Show Me Some Magic, Disneyland!

Despite many people telling me not to head down to Hong Kong Disneyland, Lil was quite insistent on bringing me there. 
She was very confident that I would absolutely love the place. 
“You’ll love the magic.” 
So I trusted my bestie and we agreed to dedicate one day to having fun at Hong Kong Disneyland!
Heading off to Disneyland!

Both of us wearing the same shorts that we bought together the night before! ❤ Only in different colours. 😉

Of course, lunch first.

It was my first time taking Hong Kong’s MTR (in Singapore, we know it as MRT). From my observation…

1. Seats are relatively narrower
2. Not as many advertisements as there are in Singapore trains

Hong Kong MTR

Other than that, everything else is really pretty much like Singapore.

So after changing trains here & there (a lot like Singapore’s train system), we got to the Disneyland station. Whereby a special train is made specially to bring people to Disneyland.

Lil: When the train comes, you’re going to go “Oooooh~”

Train comes in. 

Me: Oooooh~!!

I swear, I was so utterly in love with the train. *hearts spurt out of my ears*

So needless to say, my visit to Disneyland was off to a good start!

Adorable admission tickets!

There was this dude that sat on this piano that had a bicycle attached to it. I liked him so much!! 

Lil: He’s playing Disney classics! 
Me: Omigawd, I like him so much I feel like bringing him home so that he can play Disney classics for me all day. 
Lil: I hope you know how creepy you sound….

I was practically swooning over every single thing in the theme park. Going absolutely nuts & falling in love with the ambiance!

Then Lil bought us both really adorable headgear! I was elated because there’s really nowhere else in the world that one can wear such headgear and not gather judgmental glares from the public and possible admission into the mental institute.

We went to several rides and all – till we were both thoroughly pooped out! I honestly didn’t see why people told me Disneyland was a disappointment for them… I want to go back again! 😀

Okay except probably for the few inconsiderate individuals of a certain country… Really pissed me off for a bit. 😦 But I was too much on a holiday high! I simply didn’t bother. Hehehe.

Hello, Chipmunks!

 Lil and I walked around quite a bit… Till it was time for fireworks!!

I don’t have a single decent photo of the fireworks because of all the blocking people…. *rolls eyes* Okay, I guess my bad for being short.

Most of my photos have iPads, cameras and back of heads in them. 😦

But, but! The display was quite a sight! …whatever that I managed to see. LOL.

Lil was so hungry after all the walking, whatever I said simply didn’t interest her… So I was carrying out our usual lame conversations all by myself!! *wails*

Then when she finally found food, she also found new interest in the blabber I was spurting out.

“HOR!! IS IT!!!”

And after the fireworks, we decided not to fight with the diabolical crowd to exit the place. So we settled for dinner inside the park!

Plenty smart, eh?

One of the best Wanton Noodles I’ve had! And look at Lil giving me that annoying face.

I bought random stuff for some people from Disneyland and my favourite bit for myself was….

Stitch on my mobile!

But everyone seems to think that it looks like I murdered Stitch and pasted his body parts on my phone.

I think Disneyland is pretty awesome! I will totally head back.

Here are some tips to fully enjoy your day:

1. Ignore the annoying people around.
Trust me – they are inconsiderateunhygienic and downright rude!! But they’re not worth your time.

2. Bring your own water bottle…
Like every other tourist attraction, stuff there are notoriously overpriced. So do bring your own water bottle with water!

3. Have spare change ready!
There’s this adorable coin that will pop out of a vending machine. Great gift! But I couldn’t get them because I had no coins!! Sigh…

I guess it is really to each its own… I’m rather allured by the magical ambiance that the place has to offer. It is really like an escape into another realm from the cruel facts of reality.

Panoramic View taken by Lil!

As of now, I want to go back to Hong Kong. And there’s a pretty high chance that I’ll want to whisk my butt back to Disneyland again!

Alright, Day 2 down! I’m really sorry for the slow updates…

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