What if I grew a penis…?

So one day I was having lunch with a friend of mine and she popped the question!

No, we’re not getting a HDB together.

Friend: What if you woke up one day… And you had a dick?!

Me: Oh wow. What shows have you been watching lately??

Despite my reaction, I actually spent time thinking about it.
(If my boss is reading this, just know that I didn’t do it during working hours… And if I unconsciously did, well… Our generation is pretty good at this multi-tasking jazz anyways, right? :D)

So anyways, I figured if one day I woke up with a morning glory… (because apparently all men wake up with erections). I’d probably stareeeeeee….

Eyeballs popping, nostrils a tad inflamed…

“W.T.F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And start running around in a frenzy! …yet at the same time hoping I won’t alert anyone of my weird plight.

Okay, still saying the opposite from what I really want… Still female in that aspect.

So I decided that there would be three things that I would do.

1. Try to take a piss. 

I mean, it is entirely different from that of a female’s right?

And it is literally the first thing I have to do once I manage to drag myself out of my possessive bed. So, not really a choice there anyhow. *shrugs*

I would imagine it to be a challenge. We females literally just have to sit and let it flow… Males; not so easy, I’m guessing.

I’ll probably make a complete mess of the washroom… but, oh well.

2. Get kicked in the balls. 

Yea, as sadistic as this might sound… I actually do want to do that.

Simple reason – no one has ever been able to say which is more painful; giving birth or getting kicked in the balls. Because no one person has ever experienced both before.

Sure, there are some sort of mathematical jazz behind it… but people are still somewhat unconvinced. And I’m one of those.

Okay – but this is on the hope that the dick would eventually disappear… And my female genitals would return to me, allowing me to give birth to children of my own…

3. Have sex. 

Why? Because men just seem sooooo hung up over it.

Does it honestly feel that good for them??

So if I have a dick, I’d sure want to find out!

I don’t know if I could land a girl though… since my other parts are still female… It might be challenging…


Oh well, I honestly hope that I will never grow a penis anyways… I’m pretty happy with what I have. 😀

I guess some things in life should be left unknown anyway…

I’m sorry if this post appears to be vulgar to anyone… Really just random thoughts. 😉

I guess if I did… I could tell my grandpa that he has another grandson!
…albeit I doubt he’ll be too pleased about this.

Love, G.

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