Happy Love Day!

On February 14, it was the day of love-love-LOVE!! 

Honestly, I’m not one to be all hyped up about the history of seasons. 
…with the exception of Christmas. 
I’m bias like that. 
Unlike most other festivities – Valentine’s Day is something you can either love or hate
You can be super excited about the romanticism that will emit from all couples that day… 
Or simply hate the sickening-sweetness of them. 
Either way – Valentine’s Day is something you cannot really ignore
Don’t you agree? 
It is something like Chinese New Year in a country like Singapore – it is so in.your.face
Shops are closed for a few days in a row, Chinese New Year sales are blatantly all over the place, those annoying dong-dong-qiang-qiang songs chime through almost every store… 
On Valentine’s Day – you pretty much are surrounded by loving couples
Girls holding onto expensive bouquet of flowers with a radiant smile on her face, the boy proudly holding onto his lady… albeit probably weeping inside at the notorious cost of the bouquet, which is going to end up dead in a few days. 
Talk about conditional costing – the prices of roses were NUTS
I honestly never really knew they were that expensive. 
So while in the office, my colleagues were in a speculating-frenzy about what Mark would be doing for me. 
And they somehow arrived on the conclusion – “Mark is going to propose today!!” 
And they made me comb my messy hair… get myself mentally prepared… even wanted to force me to remove my Groupon tag…
“A hidden-photographer could be anywhere! You wouldn’t want him to catch you in any unglamorous state, riiiiiight??”
It is decided – editorial people have the most fertile of imaginations.
So in case anyone is wondering – NO!! Mark did not propose. I’m not engaged and not getting married at the moment. 
Plus, I don’t even think I am ready for such a big step! :/ 
Things have gotten so crazy lately (a lot of personal issues…), I barely have even time to think properly about Mark and me.
So my boyfriend came down to my office with 3 stalks of roses and a soft cushion from Craftholic!! 
All because I was envious of my colleague who had one too… and she looks so happy & comfy while hugging hers. LOL. 
And not only that, Mark packed my favourite ramen from Ramen Champion too!! 
Sometimes I look at him, then I look at me – and I wonder, “What did this idiot do so wrong to deserve a brat like me ah??” 
Contrary to some beliefs, I am not an easy girlfriend to have. 
Mark made me realise that very well…
However this whole love-business on Valentine’s does not only apply to lovers… It also involves other people you love as well. 
Y’know… Love isn’t only for your lover… You still have family & friends… Or any other beings. 
And I think pets are included too! Haha! 
So I was really touched when I received candy-sweet messages from friends! *blush* I love my friends so much! Without some of them (I can actually name them by heart!), I assure you that I won’t be here today. 🙂 
So yes, it is safe to say that I do love my friends. 
And thus when I saw their Valentine’s greetings… I felt so swept away with love!! Hehehe. 
I also remembered times when I was single on Valentine’s Day… it honestly wasn’t as crappy as people claim… but I guess because I had friends who spent time with me and we exchanged love-themed presents!
Sigh! I’m really blessed to have friends & a boyfriend who loves me so unconditionally. 
Seriously loh… Sometimes I’m such a dumbo and loser… I say and do all the wrong things… but they still manage to see some beauty in me. 
So here was my Valentine’s Day lunch in a nutshell! 

And he whisked me away in his little red chariot at night after I finished giving tuition – brought me to have some awesome supper!


To those who were without a Valentine’s – you’re not alone.

Valentine’s is all about love – and love doesn’t just come from a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/mistress/etc…  Hehe.

It comes from those who care about you – who really want you to be happy while living your life.

I grew up in a world thinking that no one else really cared – at the end of the day, it is every man for himself. No one really cares about another person; it is just obligation or charity.

But I was mistaken.

I really do have people who care for me unconditionally and I believe that God placed such people in everyone’s lives… Just be prepared to open your eyes & heart to them. 🙂

Alright, people!

I’ll end this entry here!!


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