Gardens by the Bay – Twice

I’m probably on some spree on Singapore’s tourist attractions… 

Since just mid-last month I brought Mark to the S.E.A. Aquarium at Sentosa, this month I went to the Gardens by the Bay. 


As most of my friends would know – I’m doing my 9 to 6 in Groupon right now. And we seem to have this Gardens by the Bay deal quite often

I guess props to my fellow writer-colleague… I was soon tempted to go check the place out! 

So why is this such an achievement? 

1. I hate big crowds. 
So I tend to wait for the hype to die down before I even fathom the idea of visiting. I never saw the point really… I mean, why subject myself to all the squeezing and stuff… When the attraction is going to still be there anyway? I usually just wait things out. 

2. I’m hardly an outdoor person.  
Seems many people notice this… It is not that I loathe the outdoors that I melt like a butter under the scorching Sun. Hello? I live in Singapore – we have Summer all-year round. I don’t really have the option to melt, if I want to continue living. 
I just don’t appreciate the heat… 
Now & then I like to go cycling and all that outdoor-sy stuff. But even when I go running, I prefer to go to the air-conditioned gym much more than running in the park.

So anyhow, before I digress any further…

Couple of months back, my Monday Hues group celebrated one of our birthdays! Yuping turned 21 and we wanted to make it special for the lovely girl! 🙂 

So we had a hotel room in MBS and I suggested we buy a Groupon to Gardens by the Bay! 😀 

Actually, it was just when Clive happened to call and ask about what we should do… Other than just lounge like lazy lizards in the hotel room. 

And just then, I was looking at a Gardens by the Bay deal at work. 

*eyes immediately sparkled!* 

However, during the birthday-celebration-weekend… Mala couldn’t make it! 😦 So we decided to hold off our visit to the Gardens… Our group leaves no man behind!! *does a warrior-like stance*

…partly also because once we got into the room, we all started literally lazing around like lazy lizards. 

So we went at noon. 

Mala fabulously flicking her hair & arm!


I was cranky as hell, just minutes into walking towards the Gardens. 

Well, the heat didn’t only get to me… It got to Clive too! 

Now, usually Clive and I start our bickering almost immediately. 

However because we didn’t see each other for so long! We got a tad sentimental and were too busy feeling happy to actually see each other again, that we forgot to fight. 


Doing the thing we always do

Didn’t take too long before Clive and I went on to kill each other as usual. 

It was a good day! 😀 

So once we entered the place and our skin relished the sensation of cool air upon them… 

First thought in my head – “Do you think they purposely make you walk into the gardens; through that diabolical temperature… Then when you enter this air-conditioned place… You cannot help but think that it is such a wonderful place??” 

 Even as Singaporeans – we went into tourist-mode! 

Whipping out their phones and Instagram-ing 
The Gardens were indeed beautiful

My favourite shot of us! 🙂

 And look at the scintillating tulips! How utterly beautiful! 

Currently Tulip Mania!

 I had no idea there was this Tulip-thing… Just lucky, I guess! 

The Tulips were really nice! ❤ ❤ I feel like just flying down to Holland or somewhere and bounce around in a large field of Tulips, with my arms stretched out and singing "The Hills Are Alive". 

(almost) Always camera-ready! 😀
In Holland Clogs!

It was a really fun day! I went home really bushed out and super ecstatic that I had already finished going through my deals for the following day’s launch. 

So just the following week… I made plans to bring my Mommsy out for Mother’s Day and her birthday! 

I brought her to have some good food! ❤ ❤ Always a must-have on weekends for me. 

Then initially what I thought would be a visit to the SkyPark at MBS… turned out to be a visit to the Gardens (again!). 

Mommy told me she actually wanted to see the Gardens. So being the loving daughter I am, I brought her! 

Mommy getting ready to head in!

 Mommy was really enjoying the gorgeous flowers and even speculated if they were real! 

Got home exhausted once more and this time – I had work to do. 

I love the Gardens, really. 

I must say I quite enjoy the tourist attractions on my little sunny island! 😀 

And I love how the Gardens has ‘Locals’ rates – so we get to go in at a cheaper rate! I whipped out my pink IC like a boss at the ticketing booth. Muahaha. 

Everyone should go check out the Gardens! Gorgeous place. 

And well-worth the torturous walk in! Albeit you can try to go at about 3-4pm? When the Sun isn’t so…up there.

Ending this entry – I’ll leave you with a couple of my favourite photos of the Gardens taken by yours truly! 🙂 

Love, G.

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