Onward to Hong Kong!!

Initially I thought of writing the entire trip in one entry… but I decided it’ll just make it practically like a novel… So scrapped the idea. 
Lil & I were super excited about flying to Hong Kong together!! 
Of course, little miss Penny wasn’t half as excited as us… 
“You’re not leaving without me, human!”

Little did she know that actually Lil & I bought another suitcase that very night at Mustafa!

So we kind of decided that we have a condition

10pm: I just finished teaching. I love that Mustafa opens 24 hours a day! 😀

10.30pm: We finished our dinner/supper. We went to Mustafa to change some currency and get me a pair of decent boots. (I tried looking before the trip, couldn’t find a decent pair…)

11pm: Walked around Mustafa… It got so big!! And couldn’t find a pair of boots that I liked. Albeit we did kind of like the exchange rates there.

11.30pm: Stumbled upon the ‘luggage’ section and went nuts.

No shit.

I went there with the intention to buy boots.

I left with:
1. A room scent (Lavender! It’ll sooth the soul & all that jazz….)
2. Vaseline (I lost my other jar and it is GREAT for countless things! Everyone should have a pot of Vaseline!)
3. Luggage tags (Always good to put your name on your things!)
4. A brand new luggage (So adorable! I couldn’t pass it up!)

…nope, didn’t get the boots…

Our brand new luggage! ❤ 

 Look at our luggage, so colourful and interesting!! Depicting the scene of New York City.
…which I’m not even entirely sure of its accuracy. I saw the Statue of Liberty, a “I ❤ NYC" sign and some iconic buildings… and I was sold. #sucker

Lil and I share the same tastes in countless things (except men, thank God). So we both fell in love with the same thing. Therefore we both bought the same thing. And we have no qualms about having the exact same thing.

We’re magnanimous like that. 😉 LOL

Our flight was at dawn… So we were pretty quick at throwing our things into our new luggage.
I took a short nap after packing my luggage.
Lil on the other hand, cannot nap. She’s the kind that goes into a coma. Literally.

Once I (accidentally) flooded the balcony a little… She had no idea what was going on. Sheesh. I could be shooting fireworks in the living room, the woman won’t even realise.

So for the sake of not missing our flight, Lil did not go to sleep. Instead she went around doing “Yoga”… or whatever that body-twisting thing she was going… And ranting about random nonsense which I don’t remember about now.

I wasn’t so pooped out, but Lil was. So once she got on the flight, she died.

Quite literally.

Lil scaring people on the plane

Lil was thoroughly pissed off when she found out we were separated on the plane, but I was quite pleased when I saw that stunt she pulled. She covered herself like a dead body with the blanket and just set off into lala-land.

If I sat next to her like that, people might think I killed her or something. Y’know planes… touchy, touchy. And the worst part is, I won’t be able to wake her up to verify!! Remember?? That woman goes into a coma!

So if I cannot wake her up, people will really think I did something bad to her. *wails!!*

And because I was awake for most of the flight, I saw people’s reactions as they saw her.
It was like watching Just For Laughs Gags!! BWAHAHAHA!!

So after 4 hours of flying, the pilot (I assume) notified us that we have landed… rambled about some temperature and what have you… I always liked the sexy voices of pilots, but never really understood whatever they were saying…

I guess with voices like that no one really cares, right? 😀

After we landed & all, Lil and I parted ways for a bit. Because she’s actually from Hong Kong, she has some express route thing. (Tsk!) Whilst I had to join this really long queue to get my chops and face verified.

Attempt #1
(as you can probably tell… this means I had more than 1 attempt to get through the immigration…) 

I walked in through the maze…. Got a tad lost. Somehow ended up at the queue where they didn’t accept to see my passport…

Oh, bah.

Attempt #2

Immigration man: *started blabbering in Cantonese*

Me: Erm…. Thank you..?

Immigration man: No, no! You got to sign immigration card! Where is your immigration card?

Me: I have an immigration card?!

Immigration man: *hands out a little form swiftly*

Me: Oh, thanks! Do you have a pen I could borrow?

Immigration man: *points me towards the direction of a few tables, OUTSIDE THE QUEUE AREA!!*

Which meant I had to queue all over again…

Attempt #3

Immigration lady: Welcome to Hong Kong.

Me: Thank you!! 🙂

Immigration lady: *looks at my face, then my passport… my face again… squints her eyes…*

Me: Yup, that’s me!!

Immigration lady: *squints even more*

Me: Oh, c’mon. It cannot look that different! I just got my passport renewed!! *tries to do the same smile as my passport picture*

I don’t know what summoned that kind of guts in me… probably I was really worried about Lil not being able to find me.

And I was right! Lil was all panicky and shit when she couldn’t find me!! As much as Lil can be like a cold cod fish sometimes, she is actually very caring towards her loved ones.

However I had my priorities all wrong. Once I stepped out and realised I was actually lost… my first instinct? I pulled out my phone to search for WiFi to Instagram the moment.

And next thing I heard was the familiar (and a tad angst) voice of my best friend…

Lil: BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I was looking all over for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as if on instinct, I went all…

But of course she ignored me. She is immune to that trick.

So anyways, we landed safe & sound in Hong Kong!!

Hello, Hong Kong Airport!

Lil’s dad was there to fetch us to our cosy hotel. 🙂

We had a lovely view, comfortable beds, spacious washroom… Best of all, enough mirrors for 2 vain girls to share. 😀

Butterly @ Morrison

After some freshening up, we already started shopping!!

There was a 6-storey high Forever 21… Endless streets of stores… Countless beauty shops…

For all you Apple-lovers, there is a 3-storey Apple Store!!

I was so impressed. We don’t even have that in Singapore! This store is not even a store, it is like an academy… if you will. Or probably a club or something. Certainly not a shop!

Enjoying the cool air & even cooler sales!
Lil told me a rather interesting conversation… She left the hotel room for a moment to pass her dad something in the lobby… 
Noticing that I wasn’t with Lil, her dad asked, “She in the toilet ah?”
Signs for me to not always go to the loo so much. People are having weird impressions of me! 
So anyway, Lil’s dad brought us to an awesome place for dinner!! 
Hairy crabs!! Our entire meal was crab-based… 

It took a huge amount of skill, effort and patience to get some meat out of the crab! I think I wasn’t even really full… I was just tired.

Though most of the time… Lil’s father helped us harvest the meat. He is really good at that!

So Lil and I headed back to the hotel, spent the night talking till one of us fell asleep…

Next up – our day in Disneyland!! I loved it! I’m sooooo going back!!

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