who don’t know – I’m in the Editorial section.

So don’t come to me for collection of goods or complaints… Or whatever….
I’ve been getting a lot of that lately. -.-

So far… it seems people expected me to hate my job, for some reason.

I won’t deny – it’s a challenging job… but that’s the reason why I love it. 🙂 And I do have very lovely colleagues too!

Ah well.

I’m glad that I dusted myself off and decided to move on. 🙂 And many other things are changing too… I can feel it in my bones!

Heh heh.

Better buckle yourself up, G! Things are about to get a little crazier than they are right now.

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