Product Review – Sephora Smoothing Primer

Every vanity girl knows the unsuspecting importance of a primer. 
It is one of those things that people simply do not see; yet it can make such a world of difference to your makeup. 
Here’s what a primer does in a nutshell; …or least they’re supposed to. 
a. smoothen your complexion – allowing your application of foundation/BB cream to be more flawless 
b. make your makeup last longer – on average, I can go to leave the house at 8am…be home at 11pm… and still look decently-somewhat fresh! 
That’s a huge feat for me, okay! 
I have terribly temperamental skin; much like myself. 

Any time it is unhappy – just totally under-performs. 

So anyway, today I will be doing a review on Sephora Smoothing Primer.
I read tonnes of fairly good reviews on this product and when my colleague loaned it to me to try – I was crazy excited! 
Sephora – Smoothing Primer

Basically this primer is a transparent liquid.

Looks like that!

What I Loved:

  • Applying foundation was easier

Thanks to this little baby right here – when I applied my foundation, it went on a lot better than usual! Without a primer, it takes more effort to properly spread out the foundation… but I must say, this really helped! 
  • Complexion looked smoother!
Well, like a good primer does – my face did look smoother! 😀 I even received compliments! *blush* 
Heck, my face even felt smoother! I kept on rubbing my face against the back of my hand that morning and was grinning like an idiot.
  • Makeup lasted longer!
I work about 12 hours a day. So I need my makeup to be good enough to practically go fight a war in. 
That night I got home only at about 2am – but my makeup did not look as bad as I anticipated. 
Usually by about 10pm, my complexion would be a little uneven… And my skin looking rather dull. 
However on that day, I actually looked like a 6pm-look! Which was a huge thing to me! 
  • Cheap
Compared to other primers of the same quality – this is definitely one of the cheapest I know! It costs only about SGD20!
What I Hated:
  • The layer over your skin
I know some people don’t mind this – but I do. Heh. 
When I used this product, my face felt like it was wearing a mask the entire day. 
Only towards the end of the day, the feeling dies down a little. 
Y’know the type of feeling your hands get when you apply some hand salve? …Something like that. Except it is on your face! 
I didn’t like the feeling at all… It just made my face feel a tad constricted. Like I cannot do the dumb expressions I usually do with ease! 
Probably just psychological lah… I mean, not like the primer will hold back my features like an all-powerful-botox! 
  • The rather stubborn pump
Yes, this was a tad annoying… 
Sometimes when you press on the pump, the product just does not come out! Argh. Really bad if you’re in a rush! 
Or it practically coughs some product out a little by little… 

Alright, this pretty much wraps up what I have to say about this product!

Honestly, nothing super fancy – or something awful

After I returned it to my colleague, I didn’t rush down to the nearest Sephora (which is only 10 mins away) to get my own! …It just doesn’t appeal to me that much.

But I guess for the price – it is a pretty good buy! 🙂

Albeit something to note: I asked a few friends who have dry/dry-combination skin. They told me that it tends to make their skin look flaky towards the end of the day.

You don’t want that…

So I guess this is good if you have oily/oily-combination skin. I suppose that layer I felt all day also helps in oil control?

But I just don’t like the feeling of that layer on my face all day long!

Oh well, I guess to each his(her) own! 😉

Places to buy from: Sephora

Price: about SGD20

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