5 Types of Annoying Salespeople

If you’re a salesperson and you simply hate it when people complain about your profession… Well, just don’t read this post then.

It’s really all just my opinion.

And I have worked in sales before; so I know how awful some customers can get. I’m not speaking from an ignorant point-of-view here.

So I love to shop.

Pretty much like every other female out there.

However sometimes… Those salespeople get really too sickening. They just make me lose my appetite for shopping.

#5 Annoying Salesperson: The Nonchalant

Now, they are the types that simply do not acknowledge your existence in the shop. In fact, they usually just continue playing with their smartphones or watching a video on their laptops.

I know how boring it can get in the shop when there’s no one around.

…but that’s when there’s no one around!

Excuse me, but I’d think you should be happy if someone shows interest in what you’re trying to sell, no?

Why is it that I seem more interested in your wares, then you yourself?

In that case, why should I care then? *rolls eyes*

So one day I entered this shop and really liked this necklace, but couldn’t find the price tag.

So I went looking for the salesperson… Who was seated at the cashier, utterly engrossed in some video she was watching. When I asked her questions, she just replied in one-word replies; without even looking at me.

If you want your sale, show that you want it!

The fact is, I will still be happy & dandy without that necklace! The real loser is still the salesperson who acted like she didn’t want the sale – ultimately, her boss, I guess.

And when it is about 15 minutes to closing time – The Nonchalant can literally completely ignore your existence.

#4 Annoying Salesperson: The Snob

Okay, The Nonchalant can be sickening… but they’re still tolerable.

Have you met The Snob?

They really make you feel like you’re some pathetic piece of shit.

Once my friend and I were shopping for bras… And this was what happened.

Friend: Sorry, I need this in a Cup B.

Salesperson: For yourself?

Friend: Yes.

Salesperson: * scrutinizes her boobs* No, you’re an A.

Friend: No, I have tried this brand before. I wear a B for this.

Salesperson: *snickers* (She really did snicker!! We both heard it!) No, I am a B. You’re an A.

I swear, my eyebrows raised up and if she wasn’t my friend – I might’ve burst out laughing.

It was rather amusing, if it wasn’t downright mean of the salesperson.

I mean… If the customer wants to try the B Cup… let her try the B Cup!

Is it really that difficult??

And let her realise for herself whether she is an B Cup or not.


There are some that will even tell you that you’re too fat, too short, too tanned…etc, to suit their product.

So instead of having retail therapy… You kind of wind up feeling pretty bad about yourself sometimes.

#3 Annoying Salesperson: The Ignorant

The Snob can get pretty bad… but after leaving the shop, bitching about him/her to your friend and ranting on Twitter… I’m pretty okay after that.

The Ignorant is the type that can go on and on about the benefits of the product… And all that is going in your head is, “Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Omg, BULLSHIT!”

I have encountered so many of them! I want to literally teach them the real facts of things!

Especially when it comes to makeup. Super particular of what the salesperson tells me.

Me: Hey, I need to get a Stippling Brush, please.

Salesperson: Oh, erm…. *looking absolutely clueless*

Me: *helping her along* I need it to blend out my foundation.

Salesperson: Oh, right! *pulls out the foundation brush*

Me: This isn’t a Stippling Brush…

Salesperson: But you can use it for your foundation! It is very good! Many of our customers like this brush!

Omg. I don’t care if many of your customers like it or not – it isn’t what I’m looking for!

Me: Can it blend as well as a Stippling Brush?

Salesperson: Of course! You can do this… *does some blending motion* Like how a Stippling Brush would work!

I rolled my eyes. Totally on reflex.

If she didn’t know her stuff, she should at least admit that she doesn’t know! What’s the point of acting like you know, when you just make a huge fool out of yourself?

I’m not saying that everyone should know what a Stippling Brush is – but for someone who was working in a rather established cosmetic shop, shouldn’t he/she be well-prepared on such things?

Do your homework before handing it in, please.

#2 Annoying Salesperson: The Pusher 

I’m sure we all have encountered such salespeople before…

All they do is really push.push.push!

It can be so-very annoying!

The thing is – if the product is really all that good… Stop pushing it so much! It’ll just make me wonder why are you pushing it so badly?? Is it because no one wants to buy it? So if no one wants to buy it… What’s wrong with it??

And they give you a mountain of information about every single product you lay eyes it! It is hell stressful.

Salesperson: Hello, welcome! Can I help you?

Me: No, it’s fine, thanks. I’m just browsing. *picks up this pretty bottle*

Salesperson: Oh, that is very good for the eyes! It helps with…blah blah blahblah blah blah… blah blah blah…

Me: Oh, okay. *puts it back and looks at something else*

Salesperson: You don’t like the eye cream? It is one of our best-sellers! We are also having a promotion now! …blah blah blah… blah blah blah… blah blah blah…

Me: Okay, I’m really just browsing….

Salesperson: No problem! We have a full range of products that I think suits you very well! Would you like to come and see?

Me: No, it’s fine. Thank you very much! *tries to look at other things*

Salesperson: But they’re really very suitable for you! blah blah blah… blah blah blah… blah blah blah…

It can get really annoying! Oh sheesh!

#1 Annoying Salesperson: The Follower

This is probably the mildest of all… but I dislike them the most, because they’re the most common!

The Follower – like the same suggests…. Follows you everywhere.
…within the shop vicinity, of course.

Anywhere else would just be downright creepy.

Anyway, they are like your shadow…

I don’t know if they’re afraid you steal something… Or they miss out on you calling them… Or they really like to look at the back of my head……

The Follower is always behind me!

It can get so bad that when I turn around, I stand a chance of bumping into him/her!

And to some extend, you’ll feel like your personal space is compromised and a tad violated at some point.

Sometimes The Follower doesn’t even say anything – even when you look genuinely interested in something. They just quietly lurk around… Until you ask them something.

It can be quite scary sometimes, really. *shudders*

Like those stealth ninjas!

Although… They’re not that stealth… because you can totally feel their presence around…

Like, I can be reading something on the product… Put it down and turn around.

Once, I literally jumped.

Me: AHH!!

Salesperson: Did I scare you??

Me: No!! (Thinking: You think?!) Were you standing here all this time?

Salesperson: Yes!

Me: Ooookay. *walks away*

Salesperson: *swiftly follows*

Oh well.

That being said… I have met some really good salespeople!

Absolutely helpful, yet not pushy at the least!

They’re friendly and polite! And they strike a good balance between letting you know they want the sale, yet making you feel like there are other people out there who want their products too.

I think that’s the best form of salespeople!

Hmmmmm….. Okay, I guess in a way…. These annoying salespeople actually help me save money. 😀

With them around, I hardly have the mood to buy anything from them. Unless I am in absolute dire need of the thing.

…which is pretty rare. Haha!

Well, there are pros & cons to everything in life!

I guess annoyance can also come with a little benefit.

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