Lips like Sugar, So Kissable

I am super prone to dehydration. I don’t really know why…

But I’m pretty confident that if I were thrown into a desert, I’d probably die of dehydration before I could achieve getting a beautiful mirage.

A whole list of things happen once I’m short of water:

1. Pooping gets challenging
2. Pimples sprout like weeds
3. Skin gets dull
4. My lips start cracking!!

And I have an awful habit of biting the dead skin off… So much so that my lips bleed pretty often. 😦

So a friend of mine recommended me this product – Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh. 

Talk about kissable lips – this baby gives just that.

Kissable ❤

During my weekend shopping with Lil, we went for some Moon Cake shopping.
Sidetrack: I had no idea moon cakes were so friggin’ expensive!! *gawks* All I know is I’ve had my fill in my workplace, no real craving for it anymore. *win!*

Then we popped by Sephora – practically like our mother ship. And picked up my pot of Sugar!

Next to their range of lip treatments – which is also fabulous, by the way. If you’re looking for something with colour yet moisturising; try the Fresh range. I strongly recommend!

Paid SGD29 for this – I’d say it is a tad pricier than other more common drugstore products. However I’d say the quality for this is a lot better! Plus, one pot lasts a really long time.

It is recommended that you use this lip polish about 3 times a week. However as vain as I am, I’m also a crazy busy yet lazy pig (oxymoron, I know).

I come home from work after a 12-hour workday, I really don’t give much shit about anything other than washing up and putting on my night moisturiser.

So I apply this say… once a week.
And only use about this much.

Amount that is good for me!

Now you can see why it lasts practically forever for me. 😀

Apply the sugar carefully over your lips, gently rubbing them all over.


 I swear, it tastes really sweet!! I was half tempted to swallow the thing.

Supposed to use a damp washcloth to wipe the product off the lips – but I much prefer a damp cotton pad. It just seems more hygienic that way…

Wiping off some sugar 😉

I’m not going to lie – this product isn’t some hardcore miracle worker. Sometimes I still have the dry bits of skin leftover on my lips; but they are significantly lesser.

If that happens, I will usually make it a point to use it again soon enough to ensure thorough exfoliation. 
…and thus, no bleeding lips! 🙂


Cheers to kissable lips, peeps! ❤


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