Calling Eyelash Extension Newbies!

Want to do eyelash extensions but never really dared to pull the trigger? 

I understand – there are countless reasons to not do it. 

I was absolutely paranoid when it came to doing my lashes and (believe it or not), I actually KIV-ed doing eyelash extensions for about 3 years

So to help fellow vanity-suckers like myself along on this life-changing decision… Heh 😛 Here’s a blog entry on my eyelash extensions experience and some tips along the way! 🙂 
…You’re welcome. ;P 

So basically this is how I look like with my eyelash extensions on. 
There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing the thickness, length and quantity of the lashes. 

Eyelash Extensions On! ❤
When making this decision; there are two factors to consider: 
1. What kind of effect are you going for
Something that looks natural, makeup-like or dramatic?

Typically you can choose between 60-lashes, 90-lashes and 120-lashes. And of course a range of lengths and thickness. 

2. What kind of effect can your natural lashes take
Everyone should know that the amount of eyelash extensions you can put on, is highly reliant on your natural lashes
If you have more lashes, you therefore can have more extensions. 
I know; the world is unfair like that. People who already have more lashes, are the only ones that can have even more lashes. *frowns* 

Also with thin lashes, you won’t be able to have lashes that are too thick because they will weigh them down. 

Alright, lets get down to business. 
  • Before you choose a particular beauty parlour, always do your homework
I cannot emphasise this enough! 
I have heard countless horror stories about girls who went to some random beauty parlour without knowing if they are credible or not… And end up regretting to no end. 

Understand that these are your eyes we are talking about – they’re crazy precious. 

Girl A: About a week after her appointment, she kept on getting really irritated eyes. And it got to a point whereby it hurt sooooo bad, she could hardly open her eyes even. Apparently, the inferior-quality adhesive had leaked into her eyes. Ouch. 

Girl B: After a few short days, the eyelash extensions kept on dropping…. along with her real lashes. By the end of 3-4 weeks, her eyelids were almost bald. And they took forever to grow back. She felt so insecure, she had to wear falsies every single day. 

So remember to choose a place that has a decent reputation. 

Don’t go to some dubious place just because it is cheap… With stuff like that, one really needs to spend. 

  • Get oil-free makeup removers
Very important.

Y’see, given the nature of oil – it is just going to loosen the adhesive that holds the fakes lashes. Therefore, weakening the bond and your fake lashes are going to shed like leaves in autumn. 😦 

Whenever I see the fake lashes fall out, I see money falling off. 

So I popped by Guardian and picked up this little baby!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

I have been using it for a while now… and I can say it is my new favourite! ❤ 

It cleans really well, without stinging the eyes! Totally gentle
Albeit I hardly apply eye makeup nowadays anyways. Many thanks to my extensions!! 

And also these days I’ve gotten a tad vainer – I even put on lip stain!
This remover works great for that too. Just a side note. 🙂

  • Stock-up on the Q-Tips!

Trust me when I say, they will indeed help a lot when you have to deal with the delicate fake lashes.

Like wiping off eyeliners and such.
And on sucky mornings – it is my guardian angel in removing my eye boogers.

  • Get a facial sponge!
I cannot say enough how much this little thing made my life so much easier when I have my extensions on! 

With extensions, you will not really be able to freely splash water around your face like you used to. In fact, as much as possible, don’t get the lashes wet! 

And rubbing your face is a no-no too. 

So using the facial sponge after rubbing some cleanser on is the way to go. 

Don’t forget to change sponges every 3-4 weeks! 

  • Eyelash Comb to smooth out the clumps!

Even fake lashes won’t keep their allure forever… 

Especially after about a full week, it tends to clump up together… Or the lashes get a little out of alignment. 

Eyelash Comb

I don’t really remember where I got this… If I’m not wrong, probably Daiso? 

In my opinion, it is also good for the natural lashes. 

Don’t tug though! Just a gentle brush upwards is good enough. 🙂

So here are some questions which people ask me when they know I did eyelash extensions: 

a. Do your natural lashes drop?

Yes – even without eyelash extensions… Natural lashes drop anyway. The dropping isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, in my experience.. It really is just my usually shedding amount. 

b. Does the adhesive hurt your eyes? 

I have to admit; there are some points in the gym when I sweat a lot and it can sting my eyes a little. 😦 So that is quite a downside to things. 

c. Do you have to change your cleansing routine much? 

Honestly over than having to use the sponge? Not really. 
It was a little frustrating not being able to just stand under the shower and let water pour all over while I think about life… (Yea right. Mostly I just stone.) 

d. Is there much up-keeping required?

Yes. If you are a person who isn’t a lover of vanity like I am; then don’t bother. These extensions need a lot of care and attention. You have to be thoroughly careful and cautious of them. I’m not going to sugar-coat things – it needs taking care of. 
In fact, it is recommended to go for touch-ups every 3 weeks! 

However all in all – I’m really considering making this a permanent thing. I simply love the convenience! I really can just skip eye makeup in the mornings – which is usually the most time-consuming, by the way! And I wake up perpetually looking decent. :))))  

Done with my touch-up at Carragheen!

Yup, I did my eyelash extensions at Carragheen! Apparently one of the best places to go for eyelash extensions. 

It isn’t overly-priced, if you ask me. Albeit I am looking for a cheaper alternative if I’m going to keep this up. So it is either getting a package or finding another place! 

However if you are an eyelash extension newbie, I strongly recommend Carragheen because they have really professional staff there who know how to work their magic! Once you’re a tad more experienced, I don’t see any reason why you cannot explore other grounds. 

In fact, I just recently had a tip to try another place! *excited* 
Managed to convince the boyfriend to drive me down because it is in a rather ulu part of Singapore. 

Camwhoring while waiting for BFF to finish her touch-up!

Apparently L is such a rough girl, her extensions needed way more touch-up than mine did. I was a tad pissed when we were both charged the same price!! My beautician told me I maintained mine really well too… 😦 

Bah. But I’m oh-so-hooked onto eyelash extensions right now. 

Thanks for reading! 

Love, G. 

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