Approximately 8 Hours in A&E

“Well, your condition… Only a few people die from it.”

My eyes bulged out. What kind of doctor says that? Absolutely zilch PR skills.

Me: He said that to you?!

Mark: *wheezes* Yup.

Me: Omg. When my doctor told me the worst doctors are in A&E, she wasn’t kidding.

I didn’t want to say anything more – but I was praying hard that his medical skills surpassed his person skills. I have come to realise that most (not all) people with high IQ have shamefully low EQ.

So I pretty much decided not to let it get to me.

Mark started wheezing quite scarily shortly after supper… I ignored him at first because I thought he was just trying to get my attention as usual.

Shortly after I realised that my boyfriend was actually suffering from a sudden very bad asthma attack.

He said he could still drive us down to the A&E… While in the car, I was getting myself ready to:

1. Suddenly see Mark fall apart and thus being unable to drive; then I will lean over and start driving like I have a license. Going, “Okay, hold yourself together!! I’ll get us there somehow!”

2. Die in a fatal accident.

Somehow now that I think about it – Option 1 seems to lead to Option 2 anyway.

Being in a car, with your driver wheezing really badly and clutching onto his chest… Doesn’t look like a safe ride. So always good to be mentally prepared for the future.

I was halfway prepared to send messages to people I love, telling them my last words. However I wanted to be on constant standby in case Mark ever really collapses at the wheel.

We got to the A&E shortly after midnight and started registering. Upon seeing Mark’s condition, he was pushed forward.

Mark was moved from station to station; conducting different tests.

2AM: Mark was sitting on this chair, inhaling air from an air mask.

3AM: He was on a bed, getting ready to be wheeled into the observation room.

4AM: Mark telling me to take a taxi home to get some sleep because I have work the next day. I told him I could just go home and grab a power nap – I’ll be fine. Then we started chatting about all the random things we could think of with our half-awake brains.

5AM: Decided that it would be wise to send a message to my superiors and HR that I won’t be able to make it to work. Mark was still inhaling from the gas mask and constantly having to blow into this metal thing.

By that time, I was literally almost dozing off while standing up. I was already quite spent after working 12 hours; so staying awake till 5AM in the hospital wasn’t exactly invigorating.

For all that Mark has done for me, I was determined not to leave his side when he needed me there. It wasn’t until Mark practically demanded that I go outside to the seats and rest there.

Once I sat down, I immediately dozed off. I forgot how I did it or whatever, all I know is…

When I woke up, my hair had fallen all over my face. And just when I looked up… Someone was looking at me. I remember the person looking shocked, then leaving really quickly.

Then I just dozed off again.

I honestly didn’t give a shit then.

I’m sincerely sorry to whoever I might have scared. There was no such intention on my part. 😦

6AM: Mark informed me that they would release him at 7AM. I went to the washroom and for the life of me – swear that it was the first time I ever really saw my eyes with dark circles. And I truly looked like I was ready for casting for a zombie movie.

7AM: Dozed off and woke up for God knows how many times by now. Mark just woke up from sleeping on his bed in the observation room.

So he was supposed to be discharged at 7AM, but at about 7.45AM – he was still there waiting for the doctor.

I was pissed.

I was utterly exhausted, starving and might I also add – on my period.

All in all – I was feeling like a killer machine.

Like on automatic, I quickly switched to mean mode.

Me: Excuse me? I understand that Mark is supposed to be discharged by 7AM? What seems to be the problem?

Nurse: Yes, you will have to wait till about 8 plus for the doctor.

Me: I’m sorry, what? So this is going to go on forever? This has been going on since 2AM. So what was the other doctor that I was speaking to doing?

Nurse: Oh, that doctor wants the senior doctor to see the patient first. However the patient’s documents are already prepared.

Me: Will there be a significant change from this senior doctor?

Nurse: No, I don’t think so…

Me: Then kindly call the doctor to say that he isn’t needed anymore, as the patient is already fine… And has been for a few hours now, if you hadn’t noticed.

If the senior doctor was some specialist or whatever, I honestly wouldn’t have minded waiting it out another hour. But the thing is – he wasn’t! The doctor on duty just wanted approval from his higher-up; it was pathetically annoying.

If you don’t have the balls to have decisions on your own – don’t choose a career that requires you to make decisions that will impact others’ very well-being. Freaking coward. *rolls eyes*

I was already told that Mark would need to return anyway for his treatment with a specialist. So what will waiting another hour do??

Give that coward-of-a-doctor a sense of security that his work is approved of?

As selfish as I might sound – I honestly didn’t give a fuck.

It isn’t my job to make sure that you (a bigass grown man) gets his security blanket. I don’t care about you. I care about my boyfriend; who had to sit through tests and hours. And about me feeling like pure shit.

Mark’s comfort + My rest > Doctor’s security blanket.

Plus when we got to the pharmacy, there was a cock-up on the prescription. The pharmacist said that the doctor forgot to include a very important detail and we had to wait for the doctor’s reply.


Mark was a lot perkier already because his breathing was fine and he had a good while to sleep on the bed. So that was good.

If anything – I guess I still owe the doctor and nurses a thanks anyhow, for curing Mark.

And thanks to my wonderful colleagues for their showers of care & love to Mark and me!

And to some of my friends… When I told them Mark had difficulty breathing.

Friends: Wa lao. G, what did you do to him?? You cannot be so violent in sex one leh…

I didn’t know what to reply. My brain was officially dead.

But thanks anyways…. For the amusement.

My phone was flooded with messages from concerned people… ❤ Thank you all, so very much. I tried hard to reply everyone properly before I dozed off on my own bed.

As much as my calender tells me that it is Thursday today and when I get back to work tomorrow it will be a Friday… it kind of feels like today is Wednesday and tomorrow is only Thursday

Oh my.

And I’m still really worn out.

Dear God, if You allow upgrades to bodily functions… Can I request for a better battery, please? I get tired over anything! It is utterly useless. -.- Thanks. If You’re going to bless me with a boyfriend who requires so much physical energy, this upgraded battery might be much needed.

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