I’m An Editor By Day, Teacher By Night

Well, as of now onward- I’m solely an editor all around. I was holding 2 jobs for the past year and it was exhausting.

Now, most people would ask- WHY TORTURE YOURSELF LIKE THAT??

Well, because I’m a sadistic baboon who takes pleasure in pain. …Eew. I literally shuddered while typing that. No, I’m kidding.

And it wasn’t even really for the money either. (Albeit the extra cash did make things a lot easier!)

Some would recall that I became an English teacher overnight while I was in one of my previous jobs and I fell in love with my students. *maternal clock going koo-koo* They were literally like my own… They ran to me for everything! So upon leaving, I took up my weakest student as a tuition student.

Teaching her was not about earning money, it was really something I wanted to do.
I wanted to see her through.

So I worked the usual 9-6 a day in an office; which usually sucked my brains dry, my energy level plummets by then and I basically just wish for the day to end.

I’d have to make sure I leave the office on time to make it for my class, then I’ll try very hard to get a seat on the train and catch some much required winks before getting to my student.

And then she and I would go through 2 full hours of English Language. During which, I’d be trying very hard to be as lively as possible. Then once I leave, I am dragging myself to the bus stop.

So it was pretty much like this Mondays to Fridays for me in 2013.

I hardly had a social life, barely well-rested and fell sick more often than I intended.

All that sacrifice for this little angel right here! ❤ ❤

She has officially entered a local school! *pops champagne!* And I cannot teach Secondary school Math and Science… I looked at the questions and realised that I deleted everything off my brain as soon as my ‘O’ Levels were over.

And plus the syllabus changed so much… Omg.

I missed her once I left the house. 😦 I knew I wouldn’t see her every night like I used to… And even though it was really taking a toll on me, I actually never wanted it to end somehow.

Oh geez, here I am going all emotional. *sobs*

Life goes on. 🙂 She and I have a long way ahead in our lives to lead! Plus she will always have a special place in my heart.

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