Which Waxing Parlour?

Since I became a full-fledged adult… (not that long ago, actually :D) I tried my first waxing.

Brazilian waxing, to be precise.
Somehow it is still a rather bashful sort of topic among Asians – even in “internationalised”-Singapore.

First time I tried it, it was really out of sheer curiousity. However now it possesses several other benefits! 😉 Especially during the “bloody week”… Oh, yes.

So I have had tried out 3 of Singapore’s most well-known waxing parlours:

  1. Fabulous Group 
  2. Strip 
  3. Pink Parlour 

Fabulous Group 
Probably the oldest of the lot – Fabulous has indeed carved out quite a name for itself in the aesthetics industry. Other than their spray tanning services (not for me, I prefer to be fair), their waxing services also received raves that are boast-worthy. 
  •  Sessions go on for about an hour
    My virgin experience was at Fabulous. Shyyyy…. So I thought this was entirely normal, actually. Till I was making an appointment to meet a friend.

    Me: My waxing is at 12.30, meet you at about 1.30-2?
    Friend: Wtf? How many pussies you waxing? Why so long one?

    So yes, usually a session is about 30 minutes tops.

  • Beauticians are ‘more-matured’
    While my few times there, I was serviced by ladies who often talked to me about their children. It was rare for me to have someone who wasn’t married just yet.

    Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed them very much! It actually made me feel safer? Like, they knew their stuff!

  • Ambience possesses a classic feel 
    When compared to the other parlours, Fabulous gives off a rather generically-posh kind of feeling. It feels fine, quite expensive and clean.


After some time, I decided to cheat on Fabulous a little to see what else was there. 
Call me conventional – but I thought since I showed them my intimate side… *blush* LOL. Yea, sounds really dumb to me right now. 
It’s like going to the same doctor my entire life simply because he felt parts of my body before. 
Simply rigid and inconvenient. 
  • Hard as hell to get an appointment!
    I don’t know why, but often when I call – no one seems to answer the phone! *pissed* So it can get plenty infuriating to actually get an appointment.

    To avoid this, I try to visit the salons in person if I ever happen to be around the vicinity. 😉

  • Faster & lesser Pain 
    Oh, I was sooooo grateful about the significant decrease in pain. For some ladies it is so painful, they can actually tear! I actually teared during my first experience. Omg.

    Strip does the session really quickly – within 20 minutes and I’m bald down-south. And I really like the wax they use, it doesn’t sting as much and has a nice strawberry/chocolate scent! ❤

    Another thing to note – I realised that Strip’s beauticians wax bit-by-bit. The conventional method would be to wipe on a long line and PULL OFF!! F**king painful. But Strip does it by little bits, so it makes whatever pain a lot more tolerable.

    In fact, there was even once I received an urgent phone call and I carried out the entire conversation without squealing like a strangled cat. Muahahahaha! This is some skill…

  • Salons are really cool 🙂 
    In my opinion, I really love Strip’s salons. They all look so nicely done up – expensive, but still young-ish in a way. Props to their designers!

    Right from the reception area to the rooms, Strip keeps picky-little-me happy in terms of shop-appearance.

Pink Parlour 

I received one recommendation about this place – and I liked the colour combination. So thought, “Why not?” Plus it seemed like they won some award for the waxing. 
  • Sexed-up surroundings 
    There’s no denying it – Pink Parlour is really about sex. It doesn’t sell sex itself; but it sells a form of sexuality. The shops are done up in a very “sexy-kitten” manner; probably closely related to its logo.

    The animal prints, the colours used, the plush seats – I felt like I was entering an entertainment lounge at some point.

  • Not-so-hot wax
    God knows the heat of the wax can be utterly diabolical. However Pink Parlour doesn’t seem to have that. The wax is still hot… it’ll still hurt…. but, not as much.

    This is actually a huge plus-point, I guess. And the lady was pretty efficient. She barely let me rest at all… She just applied, blew, ripped… applied, blew, ripped… No mercy, I swear.

  • Younger beauticians 
    This time, they were really quite young. Almost reminded me of myself when I was working part-time whilst I was still schooling.

    In full honesty, I wasn’t really impressed – I am very anal about good service. So when I saw customers waiting at the counter and one of their staff refusing to serve them, but slouch on the couch and play with her phone… I was quite turned-off. 

For a virgin-waxer, which parlour is best? 
Fabulous. Not because I did my first time there – but because I feel that they are really professional in this area. A lot more matured in this field and thus can provide more adequate services for waxing-virgins. 

I have had friends who went to other places first and had rather horrifying experiences. Not because the waxing was done badly – but it was really the experience on the whole, y’know? 

Plus Fabulous has all their first-timer promotions! Pretty cool stuff. Go check them out!
Any of the parlours tried to hard-sell packages? 
Hmm… Well, in full honesty – yes. Fabulous was the least! The beautician merely recommended it – but when I declined, she stopped and smiled very professionally. I really like that. And because of this, I actually bought a package the next time I went there. 

Strip was a little bit pushier and I had to say “no” a couple more times. Which annoyed me a tad. In fact, the cashier always frowned a little when I refused to buy the package. Bah.

However Pink Parlour annoyed me the most. The cashier just went on & on about how it’ll benefit me and all… blah blah blah. Even when I declined so many times, the packages were recited all over again. Like, I’m sorry. Did I miss out something that you thought I would suddenly be oh-so-interested in?? 

Which parlour is my favourite? 
My personal favourite – Strip. It used to be Fabulous, but the sessions go on for forever… And therefore the pain is prolonged. 😦 

I also enjoy the ambience provided by Strip! Another plus point that I experienced myself was – new hair growth is actually a lot slower & finer after my sessions at Strip! *glows with delight* 

So, yes. Strip it is for me! 😀 

And I like their advertisements too! So adorable! 😀

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