What Is This?

She: This is driving me positively insane.

Her: It has been for quite a while now… -Casually sips from coffee made from their new coffee machine- This is pretty good stuff…

She: I don’t want to continue like this; but I cannot go either way. I wake up every morning thinking about him, spend every free second thinking about him, before I sleep I think about him… Heck, even when I masturbate, I think about him!

Her: Whoa… I know we’re best friends… Maybe you should just cut him off completely, since it’s killing you so much every single day.

She: You know I tried! But it is killing me just being apart from him too. Omfg. What the fuck is this?

Her: -Sips from her cup of coffee again- I think, baby… This is what they call love.

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