Girls Shopping VS Boys Shopping

I love doing a lot of things – sleep, sleep, sleep… read a book… play some random game and get bored within 5 minutes… sleep… oh yes, and SHOPPING!!

So when Katsuhito dropped a Whatsapp one day – “I wanna go shopping”

Usually this boy would want to do a series of things which I don’t usually do. Like going for a Halloween party, clubbing, going Batam for the weekend…

But when he said shopping… Now I cannot deny to help my dear friend, can I? *halo glows above my head*

I finished the day feeling utterly exhausted…

And I also realised there are rather vast differences between a Girl Shopping and a Boy Shopping.

  • Girls hardly ever get lost in a shopping centre :  Boys hardly ever get lost in a jungle

Waiting around for our little Japanese boy

Girls must understand that the boys aren’t as geographically inclined when it comes to the urban jungle. Sure, our Singaporean Sons navigated through forests and all that… but sometimes they actually find it harder to find their ways through shopping centres than the rain forest.

-.- Go figure.

The star of the day finally arrives!
  • Girls take shopping as a fun-day-out : Boys take shopping as an errand to be ran
One of the best girlfriends anyone could ever ask for 😉

Girls usually go out shopping with another girlfriend.
Somehow – we always need a little opinion because the truth is; we know we are awfully bias and fickle-minded.

Boys don’t always need another friend to go shopping with. Albeit a lot of boys I know like to ask girls to help out when they need to get something.

So far in my life, I have never heard a boy asking another boy, “Hey dude, wanna go shopping this weekend?” Lol. 

  • Girls like a little uniqueness in their designs : Boys just want something simple
Once Mark went through my wardrobe and pulled out a cardigan that has a wrap-tie around it. 

Mark: What is this?! 

Me: It is a cardigan. 

Mark: It is a sari. 

Me: No, it isn’t! *puts it on and ties it up around my waist* See? 

Mark: You wrap saris around your body. You wrap this around your body. It is a sari. 

*rolls my eyes* 

To put it simply – if the boy cannot see how it’ll look on the body, when it is on the hanger… It is probably too complicated for him. 

  • Girls know detail : Boys just know the generic feature

Me: Pick a shirt with a design! 

Ping: Checkers are nice!! 

Katsu: I don’t look good in checkers! 

Me: What kind of checkers? There are many kinds of checkers, y’know. 

Katsu: …. 

In the checkered-shirt I picked out!
So apparently my dear friend just doesn’t suit large checkered designs, but he totally rocks the small checkers! 

  • Girls need the fitting rooms : Boys are cool with just the mirrors
Usually girls are too shy or embarrassed to try on stuff in front of everyone. 

What if we don’t look good in it? …then everyone would have seen it by then! 
What if we cannot even fit in? …omg, the embarrassment. 

We have to wait for the fitting room? …waste time. 
We have to take off our shirt now to put on another one? …waste energy. 

So the entire time… Katsu hardly used the fitting room! 

He was entirely cool with just slipping the shirt over his own shirt. 

“It’s a shirt… Within a shirt…”
  • Girls do random poses in front of the mirror (in the fitting room) : Boys do random poses in front of the mirror (in front of everyone else)
And they’re hardly shy. 

They will go their boogy in front of the mirror, as long as they have friends around – so they won’t look like a mental-hospital-escapee. 

“Oooh… I’m so sexy!!”
  • Girls know what we want, but we don’t always get it : Boys know what they want, they make sure they get it
Wants to get a pair of jeans. 
Browses several stores, falling in love with countless things 
Goes home with a few dresses, a couple of tops and a number of other crap – sometimes without the jeans

Wants a pair of jeans. 
Browses a couple of stores, buys the first one he tries and likes. 
Goes home with a pair of jeans

I went out helping Katsu to shop. 
I came home with 2 handphone covers, 2 dresses and 1 top… 
  • Girls know a variety of colours : Boys know the seven colours of the rainbow
Katsu: Why are you asking me to wear a red jacket? 

Me: It isn’t red

Ping: It is maroon!! 

Katsu: To me, it is red

Boys will never understand why a girl has several dresses in different shades of green… When it is all just green to them. 

Shopping with a boy was definitely a lot tougher than I expected, but I really had loads of fun

Thanks for the lovely day, guys! *much kisses!* 

Love, G

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