Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong (Part 2) – To the A&E and Demanding a Refund

Last night, I spent some time in the A&E.

This has gotten a tad too regular… It has gotten to the point whereby I sort of knew the procedure without too much guidance. Even when I had one eye that felt like it had a lump on it and had a milky vision.

For those who are a little lost on this whole eye thing – read Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong.

Otherwise, here’s a summary – The place where I had made an appointment to do my eyelash extensions at called last minute and said that she was not able to do it for me that weekend. So I happened to walk by a shop that opened in Mark’s neighbourhood and saw that they also offered eyelash extensions services. I decided to give it a shot! Worst decision ever. She did such a shitty job – the glue went into my eyes. It stung, got my eyes hurting, watery and very red. So the following day, I quickly got them removed at another eyelash place (that is a lot more reputable).

Saturday – got the shitty job done.
Sunday – got them removed.
Monday – back to work.

My eyes already felt much better after removing the shit job, so I happily went back to work.

Through the day, my vision got really blurry at some point (even with specs on)… And I eventually developed a splitting headache. And the sore-feeling of the eyeball got even worse.

And before I knew it, Mark went, “We’re going to the A&E.

Upon hearing the news, I based on experience to pack useful stuff for the trip.

1. My story book
2. Tissue papers
3. Water bottle
4. Coins (for those vending machines – very useful)
5. Portable phone charger

…okay, not really the kind of knowledge I should be proud of.

When we got to the A&E, Mark registered and told them he was my fiance. I guess it gives more credibility to them than just being my boyfriend… *shrugs*

Note to Mark: This is not a legit proposal! 

In a short while, I was in the doctor’s room whilst Mark happily sat there playing his game. The doctor, by the way, was a man.

Doctor: Alright, Miss Sim. Please tell me what is wrong with your eye? 

Me: I went to do my eyelash extensions on Saturday, but the glue went into my eye. It just got worse from there. 

Doctor: I see. So you removed the lashes immediately? 

Me: No. 

Doctor: …what? 

Me: I removed it on Sunday. 

Doctor: So you let the glue that hurt you, stay there for a whole day? *looks at Mark, Mark just shrugs back*

Me: Well… You can put it that way… I thought I’d give the glue some time to properly settle.

Doctor: I guess common sense isn’t that common…  

Me: Why, thank you. 

Doctor: You’re welcome. Please hold onto this tool and do the eye test for me. 

– After the eye test – 

Doctor: Miss Sim, please put your chin on the machine while I scan your eye. 

Me: *obediently listens* 

Doctor: When such things happen, you really should get it removed immediately. This is quite ridiculous… 

Me: I couldn’t help it! Not like I wanted it to happen… but he agrees with you, by the way. 

Doctor: Well, you did drag your fiance out over 11PM at night for this. 

Me: Just another chance for him to show how much he loves me. *shamelessly grins* 

Doctor: So when is the big day? 

Me: Erm… 

Doctor: Not settled yet? You want something big or small? 

Me: Well, we’ll wait till he graduates first. 

Doctor: Good idea. 

Me: *turns* Oei. Graduate, get a job and earn money. 

Doctor: Turn back to the machine, please. 

Mark: I’d prefer something small and quiet. 

Me: So that you can play your games as well?

Mark: I like my games! 

Doctor: Hey, it is the men of our generation. Deal with it. 

Me: I don’t understand. And he gets pissed off when I don’t know the difference between Warcraft and Starcraft. 

Doctor: There are worlds of differences! 

Me: You guys just control little avatars on the screen that go around killing. Same thing. 

Doctor: *turns to Mark* I feel you, bro. 

-Both shared a brotherly smile. I wanted to punch them both.-

-Doctor does a mini “operation” on my eye; pulling out whatever crap that sat inside- 

Doctor: Alright. Not too much damage done. Just some eye drops and you’ll be fine. You need an MC? 

Me: Okay! 

Doctor: *turns to Mark* She really just wants to sleep… Next time it happens, just remove the glue immediately.

Mark: Oh, y’know. It isn’t so easy. She has to go to another shop that has a special solution to remove the glue. 

Doctor: What?? *gives a WTF face*

Mark: Yea. *gives a IKR face* It is a cosmetic thing.

– Doctor and Mark looked at each other and looked at me with judge-y eyes –

Me: Okay, boys. Thanks for everything. Can I go home now? 

So it was an interesting time in the A&E. I really like the doctor, though. He was amusing. 😀

Now the healing process is coming along all fine and dandy right now. Mark forbids me to ever do another eyelash extensions, but I guess that is debatable… One black sheep, doesn’t give you enough reason to kill the entire flock!

However I felt utterly irritated with the shop and wanted to give her a call. My main reason was really to tell her, so that in future no one else would really get hurt again.

Lady: Hello. 

Me: Hello? I did my eyelash extensions at your place on Saturday. And it gave my eyes a lot of problem. I had to see the doctor. 

Lady: Oh, is it? Then go see the doctor loh. 

– Wtf? Got a little bit pissed. – 

Me: Yes, my eyes are very red now. It is giving me problems. 

Lady: Oh, is it? Okay. So what you want? 

– Officially pissed. Decided to take colleagues’ advice to get my money back. – 

Me: I want my money back. 

Lady: What? 

Me: I said, I want my money back. 

Lady: Oh, no problem! Next time you come and do your eyelashes, I won’t charge you anymore! 

Me: I’m sorry to make you think that I might ever be going back. I don’t want your services anymore, I just want my money back. 

Lady: Oh. Okay, can. But are you sure your eyes are red? You’re the only weird one who is like that.

– Pissed as hell! – 

Me: Really? Good for you then. My boyfriend will go down tomorrow to collect the money from you. 

Lady: No. You must come. I must see that your eyes are really red. 

Me: What?? 

Lady: Or you send me a picture!! 

Me: Fine. I don’t intend on seeing you anyway. My eyes might get worse. 

– I immediately hung up. – 

However somehow I ended up in the shop to collect my money anyway.

Lady: Oh? You mean your eyes are okay enough to leave the house? 

Me: It has been a few days. You’d better hope that I would be well enough. 

Lady: You should have just come back here and I will remove for you!

Oh, please. Like I would go back. I might have been officially blinded by then! What a bitch. Initially I thought I would not bother with her, as I don’t like tainting people’s names for no good reason.

However she obviously did not care about the inferior product she was using.

In fact – I was told that the glue she used on my eyelids were practically like super glue.

And she hardly seemed like she was sorry at all. In fact, she seemed annoyed that my eyes could not stand for her inferior product.

So here’s to answering people who wanted to know the place. I didn’t want to reveal this at first, respecting that there might be other beauty services that she might be good at. But then again…

Shop Name: Sen Beauty House 
Address: Block 147 Potong Pasir Ave 1, #01-79 

I’m not being nasty or anything. If anything at all, I felt I was patient with her – but she was just being a pain. I won’t recommend anyone to head down there for eyelash extensions. Or any other beauty service anyway. I saw the way she did nails – not impressed either.

Probably it was through my biased and pissed-off eyes; or probably the bad eyesight that I had thanks to her incompetency. Someone who gives such little regard to her customers’ well-being shouldn’t be standing at all. This is a basic form of standard and mutual respect customer-&-merchant should share. I respect your claims of being able to give me a decent level of service, you respect my basic expectations.

It wasn’t like I expected a flawless job with high quality lashes – I just wanted a job that did not cause a medical issue.

Bah. My eyes are beginning to hurt again from the computer’s glare.

Back to nap and back to work tomorrow!


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