I Kissed Groupon Goodbye…

For about a week or so now, I said a painful goodbye to Groupon. 😦


With my gifts at my surprise farewell!
I learned so many things there and made priceless friendships. ❤ 
If I loved the place so much, why would I leave? 
It was really hard to choose… I weighed my pros & cons in silence for quite a while. I didn’t really want anyone who could possibly have any ulterior motives in this matter to make me sway my mind. 

To be perfectly honest, I was actually on the side of staying. 
But with so many signs here & there. And being the Christian girl I am… *does a “holy” pose* I really prayed about it.
It was really quite creepy. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 
1. I said nothing was going to make me leave, unless something that REALLY affected my happiness there came along. And I swear I didn’t see it coming. But it did. 
I am sooooo into my level of happiness, I should just immigrate to Bhutan. 
2. So I went to church. Quite rare, really. I’m usually all worn out during the weekends, I spend most of it in hibernation. That one week in a long time when I attended service, the pastor’s message was about it is time to take a daring step out and change
Yikes. I didn’t really like where this was going. So I tried to block things out a bit. 
BAD IDEA. Really dumb of me. I mean, He’s God and all… *face palms myself*
3. Someone told me she prayed for me and said, “God told me to tell you that it isn’t good for you to stay in your current company”
WTF! A bit too direct already riiiight?? 
But I guess with me, you really have to be direct. I always choose what I want to believe in, even if facts scream otherwise. 
I was sharing my woes with this person, because everyday I was feeling really down and out when I saw things happening around me. But I didn’t tell her that… 
Me: Hey, I’ve been really considering resigning from Groupon lately. Not that I’m unhappy or whatever… (totally lied to her) but I have been offered better jobs out there. 

Ms Prayed-For-Me: Hmm, I shall pray for you tonight. 
I somehow knew that’ll be her answer. 
So the next time I saw her… 
Ms Prayed-For-Me: God told me to tell you that it isn’t good for you to stay in your current company. 

Me: Huh?! Why!! I have such awesome colleagues… *still in fighting mode*

Ms Prayed-For-Me: No, it won’t be good for you to be there. There seems to be darkness. 
Okay, that ‘darkness’ thing… A bit kua zhang, in my opinion. LOL.
4. I only gave one job my details and expressed some interest. It was the job I thought I was least likely to get. 
And I got a phone call that I got the job. 
If I were God, I’d be pretty fed up with me. 
Reminds me a lot of when Mark was chasing me… I had NO IDEA. Simply because I thought he was the friend of someone, I didn’t give the idea any possibility.  
So on the day itself, I drafted my resignation and handed it over – just so that I won’t change my mind again. I have quite a soft heart. 😦
I didn’t even tell those that I was close to… I couldn’t bear it. 
My student was out of town that week, so I got to really enjoy time with those that I loved for the last week. 🙂 
The only time I ever OT-ed in Groupon…

And I forgot to claim for dinner before my last day. But oh well… Haha!

I never got to OT officially because I had to always leave in time to teach. So for the first (and last) time, I actually OT-ed for real!!!

At least I got a free cab ride home. 😀

Some of the SWEETEST people you’ll meet in Groupon

They’re all awesome. My heart got wrenched every single time someone went, “Don’t go lah… Ask HR to withdraw your resignation…”

Even the McDonald’s auntie who always does my ice-cream cone when I’m having a bad day.
Even the coffee auntie (whose coffee I CANNOT function without) told me to stay.

So we went to lunch at one of our favourite places on my last day!

What we call ITCHY BUNS!!! (Ichiban)

And those sneaky little pricks actually organised a surprise farewell party for me…

I was busy packing my stuff… (I didn’t know I had so many things… My gym bag wasn’t enough to fit them all!) So I didn’t notice that everyone but me had left their work desk.

Then I received a phone call from Rae, “Gera!! Chue got stuck in the toilet bowl! HURRY COME!! To the toilet that is past the pantry!”

On a normal day, I wouldn’t buy it. But it was Chue… Just about anything ridiculous could happen. :/

And I was indeed surprised…

I miss Rae’s witty and SUPER FUNNY comments about anything under the Sun. LOL. And for being my regular dose of sensible advice whenever I needed it.

I miss Darrell’s own ways of annoying the shit out of me every time I looked up and saw him. He sits right in front of me. Cheeky dude even said he’ll lose his eye candy. Aww. Darrell would also always hate on someone who was mean in any way to me… Even when that person didn’t do anything much to him. Omg, so sweet.

I miss Eve as my desk buddy, she’s always so helpful. Then she moved away… 😦 Then now I really miss getting random phone calls from her to my desk (even when she’s just right in front of me) to discuss some work matters. And of course, her obsession with cats. Haha!

I miss Izad’s naughty little ways of scaring and annoying people. He’s like the coolest guy you’ll ever meet! But be warned, he can really irritate the shit out of you like a good laxative. His nickname to me is “Climb My Pelvis”… Hahahahahahaha!! Inside joke.

I miss Chue’s rantings every single day and I have to be like a mother hen and calm her down. Then I miss how she always turns her Pikachu toy towards me and say, “Pikachu is judging you!” Like I honestly give a damn. LOL. And how we’d always chat on Skype and burst out in VERY CONSTIPATED laughter because we didn’t want to get scolded. So we’d be like kissing our keyboards while our bodies would bob up and down in silent laughter.

And sometimes Rae would get really annoyed with us. Haha!

I miss Jeff’s utter cuteness!!! He’s like a little puppy sometimes. ❤ ❤ So full of love and happiness! He never failed to make me laugh and was my gym buddy for a while! 😀 And all those times that we had to slog over taking photos in the photography studio… Sigh.

I miss Hui Xian and her big screen. Haha! HX is an awesome girl who has a really cute sense of humour. And she sat in front of me with this huge ass screen that was like an advertisement to me every time she edited a photo… And Chue and I LOVED to spam her Skype with the (mooning) emoticon and see how her screen would be filled with butts. ROFL!!

I miss Cherie’s patience and guidance while I was there. And plus always looking at her eyelash extensions. Hahaha! She guided me during my time there as a manager and I really must thank her well. 🙂 And thanks for even giving me time to reconsider my resignation…


And then there is one of my “lovers” at work… Conan! LOL.

Always there supporting me, showing me love and sneaking away for short breaks whenever either of us looked like we wanted to literally kill someone.  And also whenever he walks past my seat and I get a whack on my shoulder or head… *rolls eyes*

Conan, Not The Barbarian
Omg. Look how happy I am here!
So this is it, Groupon! 
Thank you for all the magic you’ve shown me through my time there. 🙂 I’m grateful for countless things! And I wish everyone all the best in everything. ❤ 
How I’m usually like at my desk- Specs on, with some free food in hand

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