Product Review – My Favourite Cure for Acne

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for vanity. *does bimbotic wrist-flick for extra feel

However when it comes to workdays – I honestly do not have the time nor enthusiasm to do a full face. 

I just slap on some light BB Cream, blusher and mascara. (No longer needed, now that I have eyelash extensions! Wahahaha!) 

So I really need my complexion to be decent. Pimples are a big no-no

When my time of the month comes; everything just goes downhill. 

I have a Niagara Falls gushing out of me.. My boyfriend stays a minimum radius away for survival sake.. My friends brace themselves for bitch-fits.. I feel perpetually bloated yet hungry at the same time..


And to add the cherry on top – I always wake up with a few pimples on random areas of my face. 

So I went out to make sure that I have an effective pimple cream on my vanity area to shoo those zits away! 

Aaaaaaand here’s my all-time favourite!! 

Presenting the Mentholatum® Acnes Sealing Jell!

I bought this for a really dumb reason. I was shopping with a friend… 

Me: I need a good pimple cream. *picks it up* Hmm, this seems pretty good. 

Friend: How do you know? 

Me: Well, it says Mentholatum… which sounds pretty scientific… And it has this little cute girl here. Cute little girls don’t have pimple problems, do they?

Friend: *blinks and walks away from me* 

Now that I reflect – I sounded like such a moron. How typical of me.

Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell!

So want to know why I love this baby so much?

🙂     Easily attainable!! 

Like practically every other thing I own, it is quite easily found. This darling here is available at most drugstores like Watson’s and Guardian! 

🙂     Reasonably priced $$

 Going for lesser than S$10 a tube, you honestly cannot ask for anything better. 

🙂     Lasts (practically) forever

I take eons to finish one tube up! I apply a modest amount probably like twice a week? I only finished half a tube in half a year. 

🙂     Results evident in the morning! 

Probably the most important factor, yes? 

Whenever I have a nasty pimple, I just squeeze out some on my finger… dab it gently on the pimple, then let it settle overnight. Usually by the morning, the pimple would have subsided significantly! 

Sometimes the minor ones even vanish off completely! *utterly amazed* 

😦     The smell… 

My biggest complaint about this would be the smell. It has this smell that needs… well, some getting used to… Being so, I don’t really recommend putting it on if you’re planning on heading out. 

Other than that, I simply love this cream! 

After washing my face at night, I will squeeze out a little bit on my middle finger and dab gently on the pimples. Then you can really feel that the cream has ‘sealed’ itself onto the pimple and is already eating into it! Especially those pimples that I have popped (I know, vanity sin…), this little baby works wonders! It stings a little, but definitely gets the job done by morning! 

I recommended this to some of my friends and so far they are loving it too! 😉 

Some extra loving to you!

So if you’re looking for a little something for those little oil-ings on your face – this is worth a shot! 

P.S. It worked pretty well on some of my back-acne too! 

Love, G

2 responses to “Product Review – My Favourite Cure for Acne”

  1. […] What’s awesome and not-so-awesome about it?Awesome – love the matte coverage and how comfortable it feels on the skin. Actually forgot I had it on at all! The perforated lines on the plastic (product packaging) is also a huge win for me! 👍Not-so-awesome – doesn’t seem to extract pus out as much as promised. So it’s not a stand-alone pimple solution for me. It more like ‘helps things along’. I’ll use it to apply on pimples with their white-pus heads ticking out (ugh) for one night, then the following night I’ll supplement it with Mario Badescu Drying Lotion or Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell. […]


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