Are You in the Constipation Club? (Cho Cleanse Product Review)

If there were to be a Constipation Club, I’ll be one of the shoo-ins for presidency. 
We; the constipated individuals who have suffered tremendously in silence (albeit some make a lot of noise) on the toilet bowls. Our buttocks spend so much time on porcelain (or whatever material that is applicable) that it has a permanent cooling effect on our skin. We feel mighty bloated all the time with all the crap inside our precious bodies. What goes into us – has a shitty hard (pun intended) time getting out…

Yea, that will totally be my pledge or whatever.

I tried (almost) everything. 
Why only ‘almost’, you ask? Well, I cannot say I tried everything… because some walking-Google might just come and tell me “NO YOU HAVE NOT TRIED EVERYTHING!!” 

1. I drink heaps of water. 
Once upon a time, I even carried like 1L bottles of mineral water in my bag. And made it a personal mission to finish it! 
2. Drink Yakult on a religious basis. 
In fact, I always make sure that the fridge has a good supply for my nightly consumption. *proudly beams* 

3. …….
Okay, I have no #3. So I guess I did a couple of things… 
Anyhow, Lily (being the ever-caring bestie she is) introduced me to this amazing product. 
TA-DA!! The Cho Beauty!!
Cho Beauty – Inner Cleanse System

Highly raved about and a selling off the shelves like hot cakes – I was utterly disappointed when I failed to get this baby after visiting Watson’s and Guardian a total of about 6 times! 😦

Finally one day I managed to swipe the very last box that was left in the store and was bouncing over the moon.

Inside each box are 30 of such sachets.

So there are 2 ways of consuming this:

1. Pour the powder into water, stir and gulp it right up

2. Pour bits of the powder straight into your mouth and drink it down with water

Personally, I find #2 wayyyyy easier to do. Lil tried #1 and it sort of hardened and became hell to finish. With #2, I can easily finish it within 1 minute! Woo!!

If you’re someone who has been experiencing awful constipation for the longest time, probably you should dedicate one box solely for the Intense Detox – have 1 sachet in the morning and 1 at night, both times on an empty stomach.

I tried this one. Oolala. My pooping sessions become so smooth, I could probably weave silk out of it.

Then there’s another method which is just for Daily Cleaning – now, this one only requires you to have 1 sachet in the morning on an empty stomach.

The best part I love about this product is – NO LAXATIVE EFFECT.

I simply hate the feeling of having to bounce up from whatever I’m doing and make a quick dash to the washroom. And if the cubicles are full…. Suay….

If I happen to be in the middle of a meeting or whatever nonsense… Sibei suay…

Q & A Time!! 

Is it overrated?
Personally, I think it is not too shabby! It definitely does help with the bowl movements.
If you’re the sort of person who expects miracles… I don’t think this is your answer. One box won’t solve your problem – I’d say a good 3 boxes of Intense Detox might show some results.

How long did it take to really feel the effects?
Hmm… Well, I don’t know if it is a placebo effect… but I could feel the effects on Day #2 already! Like, my pooping sessions were a lot quicker than usual.

On my usual Yakult intake, my work computer screen would change into my screensaver mode by the time I’m back. However when I’m on Cho Cleanse, it doesn’t change just yet! MUAHAHA!!

Any side effects?
Not that I have noticed, really. However one thing I am loving is that it does improve my complexion!! *rubs my skin lovingly*

Any weight loss noticed? 
HAHA!! I genuinely wish. No! Albeit some people did comment that I look less bloated…? So I’m guessing for only 1 box – it is a pretty good result.

Get another box? 
Well, I don’t see why not. If there isn’t something else that I want to try in the market, this is something that I will keep on using! However to me, I think it is a tad too pricey to upkeep as a monthly thing. Considering that my digestion is all fine & dandy with Yakult. I’ll probably carry this out more as a detox programme once in a while, not as a daily thing.

Do results remain after usage?
My poop sessions aren’t as regular and smooth anymore; but I think it is actually better than before I finished the box! So I would say, yes!

I honestly love pooping right now. I feel so much more energised after I’m done! Hehe.
And when I’m at home, I like to sit on the seat comfortably (knowing no one else is waiting for me…) and just play some games on my phone.

Pooping time is awesome.
Everyone should poop.

…but not too much. That could cause dehydration and heaps of other problems. Then instead of constipation, you’re greeted with new issues.

Enjoy your throne-time, all!!

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