I Have Been Bespectacled

I haven’t had a pair of spectacles since I left secondary school eons ago… 

I won’t walk into a canal or miss the train door without specs/contacts… but I can’t really see the bus numbers, etc. 

So one day I woke up with a really bad eye. My right eye was feeling sore a hell… I could hardly open it! 

I panicked. 

Omg. I’m going blind. Shit. 

No, wait. I still have one more eye… albeit not that much of a consolation… 
Oooh… Bummer, it hurts just blinking. Urgh. 

So with my left eye open, I sent a WhatsApp to my boss that I won’t be going in for work. 

At the doctor’s… 

Doctor: Okay, so I don’t really know what’s wrong… 

Me: -Oh crap. It’s either I have contracted a rare disease or this fella is a waste of my money.- 

Doctor: So I’ll just give you eye drops anyhow. Do you wear contacts? Are you wearing them now?

Me: Didn’t you just look into my eye? No, I’m not. But yes, I normally do. 

Doctor: For long hours? 

Me: Yea, I work about 12 hours a day. 

Doctor: Ahh! Explains it! 

Me: -Conclusion: he’s a waste of my money.-

The eye drops helped… but I knew that wearing contacts at least 12 hours a day, 5 days a week was just digging the grave for my precious peepers. 😦 

So over the weekend, Lily brought me to this little shop to get my spectacles done! 

While I was browsing around, Shop Uncle drew out this pair of black frames. 

Shop Uncle: This one is good! It is unbreakable! *bends the entire spectacle*

Me: Oh wow! *utterly amused*

Shop Uncle: You buy others, you will come back 3 months later. You buy this one, 1 year later. 

Me: Uncle… I come back and give you business, you don’t want ah? 

Okay, honestly I’m hoping they last more than a year… but then again, I might just get sick of them by that time. 

They’re actually an “army” pair. That’s how hardcore they are!

So this is how they look!

Ramen for dinner after spectacle-shopping!

So because I didn’t want to go through that eye-problem ordeal again, I vowed to myself that contacts will only be used for non-working days! 

It initially felt really weird… 

I really dislike the feeling of the spectacles on my ears. I have been told my ears are not at a balanced height… (I really don’t know if it is supposed to be an okay thing). So one ear would feel strained when I wear spectacles for too long. 

😦 Hell, yes. It definitely did.

And because I remember my glasses fogging up in the past whenever I was eating hot stuff, I always take out my spectacles during lunch. However that day I was sipping my coffee and forgot about my specs… 

OMG!! Why are both my eyes blur now?? 
I’m really going blind?! 

My kind ears decided to remind me of the strain on them… 

Ah, yes. I’m wearing spectacles.
I’m an idiot.

So another thing was people’s reactions to bespectacled-me. 

I was kind of expecting:
“Geeky Gerry, eh?” 
“You don’t look as good… but oh well, health comes first!” 
“I wonder if Mark wants to be seen with you!”

Call me pessimistic… I just never really liked myself in spectacles.

Then I got: 

“Slutty librarian.” 
“Niiiiice. Now you know why you’re always shagged in Shoot-Shag-Marry!”
“Mark is a lucky man….” 


I still don’t really like wearing the spectacles. 

But good to know people are enjoying the better view! 😀

…I mean, I have a better view! ;P

They are totally clearer than my contacts! And don’t strain my eyes so much too! 

Oh well. 
You win some, you lose some. 

In fact, I’m wearing them right now

Okay, I guess I love the convenience that I can just easily remove them and go to sleep… Rather than having to go to the washroom and stick my fingers in my eyeballs to remove my contacts. 

Heh. So I’m going to remove them now. 
And go to sleep! 

All without having to go to the washroom!! 

…Bah. I need to pee. 

Love, G.

2 responses to “I Have Been Bespectacled”

  1. Belle, you totally blew my mind with this blog post and the witty puns that came about. I love “the better view” and the double take on it.

    You're a really awesome writer of your life. You should definitely publish this story some magazine other than your own blog!

    Dan Tan


  2. Haha! Aww, Dan… I'm not that good. I haven't sat down to really write in the longest time ever! Thanks for your encouragement though! Always a wonderful fellow writer-friend to have!


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